Anna Scholz for Simply Be Print Midi Dress 14

If you’re a regular reader of my blog you’ll be very familiar with my love for Anna Scholz’s stunning plus size designs.  Sadly I am not in a position to be able to afford items from her own label so I am eternally grateful that I can get designer plus size fashion at a snip thanks to her collaborative line with Simply Be.

When I was recently contacted by Simply Be I had a couple of dresses in mind, and one of them was this beautiful Anna Scholz for Simply Be Print Midi Dress (£56).

Image courtesy of Simply Be

I adore the red background and blue/pink floral print, and it’s even more stunning up close:

Image courtesy of Simply Be

Amazing, eh?  I went for a size 14 and almost fell down the stairs in my excitement to open the front door when the postman arrived with my delivery.

The dress is every bit as beautiful in real life as it looks in the photos.  The print is stunning and the colours of the dress are vibrant and summery.

However, I nearly cried when I took it out of the packaging as I knew straight away that this dress was not going to work for me.  Unfortunately, this size 14 dress seriously lacks in boob room, giving me major fit issues across the chest.  It’d be absolutely perfect for those with a smaller bust but sadly my 30Ls were too much for this garment as there is simply not enough fabric to cover my boobs sufficiently.  I’m not even talking about modest coverage – I just wanted sufficient material to cover my bra as I think that’s the bare minimum I can get away with.  Sadly, LOTS of my bra is on display with this dress, along with LOTS of boob.

The underbust waistband sits on my boobs, due to the small bust area.  If I pull it down the bust area comes down too and even more of my bra is revealed.  There is a sewn-in modesty panel between the two ‘boob sections’, which is great.  However, it means that I cannot wear my own cami unless I remove it, which I’d rather not do.  And, in any case, the position of the straps and the gold spiral adornment feature probably make it impossible to wear a cami/vest, so it’s not an alteration I’ll be attempting.

I don’t think my photos show it very well but really there was just SO much bra show at the sides and straps that I felt very inappropriate in this dress.  Such a pity!  For reference, I am wearing my Ewa Michalak PL Malwa 30KK in these photos.

The material is 96% polyester 4% elastane, so there is a good amount of stretch.  The fabric has a very slight sheen to it and it is light and flowing.  The length of the dress is great on me (easily covers my knees) and the slightly flared skirt is a lovely feminine touch.

The waist has waist ties which fasten at the back.  In my case they didn’t do very much as the waistband was too high and bust area too small.

The print and colours are absolutely gorgeous and inspired by Anna’s own designer line – I think the print of the fabric used for this Anna Scholz White Label dress might have been the inspiration.  The mix of colours means that it’s really easy to pick out colours to match up the accessories – I think a pair of bright blue shoes would look stunning!

In an attempt not to be defeated by this dress I tried adding a belt to correct the high waistband.  This meant I had to tuck in the self ties to my belt; here are the results…

I think the dress worked better with the addition of my blue patent leather belt (from eBay) but there was still very minimal boob coverage.  This look is fine for posing in blog pics but I don’t think it would work if I wore it out of the house!  I think I would only attract a lot of unwanted attention, sadly.  

And of course the belt pulls the dress in so the boob room is even smaller than before.  You can see that the waistband seam is sitting on my underbust, which feels uncomfortable and just wrong.

I cannot tell you how sad I am that this dress was such a fail on me but if you have smaller boobs and/or a bigger waist I think it’s worth a try.  Especially as it’s on offer at the moment – click here to buy yours!



  1. Vicky Frankland
    14 August 2013 / 20:09

    Such a shame as the colour & patterning looks gorgeous on you. I can completely relate to the lack of coverage aspect, so many dresses that I've loved, but not been able to leave the house. X

  2. Anonymous
    15 August 2013 / 00:19

    This print is stunning on you! Such a shame about the fit but I find exactly the same thing with Anna Scholz dresses. I wish she would make her clothes with more boob room and less waist room. I know they are for plus size women but even we have waists and boobs! Hope she reads your blog and alters the fit ;o)

  3. Paula Christiansen
    15 August 2013 / 01:10

    I adore this print and the colours on you and I love how similar the print is to one of Anna Scholz's own label prints. Just goes to show someone understands that plus size women want style and choice, just like everyone else. Thanks for the useful blog review as always X

  4. Lily Elizabeth
    15 August 2013 / 23:29

    If only there was more boob room, this would have been perfect for you (and me as I am a couple of sizes bigger than you but proportionately same bust size…yes I stalk yuor blog LOL)! So exciting to see lovely items from designers for us plus size girls though. More please Anna!

  5. Anonymous
    15 August 2013 / 23:35

    i actually luv how it looks in these photos! she makes such stylish clothes for curvy plus size women, and i luv reading about them on ur blog

  6. Anonymous
    3 September 2013 / 19:00

    I wish my curvy shape was like this, but unfortunately Im an apple and a belt only emphasizes my round tummy 🙁

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