BiuBiu Bombay Dress 42 BB/BBB

Over the past couple of weeks here in the UK the weather has taken a turn for the worse and it’s been feeling a lot cooler.  I’ve been pulling out my old favourites from my wardrobe to help keep me warm but it’s great to have a few new options, too.  I am over the moon that the lovely team at BiuBiu sent me a few items to try a while back.  Today I am reviewing the Bombay Dress.

Image courtesy of BiuBiu

When I took this dress out of the parcel I immediately fell in love with the colours.  It’s a gorgeous fuchsia with dark lavender (the website describes it as lilac but it’s more purple-y than that) contrasting edging on the neckline, cuffs and pockets – such a pretty combination.  I couldn’t wait to try it on!

My dress is a size 42 BB/BBB and I think it fits really well.  My bust fits in perfectly (for reference I am wearing my Ewa Michalak PL Cappuccino 30L/65L bra) and my waist and hips are also well accommodated.  My usual gripe with clothing is that if the bust and hips fit, the waist is baggy – based on my previous experiences I have found that this is absolutely not the case with BiuBiu dresses and I am delighted to say the Bombay is no exception.  It’s almost too good to be true as the fit is incredible!

All of BiuBiu’s items are made in Poland.  The fabric is a cotton/elastane mix; the exact percentages are unspecified on the label but I’d guess 95%/5% respectively.  The fabric feels lovely – quite thick but not overly warm.  It will be ideal for the forthcoming cooler autumn and winter days and is ideal for everyday or office wear.  The quality is simply amazing.

The length of the Bombay dress is good as it covers my knees – always a winner!  The shape of skirt is rather unusual and although I don’t dislike it I don’t think it is quite right on me so I will be having a go at unstitching the hem to see if I can make it an a-line skirt like in the stock photo.

The three-quarter length sleeves are a real plus for this time of year and will keep me warm without being too much.  And it’s great to have something with sleeves that match their description – so often sleeves that are described as three-quarter length end up being elbow length, which can be good but not what was expected.

I was surprised to discover the ‘kangaroo’ pouch pocket on the tummy.  I love pockets – they come in handy!  I do find that this one is on the small side, however, and its placement perhaps adds an unnecessary bulge?

Above all, I want to rave about the fact I don’t need to wear a belt with this dress for it to fit well.  And not just ok…it fits perfectly!  I am SO excited about this as it is such a rarity for me to find a dress with such outstanding fit.  And it’s off the peg, too.  AMAZING!

The neckline of the Bombay dress is very different for me – rather Star Trek!  I rather like it but it will take some getting used to as I don’t usually like having my upper chest area covered as I get too hot.  Fortunately, the neck slit helps relieve some of this feeling and I am sure I will be grateful for the additional coverage now that summer is definitely over.

I couldn’t resist taking a few silly snaps Star Trek style!  Beam me up, Scotty!

I am beyond impressed with my BiuBiu items so far – and I still have a couple more items to share with you.  Keep a look out for those posts coming soon.

And I am itching to try the new navy Avila blazer that has just been released:

Image courtesy of BiuBiu

I have a couple of blazers in my wardrobe but I don’t wear them often as the fit is off.  Having a boob friendly one would be wonderful – and this one is a bargain at only £30.22.  The elastane content will no doubt give it a great fit due to the stretch and it’s light enough for Autumn or Spring.  I think it would work brilliantly with any of my BiuBiu dresses!



  1. lynn
    21 September 2013 / 21:41

    The stock pic looks different to the one you received because the dress is available in two versions: a-line and bubble hem. 🙂 Makes me wanna get one now!

  2. MiaRose
    22 September 2013 / 10:28

    You look gorgeous! I Love the Avila blazer, but unfortunately, my size 38BB seems to be sold out already. Might give a try in 40, though.

  3. AE
    23 September 2013 / 11:00

    For Star Trek, try the Noli! Whenever I wear that one, that's the first comment I get.

  4. Anonymous
    24 September 2013 / 20:03

    I am a massive trekky! I love you for those poses! That dress looks great, as usual! Not please BiuBiu, make more plus size clothes…

  5. Paula Christiansen
    25 September 2013 / 22:15

    Haha I love your face in those pics! Theres another vote from me for BiuBiu to do plus size clothing. Your blog might even make ithappen 🙂

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