My quest for a sleep bra: Triumph Doreen

Having already exhausted many of the non-wired bra options in my size, the one I really wanted to try was the Triumph Doreen.  It’s a classic bra which is often associated with older ladies but I have long wondered if it would be comfortable and supportive enough for my large breasts as a sleep/house bra.

Image courtesy of Simply Be

I ordered the bra from Simply Be as part of a larger order of a range of items.  It was on offer – save £5 when you buy two – and I do love a bargain!

I went for a 34K in Tea Rose and a 36K in White to see how the sizes compared.

This bra had everything I was looking for in a sleep/house bra.  It was super comfortable, the wide, fully-adjustable straps were brilliant and the cups felt supportive.  It takes some pretty serious engineering to support large boobs and I feel Triumph have done a great job with the Doreen.

The Tea Rose was a very beautiful dark dusky pink shade – very feminine and attractive.  The White was of course a great basic but I think I preferred the former.  It would be great if more colours were available in these large cups but at the moment these are the only two offered in K as far as I am aware.

The tops of the cups came up very high on me but I guess they have to in order to fully encompass the whole of my breasts.  This bra is not for aesthetic purposes but I wonder if having so much of my chest covered would make me hot/uncomfortable as I am not used to it.

I found the cups of the Doreen made my breasts VERY pointy (I couldn’t decide if I liked this look or not – it’s very retro!) and pushed them east/west somewhat.  Again, this is perhaps not an issue for a bra I will only ever wear around the house but having my breasts to the side does restrict my arm movement and I am not sure how it would feel when lying on my side in bed!

My breasts also touched in the middle between the cups – this is something I have experienced with every non-wired bra I have tried so far and am not sure if this is supposed to happen…?

There were pros and cons for both sizes.  Unfortunately the band was too big in both and Doreen is not available in a band below 34 so if I decide to go for this one it will be with the compromise of a slightly loose band.  Maybe that’s not the end of the world for a sleep/house bra?  The 36K fit me much better in the cup but the band still felt big on the tightest hooks.

As with all the bras I try, I have added my measurements to the Bratabase website.  DO make sure you add your bras too in order to help others work out what bras would and wouldn’t suit/fit them.

In an ideal world, I would LOVE this bra if it came in a 32L.  Sadly it doesn’t so I am left with the decision whether to keep the 34K or to continue my search.  What do you think?

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  1. Ana
    9 January 2012 / 01:20

    I think you should keep it and continue the search. It’s hard finding nice non wired bras, and although the shape is weird the nice color makes up for it in a way (I do not like the white one though…), so keeping in mind the rareness of a nice non wired bra I think you should hold onto this one in case a nicer one takes long to come by.

  2. CurvyWordy
    9 January 2012 / 01:25

    Hi Ana, thanks for your comment.I think I have been spoilt by the amazing shape I get from my Ewa Michalak bras and so find anything that makes my boobs look slightly different from this most odd.My hesitancy with keeping the Tea Rose 34K is that the cups were too small and the band too big…but only by about one size each. I am still deciding what to do but you are indeed correct that it is truly rare to find a nice non-wired bra x

  3. Anonymous
    13 January 2012 / 16:38

    Those old school bras do give a pointy shape. I know I'm in the minority, but I find it cute in a 50's pinup way. I always found the Doreen to be quite ugly (in white, black and nude), but it's actually pretty in tea rose. (Note: I've seen the tea rose in a 34K on ebay before)

  4. Anonymous
    11 July 2012 / 23:11

    Hi!First of all I want to say thank you for this blog! It's really so nice to finally see all these bras on a normal body. All those girls on the Bravissimo pictures are beautiful but they are still models which means we look different. I'm 30GG/32G myself or Triumph 75F (I work as shape model with the girls creating those bras so that's why I know it for sure).I was wondering why do you want a bra to sleep with. As much as I know your body needs to rest and a very tight bra won't let your boobs, chest, ribs etc rest. For me sleeping with a bra is the most uncomfortable thing ever. So I was wondering is there any study which says it's better to sleep with a bra or is it just because you feel more comfortable? Thank you in advance for your answer!Best wishes Dani

    • CurvyWordy
      12 July 2012 / 19:05

      Hi Dani, thanks so much for your lovely comments :-)I want a sleep bra as the support at night-time would make me feel more comfortable. I would also wear the bra around the house so something without wires would be good for this. I agree that a really tight bra would not be good to sleep in but my main problem is finding a non-wired bra with large enough cups! I am willing to compromise on the band if only the cups would fit…

    • Anonymous
      14 April 2013 / 14:57

      Sometimes I think women with smaller breasts must underestimate how large breasts can get! It is good to spend a night or two braless regardless (ive heard bras interrupt the natural lymphatic flow)but being a K cup means my breasts actually hurt and pull my back out of whack to sleep without any support. -AJ

    • Curvy Wordy
      6 June 2013 / 17:44

      I completely agree! I'm getting to the point where I actually *need* a sleep bra, rather than just thinking it'd be a nice thing to have :-/

  5. Anonymous
    7 October 2012 / 23:36

    HiI have a 34K Triumph Doreen.Its a little loose under my bust but has nice full cups and 1" wide straps so pretty comfortable.

    • Curvy Wordy
      6 June 2013 / 17:46

      The straps are unbelievably comfortable, aren't they?!

  6. Sandra
    2 January 2013 / 21:17

    I have been wearing Triumph Doreen bras for the last ten years. I have a narrow back but really big bust that is off the scale of bra measuring programs. I wear a 38K bra but have taken in the sides and back by a couple of inches. This way I get a really good fit under my bust and good coverage in the cups. I a bit of a faff but it works for me.

    • Curvy Wordy
      6 June 2013 / 17:47

      I have been thinking that this is something I need to do. I'm just scared of hacking apart a bra!

    • Sandra
      15 July 2013 / 21:48

      Its not that difficult. Basically I fold the side wings back on themselves so about an inch overlaps and then run two rows of stitching to hold in place. If you line it up carefully it just looks like extra boning half way down each side.

  7. Anonymous
    14 April 2013 / 14:54

    Hmm this bra does look 50s! Really love the rose though and I am not a pink fan. I hooe that you kept it becausd itd work well as a sleep bra but of course continue the search for something more perfect fitting. I will definitely join that database when I get to my pc because I spent 2 years trying on different bras and trying to find sizes that worked for me and i love the idea of this database and would love to help others not spend as much as I have in return shipping fees! -AJ

    • Curvy Wordy
      6 June 2013 / 17:48

      Ah, I didn't keep it in the end. The cups were definitely too small by quite some way so it wouldn't have done me any good in the long run. Bratabase is the best :-)))

  8. Bailey
    14 September 2015 / 09:54

    Well, having just received one of my own in the post for a vintage shoot I am pleased with the retro shape! I did order this before I resized to HH, though, so it's just an H. Googled to see if it would work as a sleep bra as it's so comfy and found you! Not really much issue with coverage but I'm getting the boobs squish in the middle, too. Other than that it's lovely and I'm loathe to take it off. <3

  9. Anonymous
    24 August 2016 / 21:21

    The Triumph 'Doreen'. Best bra in the entire world… Period. I have lived in this bra since the early '70s. No other bra I have ever tried even comes close to the comfort, quality, fit and appearance under most clothes. My band and cup sizes have changed some over the years, but the bra never does. It is the perfect bra. Any bra drawer without these isn't a bra drawer, its just wasted space for lace!

  10. Anonymous
    26 January 2017 / 16:38

    the very best

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