Urkye Skołowana Bakłażanowa Dress 40 oo/ooo

I have recently posted some reviews of items from boob friendly Polish clothing brand, BiuBiu.  Did you know there is another fairly well known full bust retailer in Poland?  Yes indeed, Urkye are another company who are doing fantastic things for busty ladies.

There are many garments I lust after from Urkye but I have been hesitant to order as I was not sure what size would be best for me.  However, whilst chatting with some friends on Facebook, I was assured that the brand’s size guide is pretty reliable so I had a look to work out what would suit me best.

Around the same time, I had the opportunity to purchase an Urkye dress from someone in a clothing group on Facebook.  The dress was brand new with tags so it was just as good as ordering it myself direct from Urkye.

The dress is question was the Skołowana Bakłażanowa Dress in size 40 oo/ooo.

Image courtesy of Urkye

And here is another image of the dress in a different colour (that I LOVE!!) to give you a better idea of its shape:

Image courtesy of Urkye

As with other bust friendly brands, Urkye has a sizing system where items are made to allow for different bust sizes, with ‘o’ being suitable for those who are less busty and ‘ooo’ for women who need the most boob room.

(For reference, I am wearing my Ewa Michalak PL Ametyst 30L/65L bra in these photos.)

The Skołowana Bakłażanowa Dress is made from an incredibly soft jersey fabric (92% cotton, 8% elastane) that is of medium weight so it holds its shape beautifully.  It’s an ideal dress for summer with its high cotton content but can easily be layered to make it suitable for cooler months.

According to Google Translate, the literal translation of ‘Skołowana Bakłażanowa’ is ‘exhausted eggplants’, which I think is lovely!  I’m pleased to report that the colour of this dress does not resemble an overtired aubergine, but instead is a lovely mixture of grey, stone and lavender.  The waistband is black and there is a black loop over the centre of the bust.  This loop is not fixed and can move about, so I would recommend a few simple stitches to keep it in place as it can get a bit annoying.

The dress has a lovely cut that’s very feminine and reminds me in a lot of ways of my Collectif Dolores Doll dresses.  The upper section of the dress is fitted and the skirt is a full circle.  Definitely one for twirling and whirling in!

Lengthwise the dress is brilliant – it just about covers my knees so I don’t feel self-conscious or awkward, and I don’t feel it’s completely necessary to wear leggings or tights with it.  Leggings would give the dress a more casual look, and, as you can see from my photos, nude tights and a pair of heels give it a more sophisticated style.

However, unfortunately I found the 40 oo/ooo to be too big for me on top half. I am not sure if I should size down or if the cut of the dress is just wrong for me; it seems to have an awful lot of length from the shoulders to the bust line.  I have always thought my boobs sat relatively low on my body but perhaps they don’t.  If I positioned the dress to where it should actually sit, my bra is very much on show so instead I pulled the front up and back down a little in order to make it reasonably decent.  Even with this, I have a vast amount of cleavage on display and I would not be comfortable wearing the dress like this.  I would have to wear a vest underneath, which would spoil the look of this gorgeous garment.

I also found the shoulders to be a little wide on me and as you can see from the photos above the edges of my bra straps were occasionally inadvertently on display.  Again, I suspect this is something that could be solved by sizing down.

This dress is known to come up roomy in the waist and I definitely found this to be the case.  It wasn’t so big that it felt silly but there is enough excess fabric to make me feel tempted to try sizing down.  My hesitation to do so is because I am not sure how the bust would fit if I did so; I am already wearing the bustiest version of the Skołowana Bakłażanowa Dress so to size down would surely mean less boob room.

I really love this dress and although the 40 oo/ooo is too big for me I am very keen to see if a smaller size might work better.  It’s also given me a taste of Urkye’s excellent quality and so I am very keen to try more items.  I would absolutely love it if they made this dress with a more fitted skirt (with pockets, of course) – I would buy a ton of them!

You can read a great review of the dress on Undressed To Impress.

Have you tried anything from Urkye before?  How have you found the sizing?



  1. Anonymous
    3 November 2013 / 10:17

    Sad that this dress doesn't fit you either, you have exactly the same fit problems that I have, I so hoped I was sending it to a good home. As to sizing down, I also have the Dzwonek top http://www.urkye.pl/en_US/p/Dzwonek-w-fioletach/163 which has the same neckline, I have this one in 42o/oo and sadly found that sizing down in the boob didn't improve fit in the neckline, I still need to wear a vest under it (which looks OK under the top). I think the fit problem is simply just due to this cut of neckline being for tall women or women with a long torso

  2. Anonymous
    3 November 2013 / 13:20

    You look so perfect, I hope you find your perfect size! I love that you blog about lingerie AND clothes for big busted women, as well as outfits from plus size retailers – you're basically helping build my wardrobe (the contents, the hubby did the exterior!)<3

  3. Lucy B
    3 November 2013 / 18:08

    I totally LOVE this dress on you. I see it comes in several other colours – will you be trying them, too? Perhaps in a different size to this one? I would love to see more reviews like this. I hope Urkye sends you their new collection so you can tell us all about it. Love your work X

  4. AJ
    4 November 2013 / 10:07

    Ohhhh I have been looking for a dress like this FOREVER. Thank you so much for introducing me to Urkye, I had never heard of them before. I will be placing an order ASAP xxx

  5. Anonymous
    5 November 2013 / 20:55

    Hi, you look great in this dress 🙂 Just wanted to tell you quickly some more background on the dress name – as a lot of Urkye clothes it has a bit of double meaning in Polish. I wouldn't translate it as exhausted…basic meaning of the word is more like "first I got this info/clue/advice/etc., then the other one, then another different one again and now I am absolutely confused" but the literal meaning of the word is linked to word "kolo" (wheel, circle) and is an adjective so Urkye just hinted it is dress cut of full circle :)and 'baklazanowa' is an adjective for eggplant color 🙂 greetings!

  6. Paula Christiansen
    20 November 2013 / 23:33

    Oh my god, I need this dress in my life NOW. It is just perfect on you x

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