Ewa Michalak PL Malwa Bra

I hadn’t owned a plain white bra for many a year until a few months ago when I got to try the Freya Lauren in white.  It’s a very nice bra but it’s a bit too high cut on me and my short shoulders to wear under most of my tops and dresses so when Ewa Michalak recently agreed to send me some bras for review I knew the PL Malwa had to be one of them.

EN Malwa

Image courtesy of Ewa Michalak

After trying out some 70/32 bands a little while ago and finding them rather loose, I decided it would be best to go for the bra in 65/30KK and the thong in 44/16.

How adorable is this set?  Wow…it’s so pretty and feminine!  The lightly padded foam cups are covered in white embroidered floral lace and have a gorgeous pink and green flower embellishment at the base of the straps.  

The PL Malwa’s cups have removable pads which can help correct asymmetry and in these pics I have both the pads still in place, which as you can see makes the cups look a tiny bit too small for me.  I usually wear the bra without the pads now but it’s good to know I have them available if I want that extra boost for a night out or special occasion!

The straps on the PL Malwa are fully adjustable and are nice and wide, which makes them super comfortable.  They are semi-stretchy, so have some give but not too much, and the adjusters have not slipped at all during wear so far.

The band of the PL Malwa is made from a different fabric: this time with embroidered polka dots.  This layer has reinforcement behind it, making the band less stretchy than it would have been without.  The band is probably a little more stretchy than some of my other PL bras but seeing as this is a 30/65 band and therefore shorter than others I have tried it is impoosible to make a completely fair comparison.

The bra fastens with three hooks and there are four rows of eyes, so plenty of room to adjust.  At the moment I wear the bra on the loosest setting, which is how it should be when you first buy a bra.

I just love how supportive the PL Malwa is.  It looks great, giving me wonderful uplift and shape and I feel amazing when wearing it.

The 44/16 thong is also very lovely.  It is made from a mixture of the fabrics used on the bra but the main difference is that it’s completely sheer, making it very ‘naughty but nice’.  I love how the flower embellishment is off centre, rather than being perfectly in the middle.  This shows Ewa’s quirky side and how she likes to do things a bit differently.

The PL Malwa would make a perfect bridal set as it is incredibly elegant and dainty, even in my large cup size of KK!  This really is no mean feat to achieve but Ewa has outdone herself yet again with another desirable lingerie set which no doubt every woman will want to have in her collection.  You can try other brands who do lingerie in plus sizes too.



  1. XLhourglass
    9 September 2012 / 07:32

    Have you ever had an Ewa Michalak not work for you? I long for that front and center shape that I see and hear Ewa gives, but my Pl Onyks and Carmen in 34JJ are just disastrous… The cup seems to 'collapse' under my boob, giving pretty much no uplift, even if the straps are reasonably tight 🙁 And the center gore is not flat, but I put that down to the fact that the whole bra is pulled down/tipped down by my bottom heavy breasts… Is Ewa just not for me then? 😮

    • CurvyWordy
      10 September 2012 / 00:55

      All my EMs have worked for me in respect of the central gore lying flat (even when the cups are too small) but some seem to give a slightly different shape to others. You and I have similar breast volume but I can safely say without a shadow of doubt that EM bras give me far superior support, shape and uplift than any other bra brand I have tried.I wonder if maybe sizing up in the cups would help? Also I wear my straps pretty tight so it might be worth trying to shorten yours some more. That being said, my straps are not so tight that they'd be uncomfortable.I also wonder if you would do better with a smaller band. If the 34JJ is the right size for you in the cups, 32K or even a 32KK might just make all the difference. Go for one with removable pads because these can always be left in if the cups are a little big without.I hope this helps – fingers crossed you can get yourself sorted with EM bras as they really are amazing x

    • XLhourglass
      14 September 2012 / 06:57

      Did the center also lay flat if you had a too loose band? And have you tried cups that were too big, and how did that look? I think maybe that could be the problem for me, because when I try to push in the center gore, and straighten out the cups, it seems more full coverage than on others. But then again, I do have very bottom heavy breasts, so I'll probably never get that much on top of the bra. And, are there some of the bras you found to be more 'stiff' in the cups? So it will be less likely to 'collapse'I really really hope I can get the right fit, because they look amazing 😀

    • CurvyWordy
      15 September 2012 / 02:17

      Yes, the gore has always laid flat on me, regardless. I once tried a 38K or something that was in the sale (before I blogged) and it was huge in the cups and back but still the gore was flat 🙂 And still I got good shape and uplift, but the problem was too much room in the cups, and of course the loose band.Can you post pics on Bratabase and ask for help? I wonder if maybe a larger cup but with a bra that has the removable pads for asymmetry, but you could use them for uplift instead. Not that you would normally need it, I am sure, but the pads could help with the fit of the cups perhaps.The PL Czerwona Panterka (red leopard bra) has thicker padding than some other EMs, and the straps and band are firm so should give good support. Also this one, the PL Malwa, is very good too.And I agree, they are amazing! It's really worth taking the trouble to find the right size for you x

  2. Zaki
    14 September 2012 / 17:58

    I've always been terrified of white bras… I don't know why. I don't own a pair. I didnt even wear white undergarments on my wedding day :s But that being said, the set you have on is quite lovely! Is it comfortable when you bend to the side or twist?On a side note – I would love to photograph you! I don't know why (maybe it's all this reading of your blog hahaha), but if I ever got the chance, I would love to photograph you.Your spirit is beautifulxx

    • CurvyWordy
      15 September 2012 / 02:21

      Hi Zaki,I am always a bit scared of white bras too because I use gradual tan and I afraid I will spoil the pure white colour in no time at all!!This lingerie set (as with all my Ewa Michalaks) is incredibly comfortable, even when moving around. Just the other day I was play-fighting with my 3 year old nephew on the floor whilst wearing a Ewa and I didn't give it a second thought :-)Thank you very much for your kind comments. I have never had professional photographs taken as I have never been able to afford the rates, nor had the need for the photos. But it's something I would love to do one day.

  3. Anonymous
    15 September 2012 / 08:20

    All the Ewa Michalak bras look so beautiful! I'm going to order PL Perelka in size 28J (that isn't returnable, right?), is it possible to get the removable pads with that too, as it might be a little bit too big at first?

    • CurvyWordy
      15 September 2012 / 17:33

      If you email Ewa before you order they will let you know if a bra is returnable or not. And unfortunately not all styles have the removable pads – PL Perelka does not have them I am afraid 🙁 But if you desperately wanted them you could order some separately and loosely stitch them in to the bottom of the cups and remove them when no longer required.

  4. Anonymous
    25 October 2012 / 15:47

    Great review, as always 🙂 Could you tell me if the band on this one is really tight? I had the PL Violet, and the band was MUCH tighter on that one than the others (CHP Koktajl and CH Biszkopty) I had ordered. I would like to order this one, but not sure if I should size up in the band. Thanks! Liz

    • Curvy Wordy
      29 October 2012 / 18:30

      Thanks Liz :-)The band on this is pretty much spot on. You can check the measurements by following the Bratabase link at the top of the page in the right hand sidebar.I agree that PL Violet came up VERY tight in the band compared to some others, as did PL Carmen x

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