Curvy Kate Lola Babydoll 32K and Thong 20

For many years, women above a G cup have had very few lingerie choices.  We’ve had to count ourselves lucky that lingerie brands finally clocked on to the fact that we’d like bras in colours other than just black, white and nude, and some savvy companies even gave us choices in bra style.  Yes, we’re so fortunate to not just have to stick to full cup bras, but many of us can now also choose from plunges, half cups, balconettes and even multiway and strapless bras.  Lucky us!

Forgive my flippancy…but sometimes it feels like those of us with larger boobs have to be grateful for these things and not ask for more.  Don’t get me wrong; I am incredibly grateful to brands such as Ewa Michalak and Bravissimo for really pushing the boundaries with bra styles in larger cups.  But what has been missing for so long are options beyond this.  We want longlines, we want bustieres, we want basques, we want bra-sized nightwear and we want babydolls.

That last ‘want’ in my list is one that has been addressed by several brands in the past year or so.  Plus size lingerie brand Elomi brought out the Betty babydoll, but the largest cup available was an H.  Fortunately, this has been followed in recent months by other brands bringing out their own babydolls and large cup lingerie trailblazer Curvy Kate has done just that.

Image courtesy of Curvy Kate

The Lola Babydoll (available to buy from Simply Be here) has been much anticipated by many a large-boobed lady and I was over the moon when the wonderful team at Curvy Kate offered to send me one to review.

I’d fairly recently tried the CK Portia Seafoam in 32K and the fit was pretty good so I went for the same size in the Lola Babydoll, but opted for a size 20 for the thong as sometimes they can be rather unforgiving.

When the set arrived last week I was so excited!

The babydoll set comprises a lightly padded foam bra, similar in shape to the Daily Boost, with a lovely sheer chiffon skirt.  The skirt is made from a stretchy black mesh fabric and feels soft and comfy to wear.  The bottom of the skirt is edged with stretchy satin that is irresistibly soft and sleek to the touch.  The matching thong is low rise and has adorable large black bows on the sides.  Obviously this thong was made to be worn with the babydoll and not as a regular thong under clothing as it would cause all sorts of lumps and bumps!

I put the set on immediately and took some snaps.

The Lola Babydoll is just gorgeous.  It feels luxurious and expensive but it’s at a price point that should be within the average person’s range for this sort of item.

As I mentioned, the bra section of the babydoll has lightly padded foam cups.  The outer cups are covered in an almond-coloured satiny fabric that is overlaid with gorgeous daisy-like lace.  The effect is so pretty!  I did find that because the almond underlay is stretchy and the lacy overlay is not it was easy to get the appearance of wrinkling, either in the bra’s cups or on the front of the thong; it’s not a big deal, especially on an item like this as it’s most likely to only be worn for relatively short spells but it was a pity that it made a different to the appearance of this lovely set.

The central gore is of a supportive height and comfortably lies flat on my sternum.  I was pleased to find that the cups are narrower than ‘old style’ Curvy Kates and that the wires do not come up too high under my arms.  My breast tissue is encased within the cups at the sides, but due to the shape of the cups not being quite right for me I do get a little bit of quadboob along the top edges.  Unfortunately I cannot size up in the cup as K is the largest available and I think sizing up to a 34K would result in the band being too loose.

As you can see from the photos, the bra cup fit was a little off for me but I don’t mind as this is a bedtime/funtime lingerie set so perfect fit is not essential.  The cups, although wonderfully narrow, give me a slightly odd pushed-out-to-the-side look from above, and an almost ‘tipping over’ look from the side, which someone recently described as a rugby ball shape.  I guess this is down to the shape and cut of the cups and it certainly seems to be more apparent on those with larger boobs.  But hey, the overall look is great and I would imagine this is not something that I would wear in front of someone who wanted to analyse the fit and cut of the set so I am not too fussed about these issues, tee hee!

The 32 band is good for me and it fastens just like a regular bra with three rows of three hooks and eyes.  The skirt of the babydoll puffs out from the bottom of the band so it does hide my waist but the sheer chiffon fabric allows a bit of a peep through to what lies beneath.

The straps adjust fully and are completely smooth.  I didn’t experience any slippage of the adjuster when trying the Lola Babydoll on but I will be sure to check the straps each time I wear it to make sure they haven’t moved.  Also they are quite a bit narrower than my usual bra straps, which makes a nice change, but wouldn’t be comfortable for all day wear.  Fortunately as this is a ‘special occasion’ piece I can enjoy the novelty of wearing a bra with narrower straps just for a short time.

I had quite a bit of fun getting the babydoll on and off.  Actually, getting it on was ok but I can’t imagine there is a sexy way of getting it off as it’s quite a performance!  This is mainly because I need a smallish band size but very large cups and because the skirt is attached to the bra there is only a limited diameter it will stretch to and when I take the babydoll off I seem to reach that measurement as I try to free my boobs and shoulders from it.  There is a little ‘peephole’ feature under the bottom of the band at the back when the bra is fastened (as seen from my photos taken from behind), which gives a bit of extra allowance for putting on and taking off, but in my clumsiness I have yet to find a graceful and non-awkward way of overcoming this difficult manoeuvre.

I went for the thong in a size 20 as I hoped it would be a more generous cut.  It is…but there is also some bagginess across the front, as my pictures show.  I think where I encounter a problem is the fact that the thong is edged with semi-stretchy satin and it digs into my soft flesh, causing a bit of a bulge and perhaps even appearing too tight at the sides.  My other issue with the thong is that it is soooooo low cut and reminds me of the Curvy Kate swimwear sets from 2012, which were so low that they felt indecent.  This has that same feel but it’s not such a concern as I don’t plan to wear the thong at the beach or pool.  Just for comfort and I think for a more flattering appearance it would have been nicer if the thong had been a little higher cut.

I really love my Lola Babydoll and I am thrilled that Curvy Kate make it in UK sizes 28-40 D-K.  Outstanding work!  The matching thong and shorts come in UK sizes 8-20.  There is also a regular padded balcony bra in UK sizes 28-40 D-K.

Image courtesy of Curvy Kate

I think Curvy Kate have really done well by introducing the Lola Babydoll and I hope they will continue to experiment with lingerie choices for those of us with a larger bust.

What do you think of the Lola Babydoll?  Will you be trying it?



  1. June
    7 October 2013 / 23:44

    I'm so glad to see a review of this and it seems like it's a pretty good fit (besides some minor things). I'm jealous you got to try it. 🙂

  2. Fussy Busty
    8 October 2013 / 01:35

    Do you know who is selling it so far?

    • Anonymous
      11 October 2013 / 16:34

      I've seen it on Brastop.

  3. Anonymous
    8 October 2013 / 16:39

    I applaud Curvy Kate for offering something like this. Sexy nightie options just don't exist if you are busty and need some support up top. With this set, I'd be inclined to cut the foam lining completely out of the cups…for better fit and added va-va-voom.I've done this with a few inexpensive bras in the past and been pleased with the result. But at this babydoll's price-point, I'd be hesitant to grab the scissors. Also, I'm unimpressed by the panties that accompany all of CK's sets. Why must everything be low-rise? Surely I'm not the only CK bra wearer who had a few children and a cesarean (or several) that messed up their lower abdomen. Coverage in that area is necessary for me because having a large flap of flesh hanging over the top of my panties is not only unattractive but also really uncomfortable. I realize that "granny pants" aren't the sexiest thing in the world but a mid-rise "cheeky" boy short seems like a good compromise….just high enough too keep my loose tummy under wraps but low enough to show a bit of skin. Sadly, rises have become SO low in the past few years that even what is labelled "mid-rise" now is still really low. I had the same trouble when shopping for swimsuits this summer. Does the world really need to see my belly flap oozing out of the gap between the bottom of my tankini top and the top of those scandalously low bottoms? No. So I had to buy bottoms from a completely different manufacturer and hope the color difference between my CK top and Lands End bottom wasn't too obvious.

    • Jessica
      8 October 2013 / 19:57

      @ Anonymous have you tried the CK Smoothie brief? Also I do think CK has some high waisted panties coming for the spring. For the swimwear they have the adjustable skirt brief which is still super cute and gives good coverage

  4. Jessica
    8 October 2013 / 20:03

    Thanks for the review! The babydoll looks great on you and it is just the right length.

  5. Sophisticated Pair
    9 October 2013 / 15:56

    Excellent review as always! You look gorgeous in that babydoll, and the entire fit looks better than I expected. I am so happy to hear Curvy Kate has been modifying the fit of some of their bras to be narrower and deeper. Not to mention, it is fantastic to see a babydoll up to a K cup since most stop so much lower. The new Parfait one is cute, but the cups runs about a size or two small, so it's more of a J cup babydoll. Hopefully, more manufacturers will follow suit and increase the selection!

  6. Paula Christiansen
    12 October 2013 / 11:06

    OMG this is such great news! I had no idea there was aything other than bra available for those of us with larger boobs so I am SOOOOOO excited to read this blog post! it's great they cater for plus size ladies too, giving women of many shapes and sizes the chance to be sexy in something different than a bra. Well done Curvy Kate!!!! x

  7. Anonymous
    3 November 2013 / 19:16

    Great review! So helpful, and the pictures really help give a good sense of how it fits you. I’ll be buying this off the back of your review, thanks x

  8. Marisa
    16 December 2013 / 01:24

    You should check out the cleo marcie babydoll too 🙂

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