Collectif Dolores Sweetheart Gingham Doll Dress 14 Large

Last year I managed to snap up a few new Dolores Doll dresses from vintage repro retailer Collectif. I love the cut of the Dolores Doll as it suits my hourglass figure very well indeed.

Gingham has always been a favourite print of mine so you can imagine my excitement when Collectif brought out the Dolores Sweetheart Gingham Doll Dress (£65, UK sizes 6-24):

Image courtesy of Collectif

Red gingham is just so cute and makes me think of cowgirls and lazy summers.

I initially got the dress in a size 12 (Medium), which is my usual size in Dolores Dolls, but in accordance with the item description on the Collectif website I found it to be on the tight side so I eventually exchanged it for a size 14 (Large).

The 14 worked really well for me, although it was a little baggy on the waist. I don’t think it’s too bad at all and of course that can always be solved by adding a belt – pics with belts come later in this post.

The red gingham fabric is lovely and light to wear. It made up of 62% polyester, 35% cotton and 3% elastane, but despite the fact it has 1% more elastane that the usual cotton/elastane Dolores Doll fabric it definitely has far less stretch. In fact, it almost feels as though there is no stretch at all – not in a bad way, but certainly it feels different to my other dresses of the same design.

As with all Dolores Dolls, the sweetheart neckline is lovely and suits busty ladies very well. There are two cute heart-shaped white buttons on the bust and there is pretty white edging along the neckline. Being a size larger than I’d usually wear the size 14 gives me a bit more boob coverage, which is not necessarily a bad thing! It’s good to have this slightly more modest option in my wardrobe for occasions when I want my boobs to be covered up a bit more. For reference, I am wearing my Ewa Michalak S Szykuś Bra 32KK/70KK in these photos.

The cap sleeves are elasticated and can be worn either on or off the shoulder. Personally I always wear them on but it’s good to have the option to wear them in a different way if I so choose.

The flared circle skirt is so fun to wear and I want to twirl and swish it at all times. It’s definitely longer than my other Dolores Dolls – this one is lower calf length on me – and the bottom hem is edged with the same white edging that is used on the neckline.

The dress fastens with a zip at the back but being a single lady I find it’s best to get the dress on to my waist, fasten the zip and then pull up the top half over my boobs. It’s a bit of an awkward procedure but the end results are worth the time and trouble.

If you’re a regular reader of my blog you’ll know how I often pair my Dolores Doll dresses with a shrug. I love shrugs because they give you the warmth of having your arms covered but they don’t hide your waist or smother you in fabric, which can sometimes ruin the appearance of an outfit.

I tried my gingham Dolores Doll with my red shrug:

And also with a red belt:

And then with a black shrug and a black belt (and with the lights switched on as it was becoming too dark to see!):

I think both looks work really well and it would be possible to mix and match the shrugs, belts, shoes and accessories to get a variety of looks. The shrugs and patent leather belts all come from eBay.

So, this is yet another Dolores Doll I’ve added to my ever-growing collection. Do you own any Dolores Dolls? What prints and patterns do you yearn for?



  1. Kitty Kaos
    23 May 2014 / 22:53

    This dress is beautiful <3 I love the different ways you wear it too xx

    • Curvy Wordy
      24 May 2014 / 12:50

      Thank you – it really is such a pretty dress 🙂

  2. George
    24 May 2014 / 00:16

    You look sooooooooooo beautiful in these photos, that dress was made for you! I hope they bring it out in a blue gingham as well!I own way too many Dolores Dolls as you know1 I hope they expand the sizes to include even more plus sizes x

    • Curvy Wordy
      24 May 2014 / 12:50

      Thank you <3 Blue gingham would be AMAZING! x

  3. Jan
    24 May 2014 / 02:57

    Somehow I missed your last post, so I didn't know you were back, so I'll put my reaction here instead: Hooray! So glad you're feeling a bit better.This dress is a really impressive fit, it's very flattering even without a belt, you look lovely and summery! I'll have to consider something similar, I've got a real thing for gingham too. I think it looks good on just about anyone.

    • Curvy Wordy
      24 May 2014 / 12:52

      Thank you, Jan. It's good to be back!I agree; it's nice to be able to wear this one without a belt as sometimes I prefer not to, but when I want to cinch the waist in then the belt is a good option.

  4. Anonymous
    24 May 2014 / 10:18

    I have the black with white polka dots, plain black and plain red Dolores doll dresses as well as the pencil version in teal. 🙂 My polka dot is my favourite and I get so many positive comments wearing it. 🙂

    • Curvy Wordy
      24 May 2014 / 12:53

      Dolores Doll is such a wonderful cut and fit. Here's hoping Collectif keep bringing out new prints and colourways x

  5. Anonymous
    24 May 2014 / 21:05

    So glad your back, I missed your post's! This dress is grate and I think it work's well with either the red or black accessories. Blue would also look good. It's good to know it's a bit longer than other Delores Doll's as I am 5'11 (yes I am a female ha) so this will be perfect for me. Love Amy x

    • Curvy Wordy
      31 May 2014 / 12:30

      Ooh yes, if you're tall then this is the Dolores Doll for you!

  6. Tracey Watson
    24 May 2014 / 21:39

    I have been looking for a dress like this for a long time! Red gingham omg!!!!!! You look stunning.

    • Curvy Wordy
      31 May 2014 / 12:31

      Thanks Tracey! Gingham is a big favourite of mine 🙂

  7. Paula Christiansen
    24 May 2014 / 22:05

    Flipping heck, you are back! I can't tell you how excited I am about this. I have been checking your blog every few day's but I was on holiday last week so I missed your first return post. So bloody excited that I can read your post's again and admire your photo's. anyway this dress look's great on you which is no suprise as we have seen you in these Dolores dresses before but the red gingham is so lovely. I think Amy is right and you should try it with blue accessores, I always think red and blue look good together. Can't wait to see what you review next xxx

    • Curvy Wordy
      31 May 2014 / 12:32

      Thank you, Paula 🙂 I may well try blue accessories one day – if I do I'll be sure to post pics on my Instagram.

  8. Paula Christiansen
    24 May 2014 / 22:08

    Oh no, I just looked on the Collectif website and it is sold out in most size's. Cry!!!!!!!!!

    • Curvy Wordy
      31 May 2014 / 12:32

      Oh no! Maybe they will restock? Also try Googling Miss Mole as they often have Collectif items in stock.

  9. Emily PJ
    25 May 2014 / 16:34

    Thanks to your reviews I have bought my first ever Collectif dress. As a plus size woman I thought the retro look was not for me but you have inspired me to give it a go. I love my dress and can't wait to wear it to my friend's wedding next month. Thank you for giving me the confidence to try on something different.

    • Curvy Wordy
      31 May 2014 / 12:33

      Hi Emily, thanks for your lovely comment. I bet you look absolutely amazing in your dresses.

  10. Gemma Atkins
    26 May 2014 / 00:27

    Oh this is adorable! Such a cute look, and I love the black accessories. Gingham reminds me of my daughter's school uniform so I would not choose it myself but it looks fab on you. Have you got any of the polka dot Dolores Dolls? I have the red and I love it.

  11. Miss Shapen
    28 May 2014 / 10:06

    Great to know that sizing up one and wearing a belt will make the gingham work for ladies shaped like us; I love gingham but had heard that the lack of stretch made this a no-go. Was quite disappointed. Now I will put it on my list! Huzzah!You look fabulous as always. 🙂

    • Curvy Wordy
      31 May 2014 / 12:34

      Thanks love – gingham is so fab!

  12. kel_kitty
    19 June 2014 / 08:12

    You look gorgeous (as always)! I might cave and get this with one of the gift vouchers I picked up last year.

    • Curvy Wordy
      6 July 2014 / 23:17

      Thank you! This dress would look so amazing on you x

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