Collectif Dolores Doll Ivory Hibiscus Dress

Ever since I bought my beloved Collectif Dolores Doll Polka Dot Dress I have been itching to try more.  The fit, style and look of the Dolores Doll dress is so wonderful and made me feel so special that I wanted to get it in every possible colourway and pattern.

There are not many Dolores Doll dresses currently available on the Collectif website but I have been trawling the internet to see if I could find any offerings from previous collections.  Luckily I am very dogged with these sorts of searches so persevered when I didn’t initially find a great deal of options…and was thrilled when my hard work eventually came up trumps.

My first purchase was the Collectif Dolores Doll Ivory Hibiscus dress.

Image courtesy of Collectif

I fell in love with the fabric of this dress the moment I saw it.  It’s so delicate and feminine.  I was a little concerned that it might be too pale for me but I found one on the ASOS Marketplace Collectif Boutique for a bargain price so I knew I had to go for it.

As with the Polka Dot dress, I went for a size 12/medium.

It’s perfect!  The size 12 fits exactly the same as the Polka Dot dress, meaning that it fits my waist nicely but still has room for my boobs.  The skirt flares from the waist into a full swinging circle.  It makes me want to twirl and twirl all day!

The fabric is even more beautiful in real life than in the promotional photo.  The background colour is ivory/off-white, which is warm and complementary to many skintones.  The floral pattern is subtle yet eye-catching and I feel like a real girly girl when I wear this dress.  There are greens with a hint of blue mixed in, making it an unusual but stunning combination of soft colours.

The material is 98% cotton and 2% elastane so it is lovely and cool for those hot summer days (which seem a long way off at the moment!).  The added stretch means that the dress fits your curves comfortably and without too much constriction.

The dress is machine washable, which makes it very easy to care for.  However I think I will mostly be washing my Dolores Doll dresses by hand in order to extend their lifespan.  I machine washed my Polka Dot dress inside out on a cold wash but it has aged the fabric a little, so I don’t want that to happen again as I honestly think I would cry if I had to part with a Dolores Doll.

I love the length of this dress.  I am only 5’4 and it comes down to a little below mid-calf. This suits me very well as I don’t like to have my legs on show if I can help it, unless I can wear very thick tights or leggings, which of course would look completely wrong with this delicately-coloured dress.

As you can see, I have teamed the Dolores Doll Ivory Hibiscus dress with killer heels in nude.  It would be great to pick out some of the colours in the dress and find matching accessories – heels in a complementing green would really make this dress pop.

I decided to add a belt to see how it worked.

What do you think?  I can’t quite decide if the white belt works or not but it was the best match from my entire belt collection, which is pretty extensive.  I love how the bright white belt draws the eye to my waist, contrasting against the colours of the dress.

As it’s winter now, I know that I won’t be wearing this dress without something to cover my arms.  I threw on a shrug/bolero in a lovely shade of teal blue and here are the results:

I think it works!  The colour of the shrug makes the colours in the dress more blue, which I like as blue has always been ‘my colour’.  But the shrug also works alongside the greens and ivory, creating a much more winter-friendly outfit.

The shrug comes from an independent store in my local town but you can get heaps of great colours and styles of shrugs/boleros from Excite Clothing.

It’s best to stick to plain nude heels with this combination as I think adding any further colours or shades would be a mistake and the whole outfit would end up being too busy.  In these pictures the focus is on the dress and the bolero, with further interest being created by the belt.

So, what do you think?  What colours and accessories would you team with the Collectif Dolores Doll Ivory Hibiscus dress?



  1. Anonymous
    29 November 2012 / 11:46

    WOOOOOOOOOOW you look like a dainty beautiful doll in this dress. It is fabulous on you. You have the most perfect pin up figure. I am so jealous! Hope you write more reviews soon. I love your blog xxxxxxxxxxx

    • Curvy Wordy
      29 November 2012 / 20:05

      Thank you so much! I always find accessories are key to an outfit and I am never more than a short grab away from a waist cinching belt 😉

    29 November 2012 / 12:51

    So so Beautiful, I really wanted this one, must try to get one soon 🙂 xxx

    • Curvy Wordy
      29 November 2012 / 20:06

      Thank you, Mhairi. I will keep my eyes peeled for one for you during my frequent internet trawling x

  3. Anonymous
    29 November 2012 / 13:26

    This look's great. I think you have put the perfect acessories with this dress but I would like to see what a cream belt would look like with it. Also a green shrug may be. So pretty! :0)

    • MiaRose
      29 November 2012 / 14:03

      I agree, I think the contrast of the white belt and blue cardigan are overpowering the delicate colors of the dress a little. Otherwise you look fabulous!

    • Curvy Wordy
      29 November 2012 / 20:07

      Thanks for your feedback, ladies. The colours in this dress lend themselves to all sorts of experimenting with mixing and matching so I am sure I will be adding a variety of new bits to my wardrobe soon!

  4. June
    29 November 2012 / 13:34

    You look great in it! I really want to try one of these and I keeping thinking that they might work as maternity wear but I know it's better to wait. 🙂 I love the color on it too, it can be hard to find pastels, especially this time of year (beyond pink which seems always a constant).

    • Curvy Wordy
      29 November 2012 / 20:08

      Thanks June 🙂 I think these dresses could definitely work as maternity wear if you wanted to wear them for that. There is certainly plenty of room in the tummy area! And you're right, the pastels are just lovely.

  5. Kristin
    29 November 2012 / 17:43

    Well, hello, gorgeous! First let me mention I adore your blog (and FullerFigureFullerBust, and June, yours as well) and that the advice I have already garnered through your posts over a mere several weeks is immeasurable! For the first time in my thirtysomething years of life I have truly gorgeous, supportive and well-fitting bras (Curvy Kates, which do blessedly seem to work well for me, though I am in the process of trying my first Ewas!) thanks in great part to you, Georgina and June! But this is the post that sparked me to finally write, as I have been admiring the Dolores Doll dress for quite a while. My question is fit. My figure is rather similar in its extreme hourglass-like shape to yours and Georgina's. I seem to currently measure about 47 (I have been wearing 32 and 34Ks in Curvy Kate, though I probably need a 32KK to be honest)-29-46 and have no clue what size to purchase in the Dolores! I was thinking an XL, but you mention a 12…I hope you are not offended when I ask is it truly THAT generously sized? I am incredibly perplexed as to my Ewa size as well as the calculator there has placed me in an 80J. I do not get the impression from you that Ewas run that roomy in the cup…has anybody here found that at all accurate? Thank you so much for all that you do for us faithful readers, as a writer myself (though not a blogger.) You are truly beautiful in every sense of the word!

    • Curvy Wordy
      29 November 2012 / 20:21

      Hi Kristin, thanks so much for taking the time to write a comment. It really means a lot to me when I get feedback on my posts so thank you for your very kind words of support.Wow, your measurements are to die for! I measure approx. 46-30-47 and the size 12 in the stretch cotton versions of this dress work very well. I have tried a 10 in the plain black stretch cotton and it's fine but the 12 is better on the boobs. I think, like me, you would find the size 14 too roomy on the waist and back so why not try to find one of these dresses in a 12 cheaply on eBay or elsewhere on the internet and give it a try. The worst that can happen is it won't fit, at which point you simply return it or sell it on. These dresses always go for a reasonable price.Regarding the Ewa size calculator, I have heard (and found myself) that it is not as accurate as it could be for those with extreme bust to underbust proportions. It sounds like we are very similar sizewise in the bust and I am currently wearing 30KKs from Ewa, although my latest order is for 30Ls. I haven't found any CKs that work or fit me properly so I can't give advice from that angle but I would recommend inputting your measurements here and here and ordering what they recommend and possibly a cup size up. You will be able to sell the one that doesn't fit no problem at all and it's worth the trouble to find your correct size in Ewa as you will be in love and never look back!Hope this helps, even if only a little bit. Do let me know how you get on if you decide to make any purchases 🙂

    • Kristin
      29 November 2012 / 21:51

      Why, thank you so much! I didn't even realize our measurements were THAT close! (I am even around the same height; you may have a half-inch on me.) So I am even more delighted now to see this dress on a figure so very similar to mine! I had hoped it would work but was not certain, of course. (I am a natural blonde as well, though I have hazel-brown eyes, and I have an even fairer complexion than you I think, so it is even nice to see all the different hues on you!)I was indeed looking on eBay for the dress, so I think I may look for a 12…but do you mean UK or US? I was thinking 16 or 18 even… I have also been doing almost daily searches (shame on me) for Curvy Kates and Ewas there as well! I do have to say that the CK straps tend to be too wide for me; I have quite narrow shoulders. But the Portia, Emily, Gia and Romance still remain the most gorgeous and prettiest bras I've had since I can remember, even if I don't always get the most optimal shape (the Lottie and Princess seem far too small in the cup, for some reason, and the Daily Boost is not a good fit at all. And, oh, how I wish I could wear the Showgirl series!)I have used those bra calculators on your advice here and tend to get about a 32KK. If it does not feel too rude or intrusive, may I ask what it says for you to compare what to order from Ewa? Aren't their bands snug? I could never imagine I'd be a 30…but then, after so many years wearing a 36H, I never imagined I'd be a 32, either!You have, in fact, helped IMMENSELY! Thank you once more and one last (set of!) questions: Where do you usually buy your belts? Do they tend to be of the stretch variety? I have been peeking and poking around trying to find some like you and Georgina wear! (I was hoping for a silver one if I purchase the black Dolores as I have silver bow wedges I adore, and also looking at a bright pink one to match my floral wedges. 🙂

    • Curvy Wordy
      29 November 2012 / 22:38

      Hi again Kristin,My skin is naturally very fair but it is helped along with daily doses of gradual tan 😉 I hate being completely pale as I usually look ill so gradual tan is a great way to add a (hopefully) natural-looking tint to my skin.I do indeed mean a UK 12 (which is also described as 'medium' in the dress labels). The 16 would drown you and the 18 would probably fall off!On those two bra calculators I usually get 30KK. I have worked through the Ewa Michalak sizing thus: 36J>36HH>34J>32K>30KK>30L. I arrived at Ewa Michalak after wearing 36HH/J Freya Millies and I thought I had found my correct EM size straight away. I was wrong – but also I lost a bit of weight and my body shape changed so I needed a different size. It's worth noting that some bras have tighter bands than others so if you like a particular one that I've reviewed do read the blog post as I should have mentioned that sort of thing (and feel free to ask if not!). The 30 bands would have felt incredibly snug when I started my EM bra journey but now they are perfect and anything else feels very wrong. My advice to you is to go for the smallest band you think might fit you as you can always add an extender, but it's much harder to fix a bra band that is too big.Regarding the belts, I tend to go for full leather ones without any stretch. They feel most comfortable to me as stretch ones can sometimes fold over. I do make the odd exception here and there though. Most of my belts have been bought on the high street (TK Maxx over here is a particularly great source for chunky belts) but one or two are from eBay. I don't worry if a belt is too long for me as it's easy enough to cut it shorter with kitchen scissors and make new belt holes with a knife.

    • Kristin
      29 November 2012 / 23:36

      Thank you once again for all of your advice! I truly do appreciate it an absolute bunch, from the bottom of my heart!

  6. Sophisticated Pair
    29 November 2012 / 17:52

    You look gorgeous! Seriously, Caroline, you make me want to run out and buy more dresses. 🙂

    • Curvy Wordy
      29 November 2012 / 20:04

      Aww thank you <3 I feel so lucky to have found Collectif as their dresses are just stunning! x

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