Simply Be: Gok Wan Shapewear Collection Bloggers’ Event

In late October, Simply Be invited plus size fashion bloggers galore to head to London to meet the fabulous Gok Wan and familiarise themselves with his latest shapewear collection. Fortunately, I was on annual leave at the time, so I donned my BiuBiu Vienna Dress (having altered the belt to fit) and caught a train to the big smoke during the day to met up with Georgina from Fuller Figure Fuller Bust for lunch and a long overdue catch up before we made our way to the Covent Garden Hotel for the event.

It was wonderful to see many of my lovely blogger friends there, and to finally meet some of those I have been talking to online for a while. It was also great to catch up with the Simply Be team, who are always so friendly and cheerful.

After a few drinks (no booze for me, sadly), some delicious canapes, and lots of chats and giggles, the man himself entered the room. I had already met him last year so knew what a fantastic chap he is, but I was just as excited as everyone else to get my photo taken with him.

The room we were in had rather low lighting and I only had my iPhone with me so the photo quality isn’t the best, but I was really pleased with this pic! And I should note here that some of these photos are from the amazing Hanna at The Wardrobe Challenge but I got mixed up as to whose were whose so just watermarked them all. But thank you for taking some great snaps, Hanna!

Image courtesy of Janie Britton

Here you can see that I reminded Gok that the last time we met I had asked him to pose with Georgina and me in an ‘infamous’ photo where he stood between us and grabbed one of each of our boobs.

After the posing, I took the opportunity to ask Gok about his underwear ranges and if he would ever consider broadening his size range to incorporate smaller/larger bands and larger cups. He explained that his current collection incorporates many mainstream sizes and seeing as there is less demand outside this range these customers would end up paying more if the sizes were extended. I told him there is a huge market for him to tap into and mentioned that I have to get my bras from Poland (Ewa Michalak) as I can’t get bras to fit in the UK. This tickled him and he said it would make a good t-shirt slogan. I then explained that I wore 30L bras and he was truly gob/Gok-smacked (hehe).

He told me that he had never known boobs that size before and immediately told members of his team.

This very nice lady was astonished and told me that she didn’t even know there was such a thing as an L cup. 

Gok then asked me very politely if he could have a feel of my boobs – naturally I consented and what ensued was several minutes of boob grabbing and squeezing fun and frolics…

He started off gingerly… 

 But then really got stuck in!!

 Gok fans himself for a moment and then gets back into grabbing!

Image courtesy of Janie Britton

Image courtesy of Betty Pamper

I love Gok’s expression in this one – he’s like a child in a sweet shop!

Eventually, Gok had to tear himself away from my boobs (by this point he had become very well acquainted with them) but before he moved on he congratulated me on my boobage and quipped that he might even make me a special one-off bra. I am not holding my breath as I am sure he was joking…but who knows!

After all that excitement, I remembered that I was not only at the event to chat with Gok, but also to look at his new shapewear range. Hanna and I spent some time browsing the rails and we were pleased to discover that he has again outdone himself and created a truly gorgeous collection for Simply Be.

My own photos of the collection came out so badly that I won’t share them with you but here are some stock images of my favourite pieces:

The Gok Wan Waist Slip is just lovely. I adore the retro feel of the houndstooth print and the addition of suspenders/garters makes it absolutely perfect! It’s available in sizes 12 to 32.

Continuing the houndstooth theme, this Gok Wan Underwired Bodyshaper is right up my street. The vibrant purple hue is just as delicious in real life, so my only sadness is that it does not come in larger cup sizes. However, for those who fit within the range, it is available in sizes 32-42 B-G and 44-46 B-DD.

The Gok Wan Divine Outline shaping slip is available in sizes 12-32 and is a piece I have had my eye on since the collection last year. It’s perfect for those of us who don’t fit into the cup sized pieces as you can wear your own bra with this beauty. I only wish that Gok would make a version of this with legs/long shorts, instead of the skirt. It would then be the perfect solution for anyone wishing to wear shapewear but not have to deal with the dreaded ‘chub rub’ issue.

I am a big fan of Gok’s shapewear for its lovely designs and also for the quality of the fabrics and attention to detail. I reviewed his Pull Me Up Pants last year here.

Time for a few more snaps of me with my lovely fellow bloggers:

These girls make me laugh so much! From left to right: Georgina (Fuller Figure Fuller Bust), me, Betty Pamper and Laura (What Laura Loves).

Full of smiles! Posing with Hanna (The Wardrobe Challenge)…

…and being silly with Hanna (it doesn’t take much).

Cheesy grin with George.

An intimate moment.

 Danie was on top form and told Gok to call her.

 Betty Pamper is such a babe. And a truly lovely lady.

I am always thrilled when Wendy (52-46-54) is at an event. She is such a sweetheart!

As you can see, I had a terrific time at the event – thank you so much, Simply Be! Check out the full Gok Wan Collection here and be sure to let me know your favourite piece in the comments!



  1. Just me Leah
    20 November 2013 / 17:49

    I must've arrived after Gok was getting acquainted with your boobs, but the photos are hilarious! x

    • Curvy Wordy
      20 November 2013 / 17:52

      You were there! But I think you were on the other side of the room at the time. Lovely to meet you (and you inspired me to try Em's Peacock Dress!) xx

  2. Anonymous
    20 November 2013 / 19:54

    Best blog post EVER!

  3. WhatLauraLoves
    20 November 2013 / 20:07

    He LOVED your boobs xxxxxxx lovely to see u

  4. Anonymous
    20 November 2013 / 23:30

    OMG he sure loves your breasts! Shame he is gay 😉 I would love to try that shapewear. The purple knickers are my favorites.

  5. Paula Christiansen
    20 November 2013 / 23:35

    Ha ha ha this post is great!!!! I am so jealous tho, I would love to meet Gok Wan. Is he as nice in real life as he seems on the telly? I always doubt that about celebrities. So funny he was shocked at your bra size. He really needs to make bigger cup sizes x

  6. AJ
    21 November 2013 / 00:07

    Gok is my favorite stylist. I am so envious that you got to meet him! I have several pieces of his shapewear and can say that all of it is fantastic. I'd love the purple bra and knickers set or the purple body you've shown here.

  7. Anonymous
    13 December 2013 / 23:02

    Gok loves your breasts and it looks like you were having fun as well.O:-)

  8. waistcincherhq
    14 January 2015 / 08:28

    Cool pics 🙂

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