My quest for a sleep bra: Royce Impact Free Sports Bra in Grey Marl

My search to find a bra to wear around the house and at night in bed continues.  I have come close a few times but still not found anything I am completely happy with – even nearly happy with, in fact.

I decided to give the Royce Impact Free Sports Bra a try as I saw it on Bravissimo and it looked like it might work for me.

Image courtesy of Bravissimo

This bra is available in white, black and grey marl but only the latter was available in the sizes I wanted to try at the time I was placing my order.

First of all, I tried on a 32K.

This bra was generally a good fit, with the band being completely spot on.  The material is mainly cotton but also contains 19% polyester, so overall it should be cool and comfortable for sportswear and at night.

The bra fastens at the back with four rows of three hooks and eyes and there is a section of velcro to keep it secure.  I think perhaps this velcro section was also added to cover up the fastening – I am not sure this is entirely necessary.  The velcro caused me some discomfort and I think with extended wear, particularly if this bra was worn during exercise, it would have been quite irritating.  The end of the section was already curled when I received the bra and I imagine it would only get worse over time.  It made a fairly sophisticated bra look cheaper and like I had owned it for some time.

Unfortunately, the 32K was too small for me in the cup so I also tried a 34K:

This was a much better fit, although the cups were still a bit on the small side, and of course going up a back size meant that the band was too big for me.

The outside of the bra is covered in a grey marl material that was already wrinkled when I tried both bras on.  It was most unfortunate and in some pictures it looks as though it could be a nipple poking through – not the look I am going for!

I found it disappointing that the rings used to connected the straps to the band at the back were oval/rectangular, rather than circular.  As you can see from the photos above, these connectors tend to turn around and therefore affect the length of and support from the straps.

When I saw this bra on Bravissimo, my main concern was that it came up rather high on the chest and it might feel uncomfortable.  I rarely wear clothing that covers my decolletage area and it did indeed feel very strange to me.  I felt it would make me become hot if I wore this bra whilst doing sports or exercise.  I also had a bit of quadraboob, although this was almost impossible to see due to the height of the front section.

As I have found with all the Royce bras I have tried so far, the cups were too shallow for me.  My breasts met in the middle but it was very hard to adjust them due to the bra being so full-coverage.  I don’t think I would have found this very comfortable if worn for a prolonged period of time.

I seem to have pointed out a lot of negative things about this bra but despite all that, this is definitely among the best soft cup bras I have tried so far.  It fits pretty well, looks good and gives great support.  I seriously contemplated keeping it but due to the velcro at the back and the lack of breast separation, it’s not a keeper for me, unfortunately.

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And there’s more to come soon so stay tuned!



  1. Bras I Hate
    17 March 2012 / 12:43

    I agree that the shape looks great, probably the best of the soft-cups you've tried, but man, those rectangular rings look so painful! I personally have long given up hope of every finding a wire-free bra that doesn't smoosh my boobs together in the center, but it seems like you get closer every time… so maybe I should re-open my quest!

    • CurvyWordy
      17 March 2012 / 13:22

      Yes, those rectangular rings weren't the best! I also could not get past the looser jersey layer and the fact it looked like nipples poking through :-SMaybe I am on a hopeless quest here but like you say I seem to get closer every so often and that gives me hope. In the meantime I am trying to find some comfortable, softer wired bras to wear around the house. Just don't think I can wear wires to bed, however.

  2. Darlene C.
    17 March 2012 / 13:34

    Would you link to your other soft-cup reviews as well? This is so helpful. Two nights this week while watching television w/ DH, I reached that point in the day where I just couldn't stand the underwires another minute and had to remove my bra immediately. DH enjoys that little commercial break from our show, but I'd rather find something like you're looking for.

    • CurvyWordy
      17 March 2012 / 13:52

      Aww Darlene, thanks for your comment 🙂 I did chuckle at your 'commercial break' moment – I am sure it is the highlight of the evening for your DH!Thank you for the suggestion of linking to my other soft cup reviews. I will update the post with this shortly x

  3. Jess
    15 November 2013 / 12:48

    I wear a 30KK bra as it's the best fitting bra for me though it is still too big (I suspect I am a 28L – but they don't make those!) and the underwire cuts into me and leaves unsightly marks. So I have been in search of a bra to sleep in that is comfortable and found the Royce Sadie Nursing (Nursing… I know!) bra to be the best thing ever. Strangely, I went for the 32K as Royce comes up small on me and even though my breasts meet in the middle, it holds me up quite well and it is SO SO SO SOOOOO comfortable. Probably not ideal for every day wear but for support at bedtime, it has been a lifesaver for me!

  4. Lydia
    15 November 2015 / 00:30

    Thank you for the review! I have been having the hardest time finding sports bras that are still comfortable!

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