Urkye Black Blazer Kameleon W Czerni 40 oo/ooo

Back in November I placed an order with Polish bust-friendly clothing brand Urkye. I picked up some of their Skołowana Bakłażanowa dresses in smaller sizes (as I found the 40 oo/ooo too big (review here)) and a post about these dresses will come soon. I also bought one of their blazers; namely the Kameleon W Czerni (199 PLN, sizes 34-44 o/oo and oo/ooo (size guide here)):

Kameleon w czerni

Image courtesy of Urkye

I haven’t worn a blazer for years as it’s almost impossible to find a decent fit in one without some sort of compromise when you have a large difference between your bust, waist and hip measurements. Therefore, I can’t say I have been on the look-out for a blazer but it’s one of those items that is handy to have in your wardrobe just in case the need for it arises.

These blazers arrived on the Urkye website at a time when several bust-friendly brands were bringing out suit-like jackets for booby ladies: for instance BiuBiu’s Avila Blazer and Pepperberry’s Jersey Blazer. Naturally, I would have liked to try them all but my budget would not allow for this so after a bit of research via Google and Facebook I opted for Urkye’s version as I heard it was best for hourglass figures.

Next, I had to work out which size would be good for me. The Urkye size chart puts me in the 42 oo/ooo range but I wondered if there would be a bit of flexibility with fit as the blazer is made from jersey. I asked several people who’d already tried it for their advice and it was recommended that the 40 oo/ooo should work, so that’s the size I went with.

These pictures were taken on a sunny autumnal day and the exposure was not the best, so I have lightened them a little so that the fit is shown more clearly.

For reference, in these photos I am wearing the Urkye Skołowana Czerwona Dress underneath the Kameleon blazer, and my Ewa Michalak PL Czerwona Panterka Bra 30KK/65KK.

The Kameleon Blazer is made from a jersey fabric (92% cotton, 8% elastane) that is fairly thick. It’s lovely and stretchy thanks to the elastane content and there is an olive green lining in the same material over the top half of the blazer but not below the waistband. It seems to be very well made and it’s obvious from the construction that the Kameleon is certainly cut for curvy bodies.

When asking friends for sizing advice before I placed my order, I was advised that the waist is non-stretchy but in fact I did not find this to be the case with the blazer I tried. The waist was certainly less stretchy than the rest of the jacket but there was definitely some room for manoeuvre. The waist section is a separate band that is about 6cm tall so it provides definition, which is something I do look for in my clothing. I find that clothes without waist definition can drown me and make me look bigger so the waist section in the Kameleon was very pleasing. The waist fastens snugly with three single breasted buttons.

The Kameleon is an open v-necked blazer and I found it fitted me very well at the front. The v-neck was perfect as it was open enough to provide a flattering cut but closed enough that it felt comfortable to wear and was not too revealing. I loved the shaped bottom hem, which gives a great look and is particularly good for curvy figures.

On the bust, the jacket fitted really well. I did not feel that it was too tight or pulled, but instead it sat neatly and skimmed the front half of my body perfectly. I felt very glamorous in this coat and almost as if it had been made to measure.

The cut across the shoulders and upper back was superb. Yes, it is rather fitted, but as this is a jersey blazer if it was baggy it would have looked too casual and actually might have looked quite bad. The good fit makes this blazer look smart but casual, making it the perfect jacket for a night out or smart/casual wear during the day.

However, the downfall for me was the fit on the lower back. Below the waistband are pleats to allow for the extra curve in the body of this blazer. On me, the pleats would not sit flat and instead almost bubbled out in a strange fashion. The odd thing is that the bottom hem sits flat, but the material above and up to the bottom of the waistband does not. I hope you can see this from my photos above – if I neatened the pleats they would sit flat for a moment but as soon as I moved an inch they would puff out again.

I found the sleeves to be a great length on me. I think my arms are probably of average length and the sleeves covered about two inches of my hands. I really don’t like long sleeves that come up short and this definitely wasn’t the case with the Kameleon. They were a great length and would help to keep my hands warm on a colder day. People with shorter arms might find they need to shorten the sleeves, though.

The shoulders and arms were not overly fitted, which is great if you want to wear a long sleeved top or even possibly a jumper underneath. I loved that I did not feel restricted, which is something I have always felt with any blazers I have tried in the past. The jersey material helps with this, as does the generous fit in the sleeves.

When I look at the front view photos of me in this jacket I feel very regretful that I returned it to Urkye for a refund as it looks pretty amazing, if I do say so myself. However, I know if I had kept it I would have always felt wary of the fit at the back and I would have felt very self-conscious when wearing it, constantly checking to see if the fabric had puffed out below the waistband. I think the blazer would have got very little wear because of this and therefore I know I did the right thing by not keeping it. I don’t think sizing up to the 42 would have solved the problem as it would have been too big across the shoulders and back, as well as on the waist.

That said, I think this jacket would work very well indeed on anyone with less extreme proportions (I am around 46-30-47), and in particular on those with less of a difference between their waist and hip measurement. It’s a lovely, versatile blazer that would be suitable for all sorts of occasions and I am so disappointed that it didn’t quite work for me.

The Urkye blazer is also available in navy here: Urkye Kameleon W Granacie.

If you’d like to see what other people thought about the Urkye Kameleon Blazer then check out some of these reviews on other blogs:

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I have been really impressed with the items I’ve tried from Urkye so far and I look forward to seeing what new designs they come up with for 2014. Is there anything particular you’d like to see from the brand? Let me know by commenting below.



  1. Anonymous
    26 January 2014 / 20:13

    What's bad for you is good for me! I'm not quite as curvy as you and so I thank ye!

  2. Emma-Jo Harris
    26 January 2014 / 22:53

    What a thorough and detailled review! Thanks for all the info. My hips are narrower than yours so I will definitley be giivng this jacket a try. Such a useful post x

    • Emma-Jo Harris
      26 January 2014 / 22:55

      I should of said as well that I wouldn't of known about Urkye if it wasn't for you so thank you for introducing me (and probably many of your readers) to this brand. They make some great clothes so I think I will be ordering more than just this blazer!!!!!!

  3. Rachel
    26 January 2014 / 23:31

    I wish I looked half as good in my Urkye blazer as you do in yours! And you weren't even happy enough with it to keep it! I can understand though as those pleats do make a funny shape. What a pity as it looks banging on you. I hope they will adjust the design in the future as I've read a few reviews where people are not happy with the fit. It's great that the likes of Urkye and Biu Biu are widening their clothing choices for us :0)

  4. Xelestial
    27 January 2014 / 04:19

    Aww I was going to order after seeing it on you but then I read about the back and being 44-31-46 I bet will run into the same problem as per your warning. Sigh thanks for saving me money!

  5. Paula Christiansen
    2 February 2014 / 23:38

    I think this blazer look's good on you but the pleat's are definately wrong. What a pity! But I have bigger hip's and a bigger waist than you so I will try it and hope that it work's for me. I would of never known about Urkye if it wasnt for your blog so thank you x

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