Trying It On With Fuller Figure Fuller Bust’s Pinup Girl Clothing Collection

Have you ever wanted to try on your friends’ clothes?  I often see my pals looking uber-glamorous and can get some serious dress envy…so anytime I get the chance to try things on for myself I leap at the chance! 

Back in March I had the pleasure of spending the evening with the beautiful Georgina of Fuller Figure Fuller Bust and her boyfriend, Robbie.  George made us a yummy dinner and then we talked for a while before I could resist no longer and proceeded to raid her wardrobe!

George has the most amazing collection of pretty dresses, with many of them from the wonderful Pinup Girl Clothing.  I have only ever tried one PUG dress style before: the Heidi in XL.  I quite liked it but the boob room was lacking and the waist too big so I couldn’t justify the expense at the time.

You can imagine what fun I had rifling through George’s wardrobe!  She was kind enough to take some snaps on my phone so that I could report back to you about what worked and didn’t work for me.  In many of these photos I am pulling silly expressions; this is because George kept saying things to make me laugh – naughty girl.

I was wearing my trusty Maidenform leggings on the day so to save time I kept them on whilst I tried the dresses.  I think they look quite nice with some of the outfits but please do your best to disregard the leggings as they’re not usually something I’d wear with such pretty dresses!  So, I am not wearing any shapewear or a special bra for each dress; it’s just whatever I was wearing on the day (I think it was my Ewa Michalak PL Cappuccino).

So…here are the dresses, shown in the order they were tried on.

Robbie couldn’t resist joining me for an initial snap – he’s such a joker.  Maybe we should have got him to don a dress, too…!

Pinup Girl Clothing Erin Wiggle Dress in Lucky Green size XL.

This dress was lovely but I felt it might be a little too long for me.  As you can see, the boob coverage is slightly lacking and you can see my bra poking out in some of the photos.  It was a bit roomy on the waist but I loved the wiggle shape that clung to my curves.

Pinup Girl Clothing Erin Wiggle Dress in Red size 2X.

Again, it’s a lovely dress but the fit was not right for me.  It was a larger size than the green version but the boob area was still too small and the waist now much too big, but I adored the vibrant red of the stretchy bengaline fabric.

Pinup Girl Clothing Ava Dress in Teal size 2X.

The colour of this dress is unbelievable – I am a fan of teal at the best of times but this was out of this world!  SO beautiful!  I was very keen to try this on as a few days previously I had been in contact with someone on Facebook who had one in the size below to sell so I wanted to get an idea of how it might fit on me.  This one was too long for me, as the photos clearly show, and the skirt really swamped me.  It is supposed to be a draped, gathered style and has a sash that ties around the waist for definition which is great but it simply did not suit me overall. The boob room was reasonable but I knew if I sized down it would be no good so I did not go ahead with my Facebook purchase.

Pinup Girl Clothing Deadly Dames Troublemaker Wiggle Dress in Leopard and Black (no longer available; alternative colourway here) size 2X.

I really liked the cut of this dress.  It has a great shape on the neckline and is very flattering.  The skirt skims my curves nicely and is a good length.  However, it was too big in the shoulders and I felt the stretchy sateen fabric was very unforgiving, showing my every lump and bump.  I’m not wearing shapewear in these photos but I think even with that it would still make me feel very self-conscious.  And the waist of the dress was far too big for me and this was not solved by the addition of my IGIGI Obi belt as the back of the dress continued to stick out.

Pinup Girl Clothing Deadly Dames Je T’Adore Wiggle Dress in Black Lace and Olive (no longer available) size 2X.

This dress would have been a firm favourite had the skirt not been sateen.  Again, it shows every flaw and I didn’t feel comfortable at all in it. For me, a stretchy matte fabric is definitely preferable.  The black lace top section was great and fitted me well, though.  Such a pity!

Pinup Girl Clothing Watercolor Dress (no longer available) size XL.

OH MY GOODNESS.  I love this dress!  It was by far my favourite of the day and it was all I could do not to take it home with me – it is amazing!  The print is so feminine and pretty and the wrapover style on the bust is great for me.  Yes, the waist is too big but my IGIGI Obi belt saves the day and works perfectly with the print.  I cannot express how much I need this dress in my life – if you know where I can lay my hands on one in M, L or XL please let me know!

Pinup Girl Clothing Deadly Dames Mon Cherie Wiggle Dress in Olive size 2X.

I think it’s clear to see from these photos that my main problem with this dress was that the waist was far too big for me.  The majority of the excess fabric is gathered up in my belt but is still very obvious and it’s not a good look.  The top half of the dress fits quite nicely but, as I found with the Troublemaker, the shoulders are too big for me.  I love the colour of this dress, though – olive green is not something I’d necessarily choose for myself but I can see from these pictures that it works quite well on me.

Pinup Girl Clothing Deadly Dames Vamp Wiggle Dress in Zebra Print size 2X.

I must admit that I loved this dress rather a lot.  The length is great; falling just below the knee so it’s flattering and not inappropriate.  The wiggle cut is lovely and the zebra print is so fun and different.  Although the cut of the bust area was not quite right for me I think this dress was my second favourite out of the lot.  I would need to pair it with a bolero to give me some coverage over my shoulders but overall this was a great option for me.

Pinup Girl Clothing Jessica Wiggle Dress in Baton Rouge (Purple) size XL.

It’s so interesting seeing pictures of me in this dress.  I wasn’t completely sold on it on the night but I know George thought this was a good one for me.  When we had our photoshoot last month with My Boudoir we both wore a version of the Jessica: George wore this one and I wore a third-hand navy one I’d bought through Facebook, which I absolutely adore.  It’s funny how your opinion can change on a dress (or anything, for that matter!) but I am now completely convinced that the Jessica is a great cut for me and I am planning to hunt it down in as many different colours as possible.

Pinup Girl Clothing Haunted Housewife Dress in Vintage Red Rose size 2X.

I absolutely adored the print of this dress – it is gorgeous!  But overall the size 2X was too big and too long, meaning that the dress swamped me.  It felt lovely though as the fabric is really soft and silky.  I don’t think the collared neckline does me any favours but if they made the Heidi dress in this print I’d be all over it!

Pinup Girl Clothing Heidi Dress in Royal Blue size 2X.

Speaking of which…my…oh my.  I LOVE this dress.  Mainly it’s the colour I adore but the cut is pretty good too!  I am sure you know how much I love my Collectif Dolores Doll dresses and the Heidi is a similar shape overall.  The cut of the neckline and shoulders is different and I think the Dolores Doll is generally more flattering on me but it’s always good to have options in one’s wardrobe and the deep royal blue colour of this dress is calling my name very loudly!  I’ve tried the XL before but it was too small on the bust and gave my boobs a weird compressed shape, which I didn’t like at all.  This 2X is better in that respect, but the waist is huge and so I need to wear a chunky/thick belt to help hide some of the excess fabric.  Definitely one of my favourites from George’s collection.

And finally I couldn’t omit this one.  You’re right if you’re thinking it’s not PUG; it’s actually the dress George got custom-made when she was recently on holiday in Vietnam. It’s really lovely!  The waist is big for me but my belt works well to rectify this, and the bust area and length are spot on.  It’s a really lovely dress.

So, I had mixed experiences with trying on some of George’s extensive wardrobe, and there were some items that I loved on me and some I didn’t.  I’m kind of glad as there’s no way I could afford to buy my own versions of each dress but now I have a shopping list for items I need to get myself from the wonderful Pinup Girl Clothing.  Some of the dresses suit the large bust/small waist combination much better than others and I hope this post has been useful in identifying which work best, for me at least.

Thank you to George and Robbie for their superb hospitality and a fun-filled evening – I’ll be back to bother you again soon!



  1. KP
    3 July 2013 / 19:55

    Robbie is hot! X

    • Curvy Wordy
      3 July 2013 / 20:33

      He sure is 😉 x

  2. Lily Elizabeth
    3 July 2013 / 23:15

    I love PUG! You look incredible in all the dresses but esepcially in the blue Heidi and the Jessica. These dresses are perfect for you and all hourglass ladies (like me!) x

  3. Anonymous
    4 July 2013 / 02:16

    Your waist is TINY!! How the hell do you ever find clothes to fit you????

  4. Anonymous
    4 July 2013 / 09:03

    I now want to go and rifle through Georgina's wardrobe. Damn you!!!

  5. Nichola Ingram
    12 October 2013 / 11:44

    It looks like you had tons of fun. I'd love to try Georgina's wardrobe. 🙂

  6. Evil Eye Nails
    26 September 2015 / 13:24

    I'm so confused! The Ava dress on the website is teal, but yours is royal blue! :-/

  7. Richard Deloatch
    8 November 2015 / 22:28

    This model is curvy and gorgeous!! Wish I could meet a woman built this way!!!☺

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