IGIGI By Yuliya Raquel Phyllis Maxi Dress US 12 UK 16

Maxi dresses are great. They are wearable all year round and can be worn casually or for a fancy soirée – it all depends on the dress itself and the accessories you choose to wear with it.  I love a good maxi and have reviewed several on my blog in the past.

A few months ago, I was sent the Phyllis Maxi Dress by the fab team at IGIGI by Yuliya Raquel:

Image courtesy of IGIGI

Ever since I first saw this promotional shot for the Phyllis Dress I knew it had to be mine.  The plain black background is brought to life by the stunning blue and pink oversized floral print and the effect is glorious.

 Image courtesy of IGIGI

I was sent the dress in US size 12, which equates roughly to a UK size 16. I had originally intended to go for the US 14 (UK 18) as I have the IGIGI Naime Maxi Dress in a US 12 and I could have done with a bit more boob room. However, the US 14 was not available so I went for the US 12 instead.

It’s safe to say that I ABSOLUTELY ADORE THIS DRESS!  It is every bit as gorgeous in real life as it looks from the promotional photos online.  The print is beautifully vibrant and really sets the dress on fire.  It is stunning!  It will be so much fun to find accessories to match this dress, either picking out the blues, the pinks or the black.

The fabric the Phyllis Dress is made from is just lovely.  It is so soft and billowy and floats around wonderfully as I walk around.  It has some stretch to it as it is a polyester/elastane mix so it fits my curves on the top half and then flares out into a feminine maxi skirt at the bottom.

You can see from the photos that the length of the skirt is a little too much for me.  At 5’4 I am pretty short so I was fully expecting to have this slight issue.  Not a problem though – my lovely mum is going to take it up for me, just as she did with the Naime Maxi Dress.  The great news is that if you are tall IGIGI maxis will be perfect for you as they always seem to come up long – better that than too short, if you ask me!  And of course ideal for wearing killer heels to complete the look.  The shoulder to hem length in this US size 12 is around 55″.

Another great feature is that the skirt is fully lined.  The material used for this is also very stretchy and it feels light and airy so does not make the wearer extra hot, which can be the case with some linings.

The bust section features a crossover design, which is identical to the Naime Maxi Dress.  Having tried this before I knew the fit would be snug and I was not wrong.  A size up would have given a better fit in this area but would have meant a looser waist, which would not have been ideal.  I need to pin the bust area to ensure my bra (I am wearing my Ewa Michalak PL Onyks here) does not show and may even end up stitching it into place once I have established the best position for the pin.  The shoulder straps are in the perfect place to hide my bra straps and are very comfortable.

The waist is a little big for me but not overly so, as you can see from the photos above.  However, I could not resist adding my IGIGI Obi Belt to see how it looked:

It’s perfect!  The belt helps to define my waist and elongate my torso, as it was somewhat hidden by the empire waistline of this dress.  I do think that the IGIGI Obi Belt makes the dress a little more casual, so I tried a different belt to see how it affected my look.

I went for my Forever 21 elasticated waist belt and I think it works really well!  Again, my waist is defined but this time the gold buckle adds a bit of glamour to the outfits, which is a great touch.  The black blends in well with the background colour of the dress so it is not too much.

I feel like such a glamorous lady in this dress and want to waft around the room making silly, dreamy poses (like the ones in the photos on this post!).  This is definitely one of my favourite maxi dresses and I know I will get heaps of wear out of it once the length has been altered.

Unfortunately, the IGIGI Phyllis Maxi Dress is no longer available for sale – it was so popular that it sold out!  However, you can always contact IGIGI via their Facebook page to ask if any of their stockists have the dress available in your size.

Alternatively, they have a heap of gorgeous maxi dresses available on their website and the best thing is that until 5pm PST on 3rd September 2013 you can use code ‘LABORDAY13’ to get an extra 30% off the Labor Day Sale category.  Shop at IGIGI here now!

And, finally, whilst researching for this post and pulling together the required images, I discovered this:

Image courtesy of IGIGI

Isn’t she a beauty?  The Jadyn Maxi Dress is a short-sleeved adaptation of the Phyllis and is perhaps better suited to the cooler months ahead.  It is available for pre-order in the UK on Curvety.



  1. Paula Christiansen
    30 August 2013 / 22:28

    Another beautiful dress to add to your collection! This is a really awesome dress on you and your blog review is great. I hadn't heard of IGIGI before but it's great they specialize in plus size clothing, and its all AMAZING!!! My bank balance is going to suffer… 😉

  2. Melanie S
    31 August 2013 / 00:13

    How awesome is this dress?! ♡.♡ … You look fab. ♡ ♡ Mel xoxo

  3. A Starry Eyed Owl
    31 August 2013 / 00:18

    OMG I love this dress on you! Looks like it was made to measure. I have a few Igigi pieces but they are expensive so I cant afford to buy too many. They do make amazing plus size clothing though! Lucky you for getting this dress free of charge to review on your blog. Hope you get to write posts about more stuff soon xxx

  4. WideCurves
    31 August 2013 / 19:05

    I am so glad you reviewed this! I have been on the fence about trying Igigi…and if their designs can fit you…they can fit me. So I'm in!

  5. Anonymous
    1 September 2013 / 16:32

    Beautiful! I love Igigi, they are my favourite plus size brand and it's all thanks to your blog!

  6. Toodles Doodles
    1 September 2013 / 21:26

    Woah this dress is perfect on you! Fab review – thanks for introducing me to IGIGI. Great to have another plus size designer around.

  7. Anonymous
    2 September 2013 / 09:25

    Oh my, this is definately on my wishlist now! Its such a goregus dress and its amazzing that its plus size too. Suits youre hourglass figure perfectly. Love your blog reviews! xxxx

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