F&F Clothing At Tesco Black Ponte Pencil Skirt 16

Before midi skirts became all the rage, I was looking for a black pencil skirt that I could wear with blouses and tops.  You know the sort of thing – something that skims curves and is stylish and elegant.

I discovered the F&F Clothing at Tesco Black Ponte Pencil Skirt – an absolute steal at only £10.

Image courtesy of F&F Clothing at Tesco

I don’t have a Tesco near me with a decent sized clothing department so I ordered online instead, taking advantage of the ‘free delivery to store’ option.  I opted for a size 16 and hoped it would be a good fit.

The size 16 worked out very well indeed.  It fits me nicely across my hips and bottom and isn’t enormous on the waist, although I have to wear it slightly below my natural waist in order to get the best fit.

If you’re a regular reader of my blog you will know that I like to keep my knees covered so ideally the skirt would be a bit longer…but seeing as I needed a black skirt to wear with tops and this was such a bargain I bought two!  Now that midi skirts are available pretty much everywhere I will undoubtedly invest in one at some point but it’s nice to have a shorter option in my wardrobe.

The skirt did not ride up when worn with tights – this is quite important for me as I hate the feeling that my clothes are moving around and that I have to keep pulling at them and readjusting.  The friction of a fabric against tights can often cause a skirt to ride upwards (eek!) but this one definitely passes that test.

The F&F Clothing at Tesco Black Ponte Pencil Skirt is made from a thick fabric, which is very nice quality for the low price.  The fibre content is 68% viscose/26% polyester/6% elastane so it is stretchy and retains its shape well. A huge plus for me is that it’s machine washable, making it easy to care for.  The ponte fabric dries quickly and doesn’t seem to crease much at all.

I am not sure if you can see from the photos but there is no back slit, which I prefer as this means that there is no chance of accidentally showing too much leg at the back.

I think this skirt works really well with high heels (such as the killer heels I am wearing here – they look great but aren’t the easiest things to walk in!).  The F&F Clothing at Tesco Black Ponte Pencil Skirt is available in sizes 6-20 on the website here.

The eagle-eyed of you may have spotted this skirt elsewhere on my blog: when I reviewed the lovely BiuBiu Modena Shirt in Red.

It works so well as an outfit – all I need is some fab jewellery to set it off! I must admit that I don’t wear a lot of jewellery as I’m not allowed to wear it at work but it’s something I have been trying to make the effort with for my non-work outfits.  I’ve recently discovered the Eddie Borgo range at Avenue 32 and although the items are not in the ‘everyday jewellery’ price range I think a statement piece such as these Rose Gold Pave Cone Studs would look stunning with my outfit:

Image courtesy of Avenue 32

So pretty! 

As you can see, little by little I am expanding my wardrobe to incorporate skirts as well as dresses and I am loving it!  Do you wear skirts and trousers or do you tend to stick to dresses?  Let me know by commenting below!



  1. Paula Christiansen
    10 September 2013 / 23:20

    What a lovely skirt! When I read your review of the Biu Biu Modena shirt I wondered where you skirt was from so I am so pleased you have blogged about it. It works really well on you and is modest but very stylish. And I agree that those earrings would be the perfect match for your outfit – you'd better start saving up 😛

  2. Anonymous
    10 September 2013 / 23:53

    I have this skirt and I wear it ALL THE TIME! Actually you have reminded me that I should buy another one as I always get annoyed when I want to wear it and its in the wash 😉 I wear mine with shirts like yours (not Biubiu though, just Dorothy Perkins) and I think its a great combination. Sara x

  3. lipsticklori
    11 September 2013 / 10:10

    "The skirt did not ride up when worn with tights" – fantastic! I've lost count of the number of stretchy pencil skirts that I've had to give away to friends or charity shops because they ended up disappearing up my legs when I walk. Have placed an order for one of these to be delivered to my local Tesco, and have also found some fab shoes reduced to £8 in the sale too. Thanks for the recommendation!

  4. Emma Sandford
    11 September 2013 / 15:46

    You have the most fab hourglass figure I have ever seen. This skirt looks great on you, I'm well jel. I can't get fitted skirts like this to fit me as they always ride up 🙁

  5. Anonymous
    11 September 2013 / 21:38

    YES to the tights thing! This is why your blog is amazing – those extra details! Let's hope it comes in plus sizes…

  6. Ella White
    12 September 2013 / 00:34

    Jeez, this skirt looks great on you. And those earrings are way cute. Hope you buy them!

  7. Anonymous
    14 September 2013 / 05:55

    I think it looks fabulous on you

  8. Anonymous
    16 February 2014 / 21:07

    I think you look really great and the black ponte pencil skirt suits you to perfection, teamed up with your tights and shoes you look so cool and stylish, if i could have a girlfriend like you i would be over the moon, I have to say you have a really nice figure, i love it. from Andrew age 39.

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