Collectif Dolores Doll Yellow Summer Bouquet Print Dress 12 Medium

I was so excited to see last year that Collectif had brought out a few new prints in their fabulous Dolores Doll dress. I hear there are many more lovely prints to come this year, but for the time being I am pleased to show you one of the designs I picked up last year.

It’s the gorgeous Dolores Doll Yellow Summer Bouquet Print Dress (£65, UK sizes 6-22).

Image courtesy of Collectif

Modelled by the wonderful Georgina, this dress is such a pretty, vibrant and summery option. I went for my usual size 12 (Medium) in this dress.

The dress is so lovely! The print has a white background with warm yellow flowers and light and mid green foliage. It’s just so pretty, very feminine and the perfect dress to wear to a summer wedding or a garden party.

The size 12 Dolores Doll fits me nicely on the waist without a belt, as you can see here. Yes, the dress is snug on my bust but it doesn’t feel overly so. Made from 98% cotton and 2% elastane the fabric is fairly firm but stretches in order to provide a decent fit. For reference I am wearing my Ewa Michalak S Szykuś Bra 32KK/70KK in these photos.

The sweetheart neckline is great for busty ladies and shows some cleavage but not too much. There are two yellow buttons on the centre of the bust area. The cap sleeves have elastic around the edges so they stay in place and they can be worn on or off the shoulder.

Lengthwise the dress is about mid-calf on me (I am around 5’4) and the full circle skirt feels luxurious and girly. The beauty of the Dolores Doll is that it will fit you on the hips regardless of your size because there is so much fabric in the skirt. The flattering cut also helps to hide a tummy or any lumps and bumps on the lower half of the body.

There is a multitude of colour hues within the print of the dress so I raided my extensive shrug collection and tried a few of them with this dress. I think they all work very well and each one gives the dress a different look. Which is your favourite? Let me know in the comments below. It would also be fun to experiment with different coloured shoes and accessories to add some extra zing to the outfit.

I think the dress would look great with a belt to cinch the waist in some more but as I almost always add a belt to my outfit it’s nice to have dresses where it’s not absolutely necessary to do so.

This print has recently been restocked on the Collectif website and I know these dresses are being snapped up very swiftly so nab yours asap if the Summer Bouquet Dolores Doll has won your heart as much as it has mine.



  1. crocluvva69
    4 June 2014 / 20:04

    You look amazing – what a surprise!I actually adore it with the red as that's quite unusual. Red shoes and a red belt as well… you've converted me to the belts! As a plus size and busty woman I never dreamed of having gorgeous lingerie or dress options, but your blog has shown me the light – I just wish I was more your size and shape!

    • Curvy Wordy
      4 June 2014 / 20:30

      Thank you! The 'red' is actually a burnt orange and it picks up the darker tones in the yellow flowers. The dress is such a pretty print x

    • Anonymous
      4 June 2014 / 23:24

      My favourite is the orange!

    • Curvy Wordy
      5 June 2014 / 18:32

      Thanks – I like the orange too but I don't think it's come out too well in these photos as everyone seems to prefer the other two 😉

  2. Just me Leah
    4 June 2014 / 21:35

    I love it with the green shrug. It's absolutely gorgeous and you fill it out in all the right places. x

    • Curvy Wordy
      5 June 2014 / 18:22

      Aww thanks Leah! I do love my Dolores Dolls 🙂

  3. Jennie Falcon
    4 June 2014 / 23:55

    This dress look's like it was made for you!!! You look so perfect. Do you waist train? What corset do you use. I am looking in to waist cinching technique's, i want a body as perfect as yours. I used to weigh over 400lbs but have lost alot of weight and now want to tone up and sculpt my body. You are my inspiration!

    • Maja
      5 June 2014 / 10:54

      She is naturally shaped as she is! How gorgeously frustrating!

    • Joanna Kope
      5 June 2014 / 10:56

      You look so beautiful in yellow. I love how thorough your posts are with your gorgeous words and stunning photos. My fave plus size blog ever! <3

    • Curvy Wordy
      5 June 2014 / 18:29

      Hi Jennie, thanks for your comment and kind words. To answer your query about waist training, I am afraid I don't do it and never have. I have reviewed a couple of corsets on my blog but I have only worn them for a photoshoot. If I was in a relationship I might wear one for my other half if he was into that sort of thing, but otherwise I don't think I have the patience or perseverance to waist train! I would recommend you looking at Georgina's blog as she has a great post written by a friend about corsets and waist training. Good luck if you decide to go for it! x

    • Curvy Wordy
      5 June 2014 / 18:38

      Thanks Maja – and yes, you're right, my shape is completely natural. I don't think I have the discipline to waist train, but it does give amazing results!

    • Curvy Wordy
      5 June 2014 / 18:39

      Joanna, thank you for your very kind words. I'm so glad you like the yellow on me – I wasn't sure if it would work but actually it does! I feel so summery and happy in this dress x

  4. Anonymous
    5 June 2014 / 00:48

    I thought this dress had completely sold out! Thank you – you have made my day! You look beautiful as always and your review is very thorough. I notice you didn't wear a belt with this dress, have you given up on belts? FWIW, I think you look lovely with or without a belt but this dress sits really nicely on your waist and it looks like no belt is required at all. I love your blog, you help me so much with loving my body and feeling great confidence. Louisa x

    • Curvy Wordy
      5 June 2014 / 18:30

      Hi Louisa, I'm glad to be the bearer of good tidings! Thank you for your lovely words, I appreciate it so much x

  5. Toni
    5 June 2014 / 09:22

    Wowzer! This dress looks gorgeous on you! I love it with the green shrug. xx

    • Curvy Wordy
      5 June 2014 / 18:32

      Thanks love! The Dolores Dolls are really amazing dresses 🙂

  6. Anonymous
    7 June 2014 / 01:48

    You are such a beautiful real woman you look amazing in everything you wear are you single?

    • Curvy Wordy
      6 July 2014 / 23:10

      Thank you, but all women are real 😉

  7. kel_kitty
    19 June 2014 / 08:14

    I'm forever kicking myself for not buying this dress at the time. Luckily Hearts and Roses do one in the exact same print which happened to fit me like a glove! As always, you look beautiful in it 🙂

    • Curvy Wordy
      6 July 2014 / 23:11

      Ooh, I must check out Hearts and Roses, thanks for the recommendation x

  8. Paula Christiansen
    22 June 2014 / 22:36

    What a beautiful print and the cut is perfect on you. I am going to London in August so I will definitely be heading to Collectif to buy one of these beauties! Love it xxx

    • Curvy Wordy
      6 July 2014 / 23:11

      Thank you, Paula. I am not sure if you'll find this dress in stock but it's certainly worth a try x

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