Littlewoods Top Picks May 2013

As a woman with tricky proportions, I’ve never found it easy to shop on the high street so I’ve often turned to other means of shopping to find clothing that works for me.

Years ago, I discovered the joys of mail order shopping thanks to my mum.  I can remember as a child poring over the pages of her numerous catalogues, imagining how I’d buy every item when I was a grown-up.  

As soon as I was old enough to do so, I opened accounts of my own with various companies and very quickly built up a huge pile of thick catalogues, including Littlewoods.  Over time, my accounts have been upgraded to enable me to shop online and this is how I tend to do the vast majority of my shopping nowadays.  However, I must admit that I do love it on the odd occasion when mail order companies send their catalogues to me – there is something about a freshly printed catalogue I absolutely love!  The smell of the printed pages is wonderful and the fact that the catalogue arrives sealed, so absolutely brand new, is rather special, too.

I was recently looking through the latest Littlewoods website (as I don’t have one of their catalogues to sniff at the moment) and a number of items caught my eye so I wanted to write a post to share them with you.

Littlewoods have a great range of clothing available, from straight size to plus size fashion, in a range of styles and colours so there’s bound to be something to suit everyone.

They even have a section of their website to help you choose clothing based on your body shape, using their Shape Guide.

I have been particularly impressed with the latest offerings from South and So Fabulous.

South have a range of lovely summery items available, many in a wide range of sizes.  I really love this blue floral maxi dress:

Image courtesy of Littlewoods

The rich blue is so complementary on the vast majority of skintones and the floral pattern contrasts beautifully, making all the colours in this dress really pop!  The maxi is available in sizes 8-24.

Image courtesy of Littlewoods

I already own these gorgeous South espadrilles in black but the red are fabulous!  The wedge is just high enough to add a bit of height but not so much that it feels like you’re teetering around on tiptoes.  And they are broad enough to accommodate my wide feet comfortably, although I did need to size up to a 6 in order to get the best fit.  They are available in sizes 3-8.

Image courtesy of Littlewoods

I don’t currently own a pair of jeans but I am seriously tempted to give these South High Rise Supersoft Skinny Jeans a try.  My main problem with jeans is that they do not have a high enough rise to accommodate my generous bottom and therefore I get the dreaded muffin-top; however, if I size up they gape massively at the waist.  These jeans look like they have a genuinely high rise that might actually work for me! They also come in plain black, which is a must for any wardrobe, as well as several other colours/washes in sizes 8-24.

Image courtesy of Littlewoods

Speaking of jeans, I’d love to give these South Curvalicious Super Slimming Skinny Jeans a go!  The sea green colour is great and very summery.  Again, the rise looks pretty high on these jeans so they might just work for me.  And they are also available in a range of colours in sizes 8-24.

Image courtesy of Littlewoods

This South Printed Peplum Dress is SO pretty!  I have always adored floral prints so it’s great news for me that they are en vogue at the moment.  The cut of this dress looks ideal for figures like mine and it comes in sizes 8-24.

You can see the whole South range here.

Now, let’s have a look at my top picks from the current So Fabulous range.

Image courtesy of Littlewoods

I love the vibrant fuchsia pink of this So Fabulous Lace Insert Bodycon Dress.  Obviously I’d need to wear a bra with a dress like this but I think the black lace is perfect for helping to camouflage my bra straps and the cut of the dress in the cleavage area would show some boob but not too much.  It comes in sizes 14-32 and in plain black with black lace as well.

Image courtesy of Littlewoods

If you’ve already seen this dress on the Littlewoods website, you’ll probably have guessed it’ll be right up my street.  The So Fabulous Ponte Stripe Bodycon Dress is just the sort of thing I like to have in my wardrobe.  I’m not sure it would be work appropriate but it would certainly be perfect for drinks with friends on a warm summer’s evening.  Available in sizes 14-28, the dress is stretchy so should offer a terrific fit.

Image courtesy of Littlewoods

The So Fabulous Horse Print Wrap Dress is perhaps not my usual style but the fun print caught my eye and the cut of the dress looks perfect.  It could easily be teamed up with a belt to pull in the waist if required and some killer heels for a night out or ballet pumps for work.  It comes in sizes 14-26.

Image courtesy of Littlewoods

These So Fabulous Rogers Extra Wide Fit Patent Shoes would be perfect to wear with a whole range of outfits.  Nude shoes are great as they blend with your skintone, making your legs appear longer.  They are also particularly useful when needing to find shoes that work with an unusual colour dress or perhaps a particularly busy pattern as the nude is an instant solution!  They come in sizes 3-9.

You can see the whole So Fabulous range here.

Littlewoods have so many fab clothes and footwear available at the moment – what are your favourites?



  1. Anonymous
    24 May 2013 / 16:19

    You kill me. First Phase 8, now Littlewoods. Neither ship to the US as far as I can tell :(.Love that maxi dress.

    • Curvy Wordy
      24 May 2013 / 16:29

      Aww sorry about that. Who knows, if the demand is there they might consider changing their shipping policy… So many nice clothes <3

    • Anonymous
      24 May 2013 / 23:27

      Have you ever tried to find a forwarder? This is what we, people from the exUSSR, do when we see that somebody doesn't ship to us or try to charge unreasonable price.

  2. Anonymous
    24 May 2013 / 21:07

    Great post! I have been thinking of ordering from Littlewoods for a while and this post has convinced me to give them a try x

  3. Ella White
    27 May 2013 / 00:28

    I have the green jeans and they are great! Please get some and write a review on here :0)

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