Collectif Dolores Rose Print Wiggle Dress 18 XXL

You may have read my recent review of the Collectif Dolores Wiggle Jersey Vintage Crepe Dress 16/XL.  In that post I mentioned that I had previously tried the Dolores wiggle dress made from regular material, as opposed to the crepe used on that one.  I hadn’t got around to reviewing it…until now!

Earlier in the year I made the most of one of Collectif‘s amazing special offers and ordered the Collectif Wiggle Rose Print Dress.

Image courtesy of Collectif

This dress is no longer available for sale on the Collectif website but you can see the plain fabric Dolores Wiggle Dresses here.

I went for this dress in a size 18/XXL.  I wear the Dolores Doll swing dresses in 10/Small or 12/Medium but having tried the wiggles on in store previously I knew these sizes would not go anywhere near fitting my bum and hips, so I sized up and kept my fingers crossed.

The print of the fabric is just amazing.  It has a black background, adorned with pink roses and green leaves.  So pretty!  The fabric has a slight sheen to it and feels kind of silky and slippery but when I tried it on it stayed in place and did not ride up, which can be an issue with this kind of material.  It’s 100% polyester so there is supposedly no stretch to it but I found there was in fact a bit of give.  

NB: Most of the Dolores wiggle dresses are made from the same fabric as the Dolores Doll swing dresses, which is usually around 97% cotton and 3% elastane.  I have since tried Dolores wiggles in this fabric but I found the fit to be much the same as this one.

The size 18/XXL fitted me very well on the boobs – this was quite a change as my Dolores Doll swing dresses in 10 and 12 are usually very snug!  This dress was a good, much more modest, fit on the bust and the neckline sat in a very decent position, making it suitable for work wear as well as nights out on the town.  I would even go so far as to say there was too much boob room – what a novelty!

I loved the length of the skirt on the Dolores Wiggle Dress.  I am 5’4 and the hem came down to just below my knee, which is exactly where I like it.  As I am short a longer skirt can make my legs look stumpy but I am not a fan of my legs and in particular my knees so anything that covers my knees is a winner for me!

However, I am sorry to say that’s where the fit of the dress stopped working for me.

It gaped frightfully on the upper back.  Despite the fit being so good on the bust, there was so much excess fabric at the back it possibly would have fitted me just as well if I’d worn it back to front! There was also far too much bagginess on the waist, which came as no surprise thanks to my 46-30-47 figure, and had this been the only issue I might have been tempted to keep the Dolores Rose Print Wiggle Dress.

The dress was incredibly tight across my lower tummy, hips and backside.  It didn’t help that the 100% polyester fabric had very limited stretch but even so I think the fit would have been uncomfortably snug.

Having said all of that, I couldn’t resist adding a belt to see how the dress could look with a defined waist:

My black patent leather belt from eBay works really well with the shiny fabric and forms a figure-flattering waistband across the dress.  However, you can see in the photos from the side how much excess material there was on the upper back and how the zip pokes out both above and below my belt.

The Dolores wiggle dress is simply not cut for my figure.  I know of many women for whom it works beautifully, but these women have less extreme curves and therefore if the dress is a little loose on the waist or tight on the hips the effect is not as disastrous as it is on me.  

So, I had to reluctantly return the Dolores Rose Print Wiggle Dress for a refund.  I am so disappointed that I can’t get the Dolores wiggle dresses to work for me – there are so many stunning prints available and I am so sad that they won’t be part of my wardrobe.  

As I mentioned in a previous post, I am keeping everything crossed that one day Collectif will make the Dolores wiggle in a jersey fabric, that will provide a lot of stretch and mean that super curvy ladies like me might be able to own one of these gorgeous dresses, after all!

In the meantime, I am very thankful that the Dolores Doll swing dresses DO work for me – very much so, in fact! I own around 15, I think, so expect more reviews of these gorgeous dresses to come soon.



  1. Tracy
    2 September 2013 / 17:58

    It's so annoying that the fit wasn't great for you, because the dress looks absolutely gorgeous on you, and it's an absolutely beautiful print! It does look much better with the belt, but it's so unfortunate that you can see all the excess fabric.This is one place I can't wait to shop when I'm down in those sizes! Their dresses are just gorgeous.

  2. Rebecca
    2 September 2013 / 21:58

    What a pretty dress! I love Collectif but I too find it frustrating that their Dolores wiggles are so straight cut. Love your blog and your fab sense of style x

  3. Paula Christiansen
    2 September 2013 / 23:19

    Oh no, what a terrible shame this doesnt work for you. It looks wonderful in your pictures especially with the belt. Patent goes great with shiny fabric. I havent tried Collectif yet but I do love vintage style so may give them a go. Can't wait for your next blog post xx

  4. Anonymous
    8 September 2013 / 18:04

    Ooh Collectif are a new find for me thanks to your blog! Love this honest review and thanks for introducing me to a brand who make vintage styles for plus size women.

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