My quest for a sleep bra: Panache Sophie Support Bra

I have written before about my ongoing search for a ‘sleep’ bra – a bra I can wear in bed to support my heavy breasts.  It’d also be something I could wear around the house for support and comfort.

I recently read an excellent blog review of the Panache Sophie Support bra and was so impressed that I jumped onto eBay and bought one to try for myself.

Now, I’m sure it won’t have escaped your notice that the lovely lady modelling this bra is pregnant and I must clarify here that the Sophie is a bra intended to be worn during pregnancy as it is non-wired.  However, there is no reason why it can’t be worn when not pregnant.

So when my bra arrived I couldn’t wait to try it on and see if it worked for me.

It’s soooooo pretty.  Beautiful white lace overlays the pink soft cotton fabric, giving a candy-like appearance to the bra.  The straps are fully adjustable and again very comfortable.  In the wearer’s correct size, it would be the perfect bra to wear whilst pregnant.

However, unfortunately for me, it was not a good fit.  I’d gone for the 34J as I felt a bigger band would be no good.  As it was, the 34 band was a little bit too big and when I tried the bra on I had it on the second tightest hooks (incidentally, there are 6 rows of hooks to allow for expansion during pregnancy so if you are thinking of getting a Sophie do make sure you bear this in mind).

The cups were too small for me, but interestingly you can see from the photos above that they finish almost on my back!  There isn’t enough depth in the cup, which is something I find all too often with bras other than my beloved Ewa Michalaks.  I know for a fact I am not the only woman to suffer with this problem and it’s a shame that other brands don’t do more to address this issue.

I experienced the same problem with this bra as I have with all Panache bras I have tried before – the cups are too wide and push my boobs towards my armpits.  I have always found this an odd thing for a bra to do as boobs were not intended to be in one’s armpits and surely it’s not good for one’s long term breast shape?

The tops of the cups cut into my breast tissue and flattened me, which felt uncomfortable. As this bra wouldn’t be one I would wear out of the house, I am not overly concerned about how it looks but when it causes discomfort because it is too small it’s definitely one to cross off my list!

It’s such a pity this bra is not available in larger cup sizes as I think perhaps a K might have served me better, although I would still have the problem with the big back band.  I do, however, believe that this would be a great sleep/support bra for those requiring a smaller cup than me.  What I really need is more depth in the cups.  Now if only someone could hand-make me a sleep bra…

And there’s more to come soon so stay tuned!



  1. June
    2 January 2012 / 19:22

    Bummer. I've also been looking for a bra to sleep in but I haven't seen much available in my size besides Panache and like you I don't do well with shallow cups. 🙁

  2. CurvyWordy
    2 January 2012 / 20:37

    I'm so gutted about this one as it could have been so perfect :-(I found the Elila Jacquard soft cup bra online and wonder if it might be worth a try: The straps look sooooo comfy! My hesitation is that it's VERY pricy over here in the UK (over £50!) and I know I'd need to try a few on before settling on the right size for me so I'd need to find somewhere with free delivery and/or returns. I shall look into it.In the meantime, I have ordered a Triumph Doreen – the world's best selling bra – so expect a review soon! x

    • Doreen R
      18 January 2013 / 23:55

      Hi, the-lingerie-box has the Elila 1305 up to an N cup for £37.99Think I'll try it as it looks like it will give lots of support and even a good range of colours.

  3. Doreen R
    17 January 2013 / 00:38

    Hi, the-lingerie-box has the Elila 1305 up to an N cup for £37.99Think I'll try it as it looks like it will give lots of support and even a good range of colours.

    • Curvy Wordy
      25 January 2013 / 02:07

      Thanks – do let me know how you get on!

  4. Anonymous
    7 April 2013 / 23:16

    I have recently bought the sophie bra myself and am similar to you in size but not shape. I actually love this bra and since receiving it have worn it two nights in a row because it is so comfy for me. The width of the sides, where wires normally are is what works for me. I have wery wide breasts and as the sides are wide it is very healthy for my boobs. I also bought i in a 34J when ideally, I sould wear a 30kk or L. I personally prefer my bands to be roomy for comfort and so the fact that this bra has 6 hooks is great for me as I do not have to start it on the loosest hook for support. I think that soft cup bras usually run a bit smaller than wired bras to provide support anyway. I love your blog and read it regularly but I just wanted to give another perspective for those who are a similar breast size but may be put off getting this bra after reading your review. I was initially, but recently decided to give it a try and was, personally, pleasantly suprised, as I do not usually do well with soft cup bras.

    • Curvy Wordy
      6 June 2013 / 18:04

      Thanks so much for your input and alternative point of view. I wish so much this had worked for me, but alas my search continues…

  5. Samantha
    10 March 2016 / 20:58

    Did you ever find a sleep bra? I don't understand why they don't make sleep bras for over an H cup.The Unbra by Decent Exposures custom makes soft cup bras.

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