Flexees by Maidenform: Fat Free Dressing Shaping Leggings

So…I thought it was about time I blogged about something other than Ewa Michalak lingerie 😉

When browsing on the Figleaves website recently, I happened upon Maidenform’s shapewear leggings: Flexees by Maidenform: Fat Free shaping leggings.  I read the reviews (all extremely positive) and decided to order a couple of pairs.  They’re far from cheap at £23 per pair but I got them with 20% off and free postage so it wasn’t quite as bad as it could have been.


Image courtesy of Figleaves

I am not proud of my legs.  My brothers have all inherited my mum’s shapely pins but for some bizarre reason I got stuck with my dad’s stocky, chunky, rugby-player’s legs.  Legs that are fine if you are a man…but not good at all if you are female.

I have spent much of my life trying to hide my legs.  Until just over a year ago I only ever wore trousers, usually of the wide or bootleg/flare variety, in order to cover the monstrosities that Mother Nature had given me.  Then I discovered the joy of maxi skirts and dresses and for the past year have not had to think much about my legs at all as they were completely hidden from view.  I envy ladies who can wear leggings with long jumpers/tops but have always felt this style of dressing was not for me.

However, I occasionally wear leggings when relaxing at home so am always on the lookout for a decent, durable pair.  These Maidenform offerings looked just the ticket and when they arrived late last week I could hardly wait to try them on.

I had ordered Large, which the chart said was 14-16.  I would normally go for a larger size than this on my bottom half but my past experience with leggings has been that they fall down a lot due to my relatively small waist so I hoped that opting for the smaller size might solve this.

The leggings are made from a 70% nylon/30% elastane mix (with a 100% cotton lined gusset) and feel very silky and reasonably thick once on.  I am not sure how comfortable these would be on a hot summer’s day – I wore them whilst cleaning the house yesterday and ironing today and they did make me feel hotter than usual.  They have a slight sheen to them and are very slightly see-through, although this might be because I have sized down.  The material is very touchable and I keep stroking my legs…oo-er!

Here’s a close-up of the leggings from the front and from the back (there’s little difference really):

The waist is fairly high, which suits me and fits me very well.  I have to pull the waist up every so often but I think that’s because I am not used to wearing leggings and so can’t help myself from adjusting them.  There is a support panel running around the top of the leggings which gives extra smoothing in this area.  It even managed to smooth down my ‘time of the month’ tummy!  The picture below shows the magic panel (please note I have turned the leggings inside out):

The thing I have noticed most of all is the superb smoothing effect.  Wow.  These leggings feel simply amazing on and give me more confidence about my legs than I have possibly ever had in my life.  I’ve noticed my legs a few times when walking past mirrors around the house and thought they looked almost passable.  I am even considering wearing them with longer tops…not sure I’ll ever go through with this but I am stunned that the thought has even crossed my mind!

I have tried long and hard to find something negative to say about these leggings and the only thing I could come up with was that they are handwash only.  Big deal!  I handwash my lingerie anyway so it’s no hardship to add these to the pile.  Plus they are sooo simple to wash (especially compared to my bras!).

I have taken some pics of me in the Maidenform leggings and also in cheap leggings (I think they were from Peacocks) so you can see the difference.  Please note that I am not planning on wearing them with my backside on show!!

Despite their relatively hefty price tag, I would thoroughly recommend these leggings.  I think they are worth the investment even if you just plan to wear them around the house like I do…for now, at least 😉



  1. Anonymous
    14 November 2011 / 00:57

    Oh my god your WAIST! I need some x

  2. CurvyWordy
    14 November 2011 / 00:58

    They are worth every penny (and pound!) x

  3. Anonymous
    5 December 2011 / 13:42

    I think you look fine in both pairs of leggings. The Maidenforms have a higher waist so they emphasize yours more, but I am sure your legs look fine either way.Let me let you in on a little secret: you are the only person who feels so negatively about your legs. You mention that no one "made hurtful comments" when you went out in leggings. I don't think they would regardless. No one thinks your legs are so awful that they would stare. These leggings obviously offer some compression, but they aren't going to change the shape of your legs. I'm glad that these leggings have made you feel more confident. I hope you can love your legs as they are, someday 🙂 Your legs do a lot for you and I suspect they look quite nice in short skirts or even leggings.

  4. Anonymous
    11 November 2012 / 22:23

    One year later, how do you feel about these leggings & their longevity? I'll have to check the local stores that carry Flexees…these looks worth a try.

    • Curvy Wordy
      11 November 2012 / 22:35

      I LOVE them! I found they were sold in T K Maxx as Get The Skinny Sweet Nothings leggings (which I blogged about here https://www.curvywordy.com/2011/11/update-maidenform-flexees-shaping.html) for just £12.99. I bought up every pair I could find and have a huge stockpile of them. They last really well, especially considering I wear them every day! I still wear the original leggings featured in this post – the only thing I have found is that it's very easy to snag them, which can mean they end up with a small hole. They're a bit like tights in that respect. Because I have so many pairs it's not a big deal but if I didn't I would try to fix them, either with a small stitch or by using clear nail varnish to seal the hole and prevent it getting any bigger. I can't recommend these leggings highly enough!

  5. Anonymous
    16 January 2015 / 10:42

    Chunky legs look amazing on women! They accentuate the curves and stop you looking like a stereotypical, skinny, barbie doll type.

    • Anonymous
      17 August 2016 / 06:35

      I believe you have a beautiful body. I just lost over 30 pounds and I still don't look like you.

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