Lucabella Red Black Panelled Cowl Neck Tunic M

Earlier this year, I attended the inaugural British Plus Size Fashion Weekend.  During the main event on the Saturday, I got the opportunity to speak with a number of plus size fashion brands from all over the world.

One of the brands who were particularly friendly and easy to talk to were Lucabella, who had come all the way from New Zealand in order to attend the event.  To me, that demonstrates their commitment to working with plus size women to produce clothing that works for them and, having spoken to the team, I can confirm their passion to make a success of their brand.

At the end of the event, the team at Lucabella kindly offered me the chance to try out one of their items free of charge.  They’d brought a whole rail of clothes all the way from NZ with them and said I could take my pick – what a wonderful opportunity!

After umming, ahhing and oohing for a while, I finally settled on the Panelled Cowl Neck Tunic (currently in the sale at only NZ $69.50!):

Image courtesy of Lucabella

If you’re thinking that this isn’t my usual style, then you’d be quite right.  Remember that I was limited in my choices and made my decision based on the colours (I love black and red together) and how I might be able to make the tunic work for me.  What a great opportunity for me to try something a little out of the ordinary and outside my comfort zone.

So, how did I make this loose-fitting tunic work for me?  You guessed it: with a belt!

I used my IGIGI By Yuliya Raquel Obi Belt and I think it works!

This tunic is a size M, which equates to a 16-18 (size guide here).  There was only one of these tunics on the rail at BPSFW so I did not have a choice of size but if I did I think I would have preferred the size S (14).  However, this is a garment that is supposed to be loose and not at all fitted.

The above-knee length of this tunic (on me, at least!) is shorter than I’d usually prefer but I think as the ‘skirt’ is flared and almost skater style, I think it works well.  My black patent heels help to add a bit of height and elongate my legs.  I am wearing nude tights here but I think that black would work equally as well.

I really like the cowl neck of this tunic.  It works really well with the rest of the garment and gives a peep of chest but remains completely modest.

There is heaps of boob room in this tunic and I think the combination of the position of the panels and the addition of my Obi Belt make my bust look great!  Naturally, my Ewa Michalak PL Onyks 30KK/65KK helps with that a bit as well.

The red is gorgeously vibrant against the red cowl neck and side panels.  I found the sleeves to be rather baggy on me, which is quite a novelty, but as they are a long length I don’t think they look out of place.

The Panelled Cowl Neck Tunic is made from 94% viscose and 6% elastane.  This fabric has a lovely stretch to it and is a heavy jersey knit. It keeps me warm without making me feel overheated, so it’s ideal for colder months and would look great with plain black leggings.

Having had a look at the Lucabella website, I must admit that a number of the items are not really my style as they are loose and flowy, whereas I tend to wear garments that are more fitted.

I did find several items I liked, though, including:

Image courtesy of Lucabella

These Galaxy Slim Leg Jeans are a beautiful colour and would be a great addition to my wardrobe.  I absolutely love the fact they have been photographed on a plus size model and that there has been no attempt to airbrush the photo or to hide her figure.  This is very rare in the fashion industry, and even in plus size fashion, as all too often promotional images are photoshopped in order to follow the industry standard and hide any lumps and bumps.  I find it refreshing to see Lucabella’s items modelled on plus size women of a variety of shapes and sizes, and think it can only be good for their business as this approach gives customers a better idea of how a garment might look on them.

Images courtesy of Lucabella

Ok, so the top might not be typically me, but the skirt is AMAZING.  It’s the Pencil Skirt In A Moody Blues Print and is part of the new collection.  The print is simply stunning and the length of the skirt is flattering for all shapes and sizes.

Image courtesy of Lucabella

The colour and pattern of this cardigan from the Winter 13 Look Book are gorgeous!  This shape cardi works well with swing dresses such as my Collectif Dolores Dolls, as well as more fitted items.  I love the retro feel of this piece.

If you’re outside New Zealand, you might be concerned at the prospect of paying for postage for your overseas order.  Do not fret, however; orders over $100 to Australia, the UK and and US are sent free of charge!  Such terrific news and certainly something that will undoubtedly attract more customers to Lucabella.  New Zealanders are fortunate enough to have free shipping, regardless of the value of their order.

All in all, I am really impressed with Lucabella and am excited about their future collections.  They have established themselves as a great option for plus size ladies looking for wardrobe basics and it’s great to see the designs getting more adventurous as the brand grows and spreads its wings.



  1. Charlotte Hopkin
    17 September 2013 / 21:43

    Woah supercute! Its great to see you in something a bit different and your legs look fabulous in these pics. Thanks for introducing me to this plus size brand, yet another great find. Keep up the great work.

  2. contrary kiwi
    18 September 2013 / 00:07

    Oooh, a Kiwi brand! That's exciting. I might show them to my mum. I'm always irritated at the lack of nice plus size clothing over here – it's all loose, long tunics constantly. You look smashing in that tunic, belted like that. I think the shorter length is great.

  3. Vicky Frankland
    18 September 2013 / 08:02

    Goes to show that with the right accessories you can wear anything your own way. I wouldn't have picked that up myself because of the shape but you are right, with the belt, looks fantastic!

  4. Anonymous
    18 September 2013 / 11:15

    Belts make everything better! I don't get why so many plus size companies make such shapeless items?

  5. Paula Christiansen
    19 September 2013 / 00:45

    Is there anything that doesn't look amazing on you?! Seriously, you are one of the most amazing models of clothing I have ever seen. Even the stuff that isn't an ideal fit ends up looking stupendous on you. This dress is a prime example of that – it's definitely too big but your obi belt works perfectly to fix the issue. Wonderful!

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