Matalan Jersey V-Neck Dress 12

I buy a lot of my clothes online.  It’s not intentional – I love shopping on the high street and being able to try things on before I buy – but there is a much wider range of style available on the internet so that is where I tend to do the majority of my shopping.

However, I was recently in my local Matalan and very much enjoyed browsing the aisles and being able to touch and feel the clothes and compare sizes side by side to see what might work best for me.

Whilst in store, I tried on this Jersey V-Neck Dress in a size 12 (was £16.00, now £10.00):

Image courtesy of Matalan

It didn’t look particularly special on the hanger but once I tried it on I was really pleased with the fit.

And I was super excited to find that it comes in a navy blue polka dot colourway, too!

The Matalan Jersey V-Neck Dress is 97% viscose and 3% elastane so it stretches to fit your curves beautifully.  It has a part-elasticated waist so the dress is pulled in at the middle at the front but not at the back.  This helps highlight a natural hourglass shape or to create more shape on those who curves are less pronounced.

The length of the dress is good for me as it is roughly knee length, although I would have preferred it if it was a few inches longer as I find it sort of gathers in the middle a little when I walk or go upstairs.

I love the neckline of this dress – it’s much more modest than I would usually wear but it’s great to have something that gives me a less booby option.  And it’s perfect to wear with my Ewa Michalak S and SM bras, which have more coverage than the PL style; I am wearing my S Wiśniówka bra in 32KK/70KK here.

And I absolutely adore the fact this dress has pockets!  Honestly, I think all dresses should have them as they are invaluable.

The boob room is absolutely great. I highly recommend this dress for anyone with big boobs as there is heaps of space for your bust and I have even been able to size down to get a better fit on the waist and still fit my girls in.  That’s no mean feat, believe me!

One downside about this dress is that the neckline sort of comes undone.  That probably doesn’t make a lot of sense, so I will try to clarify what I mean.  The neckline is double-lined and the extra fabric is inside the opening, but it is not secured sufficiently, so as the day goes on the extra fabric tries to find its way back out into the daylight!  I think I will add a couple of stitches or use some Wundaweb to ensure this does not happen but it’s a shame as either of these options will be apparent.

As the double-lined neckline adds a bit of extra warmth, the short sleeves are ideal to avoid overheating.  I wore the floral dress with a shrug yesterday and was warm enough on several occasions to remove the shrug, so this dress will do me well as the weather continues to cool down as we head towards winter.

I happily wear this dress without a belt but I took a few pics to show you how it works really well with one.

I do love how the belt changes the fit of the dress by defining my waist that bit more.  I am very pleased that I can wear the dress without a belt for work or for more casual occasions but when I want that extra shaping I can add a belt and my outfit is transformed.

I find that this dress is perfect to wear casually with my Maidenform Flexees leggings and flat shoes/boots, but it’s also easy to dress up with tights and high heels, as I am wearing in these photos. 

These dresses are sold out in most sizes on the Matalan website but you might be able to nab one in store from the sale section.  I really hope that Matalan bring this cut of dress out in more colours and patterns (and in a longer length) as it’s such an easy to wear option that would suit most women very well indeed.



  1. tinkertink2010
    22 October 2013 / 09:14

    Gorgeous! xxx

  2. Anonymous
    22 October 2013 / 23:15

    The dress with the belt made me say WOWWW. I wish I had your amazing figure and confidence. Go get em, girl. Julia x

  3. Darlene
    23 October 2013 / 00:03

    Another great dress find. I've never seen polka dots give such an hourglass look before!

  4. Paula Christiansen
    24 October 2013 / 14:34

    Beautiful! I saw this dress on the website and completely ignored it but seeing it on you WOWWWW! I see it's back in stock online so I will definately be making a purchase. Love your reviews as always xxx

  5. Louise
    29 October 2013 / 02:45

    You find all the lovely dresses. I have just lost 12kg and am looking for a new wardrobe and your blog is a huge inspiration! Following my weightloss I am still a plus size woman and your reviews show me that I can still wear sexy clothes and look hot. Thank you for everything you do for us women.

  6. Mirror of Fashion
    29 October 2013 / 09:11

    Love the polka dot dress!

  7. Anonymous
    26 June 2014 / 15:44

    I would just like to say that this dress is one of the most beautiful Ive seen.

  8. Anonymous
    9 June 2016 / 18:10

    You must have a really good bra on! I'll have to check the link because mine are the exact same size but yours look waaaay bigger , mine only look like DD's!! , I want that look lol

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