Ewa Michalak S Letnia Noc Bra 34L/75L and Briefs 20/48

A little while ago I received a few new items from Polish lingerie brand Ewa Michalak, and today I am reviewing the S Letnia Noc.

Image courtesy of Ewa Michalak

I received the set a few weeks before it was available for sale and I had hoped to have my review ready to go when the set was launched, but unfortunately I was unwell for some weeks and so it didn’t quite work out. Anyway, I hope my review will still prove useful to anyone thinking of buying this set. I am reviewing the S Letnia Noc bra in 34L/75L and matching briefs in 20/48.

I fell in love with the floral print of this set the moment I took it out of the box. Yes, it looks great in my pictures and on the EM website, but it is EVEN BETTER in real life. The main fabric has a dark navy blue background and it is covered with florals and leaves in pinks, greys, greens, and whites. It is simply stunning.

For reference, I have teamed this set of lingerie with my Prague Lady Lace Hold-ups from The Big Tights Company, and some nude heels from Internaçionale.

The S bra is a lightly foam padded underwired bra, which of course can be worn by anyone but it is especially suited to those with softer breast tissue as the cups are built to support soft breasts and minimise the chance of tissue escaping from the tops of the cups and towards the central gore. The S bra has removable pads in the bottom of the cups and these can be used to help disguise the appearance of asymmetrical breasts. You can wear one pad on one side and none on the other, two pads on one side and none on the other, one pad in each cup, or no pads at all. I find the pads make the cups come up around half a cup size smaller, so it’s worth bearing that in mind when deciding what size to order. I am wearing the bra with one pad in each side in these photos as I like to extra scaffolding they provide underneath my boobs.

In this 34L/75L size, the S bra is made from four part construction, with one long section across the top of the cup and three sections on the lower half. These sections allow the bra to have good depth and to shape the bust in the most flattering and uplifted way. The cups are cotton lined inside for comfort, and they are covered with the beautiful navy blue floral fabric on the outside, which continues all the way round to the fastening at the back.

The 34L/75L is a good fit on me in the cups; my breasts are comfortably encapsulated by the underwires and cup fabric. The deep cups are an absolute dream and combined with the narrow wires they help to hold my boobs at the front of my body, which is exactly where they should be (not in my armpits or even towards my back!). Ewa Michalak’s wizardry never fails to impress me as I look down at my spherical breasts held aloft by such adorable lingerie. The bra gives me great shape, support, and uplift. What more could a girl want?!

The central gore lies perfectly flat against my sternum and does not poke or rub. Under my arms, all of my breast tissue sits within the cup and the wires rest comfortably against the sides of my ribs. The wires are the perfect height as they do not dig in or cause irritation to my armpits.

The bra’s band fastens with four rows of three hooks and eyes. I found the band to be stretchy and as you can see in these photos I was wearing it on the middle hooks from the get-go, and have now progressed to the tightest hooks, so if I’d known I would have sister-sized down to a 32LL/70LL. Although it’s a bit loose on me it’s lovely to wear and even at the end of wearing it all day I am loathe to take it off! I know a lot of women who say the first thing they do when they get home is to take their bra off, but for me this really is not the case with Ewa Michalak bras – especially the S style – as they are so fantastic to wear.

The straps of the S Letnia Noc are navy blue and have a pretty royal blue ribbon sewn onto the front half of the straps. There are embellishments along the edges of the straps to stop the adjuster slipping out of place, which is a feature I always appreciate, and I am pleased to say that in fact these straps are really rather tricky to adjust so there’s no chance of those adjusters moving during wear. The straps are halfway adjustable but the adjuster can be forced onto the ribbon section on the front half of the straps if required. I do find the straps, although wide, to be thinner than I would choose and the ribbon does cause a bit of a tension line down the centre of the straps. This could cause slight shoulder ache if wearing the bra all day with the straps over-tightened, but it can be relieved by wearing bra strap pads to help spread the load, as it were.

The matching Letnia Noc briefs (or ‘figi’ in Polish) are SO comfortable. They come up a bit big on me and I could have easily sized down to an 18/46 or possibly even the 16/44 as the fabric is so soft and stretchy. These are perfectly wearable though and feel amazing against my skin. As with the bra, the pink bows are an added feature with two on the front at the waist and one on the back. The panels of lace down the front are a pretty embellishment and help break up the floral fabric a little. The gusset is cotton lined, making these knickers feel cool and light to wear.

I can’t get enough of the Letnia Noc and have been wearing this set at every opportunity since it was sent to me. What do you think of it? Do you already own it, or has my review tempted you to order it for yourself? Let me know!



  1. Anonymous
    23 November 2015 / 23:23

    Awesome set of lingerie! Very pretty and it looks great on you. Good to know the band comes up a bit loose, I will size down when I order. Thanks for the useful info here in your review. Jodie x

  2. Grunge Kitty Photo Geek
    24 November 2015 / 10:53

    What a pretty set – love how spring like the floral patterns are. So lovely!

  3. Jane Mills
    24 November 2015 / 18:59

    Omg that lingerie is beautiful! Looks like it was hand made for you. Do you know if they make this in a 36H? If so I'm buying it thanks to your review!

  4. Anonymous
    24 November 2015 / 22:36

    Nice post, I like it! My boyfriend want's to buy me some bra's for Xmas so I will be adding this one to my list! I do love everything floral!

  5. Louise Law
    25 November 2015 / 00:59

    Your blog and reviews are so useful. Thank you for having such a keen eye for detail as it really helps me a lot when I'm deciding what bra to buy. In this one I'll size down in the band for sure.

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