BiuBiu Lukka Dress 40 BB/BBB

As part of my December order from Polish bust-friendly clothing brand BiuBiu I decided to give the newly released Lukka Long Dress a try.

Image courtesy of BiuBiu

It comes in three colours: the Lukka light blue long above…

Image courtesy of BiuBiu

…the Lukka cappuccino long

LUKKA maroon long

Image courtesy of BiuBiu

…and the Lukka maroon long

Each dress costs £32.39 (excluding VAT), which is very reasonable for a dress that offers a good fit on the bust, and comes in sizes 34-46 B/BB and BB/BBB.

(NB If this dress is longer than you like, the good news is that it also comes in a shorter version (this is a link to the light blue one, but there are more colours available on the site). The long one, according to the BiuBiu website, is between 97 and 102cm in length, depending on what size you choose. The shorter version is 90cm long. The pictures tell the story as thankfully the same model is used for the images of both dresses and it’s clear to see that the shorter version on her is above the knee and the longer version is over. Thank you, BiuBiu, for the measurements and the continuity of the model so it’s easy for us to work out which dress is best!)

As I am hopeless at making decisions I could not make up my mind which of the three I liked best, and also I wondered if it might be possible to dye either of the lighter coloured dresses if the original hue was not right on me, so I went ahead and ordered all three! Yes, it was rather extravagant, but after my massive successes with BiuBiu dresses in the past (particularly the Vienna and the Oia) I knew it was a pretty safe bet that the fit would be good, even if the style was not quite me.

Sizewise I decided to take a bit of a gamble. My previous BiuBiu dresses had been 42BB/BBB and they were a little on the large size – mostly on the waist – so I opted for the 40BB/BBB this time around. This meant that the boob area would be less generous but I hoped it would still be workable and that the improved waist fit might make all the difference.

I have photographed each of the three dresses to give you a good idea of how they work for me. The fit is identical overall, which is fantastic news and of course credit to BiuBiu’s sizing consistency. I took more snaps of the first one I tried, the Lukka light blue long, in order to show very clearly the fit of the dress from as many angles as possible. And for reference I am wearing my Ewa Michalak S Szykuś Bra 32KK/70KK in these photos. So, get ready for a lot of photos!

Lukka light blue long 40BB/BBB:

Lukka cappucino long 40BB/BBB:

Lukka maroon long 40BB/BBB:

First of all I think it’s very important to say that the dresses are all lovely and very well made. Attention to detail has been paid in order to provide a good fit on the bust and waist and the pleated skirt allows for wide-ish hips. Typically BiuBiu dresses have similar measurements on the bust and the hips, to allow for an hourglass figure.

The dresses are made from a 72% cotton/20% polyester/8% elastane blend, so it’s a kind of ponte fabric that is stretchy and thick jersey-like. It’s fairly soft and moulds to one’s shape very well. Upon delivery, though, I must admit that I did find the fabric to be very creased. I hung the dresses for a couple of days to air before taking these pictures but I think it’s still apparent that they really do need an iron! I don’t know how they wash but I would hope that a bit of fabric conditioner might help the material to loosen up a bit and not crease so easily.

The colours are not necessarily my first choices but they are very much in keeping with typical autumn/winter hues. The maroon is really lovely – very rich and warm – and is certainly my pick of the three. I wonder if the other two may be a little pale on me but I have yet to completely make up my mind about them.

I did find these dresses very awkward to get on. As the dress is round necked and has quite a high neckline, the hole for one’s head is really quite small (especially with thick hair like mine) so a zip would have been a very welcome feature on this occasion. I felt as though the make-up on my face was being skimmed off as I pulled the dress on! Additionally, it was really tricky to pull the dress down over my boobs as the waist was fairly small in comparison, and again a zip would have helped enormously with this as it really did take a lot of manoeuvring to get the dress on. 

As I found with the Monaco Dress, there is quite an art to getting the sleeves to sit correctly on the Lukka. In the end, I discovered that the best way is to put one’s arms in the sleeves first of all and ensure they are fully inserted and in the right position before shimmying on the rest of the dress. Maybe I get myself dressed incorrectly but normally I throw a dress over my head and put my arms through at the same time as my head. This dress needs careful planning, though! The good news is that once the correct donning procedure has been followed, all is well and the sleeves feel very comfortable. It’s nice to have long sleeved dresses as so many have elbow or three-quarter length sleeves, which can prove quite chilly on colder days, so in comparison the Lukka is warm and cosy.

The length of the Lukka long dress is fab for me. I strongly prefer to keep my knees covered so this version of the dress is great as it easily covers my knees, but without being overly long. I am around 5’4 tall so mid calf dresses can make me look short and stumpy but this length is great as it finishes just below the knee.

I absolutely adore the fact that this dress has pockets – something that I wish all dresses had! In my day job I find pockets are pretty difficult to live without so the Lukka ticks a very important box for me with this feature.

The boob room on these 40BB/BBB dresses is in fact really good. My boobs are perhaps very fractionally compressed but it’s not a big deal. I am quite a way beyond the recommended bust measurement for this size so I think the dress manages my boobs very well, with all things considered. I reckon my ideal size in this dress would be a 40BBB/BBBB, if it existed, but I am happy to compromise with this for now.

The flared pleated skirt is very lovely and fits me really nicely on the front as my stomach is fairly flat but as I found with the Monaco Dress the back is not quite such a success thanks to my generous booty. The pleats don’t quite sit as they should at the rear because my bottom is large and pokes out quite some way, and I can’t help but feel that it’s a shame the skirt was not cut to accommodate more of a rump. I don’t think this is a dealbreaker but it is a fit issue with this dress, which I was hoping would be more curve-friendly across the butt and hips.

The high neckline might not be for everyone and it’s certainly a change to the more low cut dresses I would usually favour. However, I think it’s important to have a range of dress types in my wardrobe and so this is a more conservative look that would be good for the workplace. The Lukka dress shows no cleavage whatsoever but thanks to the fitted top half it’s not a dress that hides one’s shape or femininity. I think these dresses would look superb with some accessories to jazz them up and perhaps even some contrasting coloured tights or a cardigan to bring alive the somewhat muted hues.

Overall, whilst the Lukka is not completely perfect for me, it is a lovely shape of dress that I think works well. With a few minor tweaks it could be spot on but even without these changes I am very happy with the design.

Anyone thinking of making a purchase from BiuBiu should use the code ‘Facebook’ to receive 5% off their order. As far as I know there is not a limited time or number of uses for this code so do make the most of it.

What do you think of the Lukka dress on me? And what styles of dresses would you like to see from BiuBiu in future collections? Do you have any particular colours or prints in mind? Let me know by commenting below!



  1. Anonymous
    24 January 2014 / 22:23

    You look beautiful and I adore this on you. Now to decide whether I get all three colours… I think I can't resist, you don't get too many bust friendly dresses to the pound!

  2. Louise
    25 January 2014 / 16:30

    I have wondered about this dress and what the fit was like for several week's so you're review is very useful thank you! I think all three colour's look great on you but my personal favourite is the brown one. You look gorgeous x

  3. Marie Poulton
    25 January 2014 / 20:16

    I would never of thought of wearing high necked dresses like this as I have a big bust. But these Lukka dresses look so bloody amazing on you that you have completely changed my opinion and I will be saving up so I can buy them all. My favourite on you is the maroon but I always like dark colours better than light ones. The other two are nice too and I think you should keep them all. I love BiuBiu's designs and I can't wait to see what new things they come up with in 2014.

  4. Anonymous
    25 January 2014 / 20:42

    You look fantastic in all of these dresses, personnally I like the blue best. Amy xxx

  5. Paula Christiansen
    25 January 2014 / 22:14

    It blows my mind every time I read your blog how gorgeous you always look. And you show the clothes off so well! Brands must adore you as you sell the clothes for them by writing about them on here. Job well done!!! Anyway, you have sold this dress to me so I will be asking for at least two of them for my birthday next month. I hope BiuBiu bring out fitted dresses with pockets next, something like your Wallis dress you posted ages ago x

  6. Tammy
    26 January 2014 / 00:14

    Why do high neck dresses never look this good on me? Maybe it's because I don't get bust friendly ones, I will give BiuBiu a try and see how they work. I love all the details you talk about in your posts it is very useful especially when buying from abroad,

  7. Autumn Jones Lake
    29 January 2014 / 01:01

    All three dresses are really beautiful on you. I want the maroon one now!

  8. Autumn Jones Lake
    29 January 2014 / 01:02

    All three are really beautiful on you! I must have that maroon one!

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