AX Paris Curve Contrast Scuba Midi Dress Green Black

Earlier this year I was contacted by the lovely people at AX Paris who offered me the chance to review a different item each month.  Unfortunately, due to personal circumstances, I have fallen behind on this somewhat but I am pleased to bring you my latest review today.

You may have seen my previous review of the AX Paris Monochrome Dress.  That dress was from AX Paris‘s ‘straight size’ range so seeing as I vary in dress size but am on the plus-size spectrum I wanted to try something from their ‘Curve’ range this time.

AX Paris Curve has items available in sizes 16 to 26 and offers a range of stylish tops and dresses on the website.  I perused the dresses (as I am sure you know by now what a dress fiend I have become!) and decided upon the Contrast Scuba Midi Dress (£35).

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Image courtesy of AX Paris Curve

Image courtesy of AX Paris Curve

As you can see, the dress is available in two colourways: green/black and coral/black.  I ummed and ahhed over my choice for quite some time before finally settling on the green/black in size 16.

The dress is absolutely lovely.  The ‘scuba’ description for the fabric is perfect – it’s 92% polyester and 8% elastane so it’s reasonably thick and very stretchy.  There is a slight sheen to the fabric and I suspect it may snag easily as my dress had a small snag on the skirt when it arrived.

The contrasting zip fastening on the back of the dress makes for an interesting feature which I think works well.  The shade of green is good on me but I think it would look even better if I had a nice tan.

The fit was very good on my boobs and hips – the dress fitted my curves well without clinging or being too tight.  However, I had my usual problem in that the dress was too loose around my waist.  Now, I bet you can’t guess what I did to solve this…

Much better!  My waist looks defined and the dress works so much better with the addition of my trusty black patent leather belt.  

I did find that the boob area was slightly too short for my boobs; in my first set of photos you can see that the black waistband actually sits on my underbust area rather than my waist.  This issue is easily sorted thanks to my belt and a bit of adjustment to the dress.

I love the pleats in the neckline of the dress.  They add a bit of interest on what could otherwise be a rather dull and straightforward piece of clothing.  

You might have noticed that this dress has a much higher neckline than I’d usually wear; again, when choosing what dress to order I wanted to challenge myself and try something a little different.  I think the neckline definitely works on this dress but it does make my boobs look enormous!  I regularly shy away from higher necklines for this very reason (and for the fact that I usually just don’t find them comfortable) but I quite like the feature on this dress.  I think it makes the dress seem classy and sophisticated and in fact makes it look more expensive than its meagre £35 price tag.

Length-wise, the dress is approx. 105cm from shoulder to hem (this is classed as ‘midi’ length).  I am 5’4 tall (without heels) and the dress just about covers my knees.  There is a teeny tiny split in the back of the skirt for extra manoeuvrability but I must admit I found this dress rode up quite a bit when I was wearing it for these photographs.  I think this was because I was wearing tights and they caused static, which meant that the fabric of the dress misbehaved somewhat, but even when I nipped upstairs for a few minutes between photos I found that the skirt had somehow made itself up over my knees and was heading towards my thighs.  It’s definitely one to wear without tights if you can!

I think this dress is a really great fit for plus-size hourglass ladies, but also for those who are heavier on top.  There’s plenty of boob coverage and the fabric has some give if there’s not quite enough room.  The shape of the dress helps balance out one’s figure and the smooth, stretchy fabric makes this dress feel pretty special.

Overall, I am really pleased with my dress.  You can buy it from AX Paris here for just £35 (and there’s free delivery on orders over £45 so why not try it in both colourways?).



  1. Mara
    23 April 2013 / 14:53

    I think the dress looks great on you. I love the colour contrast, although maybe I would go for the coral myself! Interesting neckline and length, in my opinion both features make this simple dress quite stylish and versatile. Can I make a suggestion??? I would love to know which bra you're wearing when you do your reviews, as we all know how a different bra style can change the way we look in an outfit! Maybe other followers would also find it of interest – I don't know – just an idea!

  2. Anonymous
    24 April 2013 / 22:57

    Absolutely gorgeous! You look a million dollars in this dress. And fab review too. Ruth x

  3. Ronnie
    25 April 2013 / 19:08

    I love this on you! I have been looking for a dress in this style for ages and now thanks to your excellent review I am going to buy this dress in both colors. Thank you :0))))

  4. Cindi K. Prentice
    26 April 2013 / 11:33

    You look very gorgeous on that dress!

  5. Anonymous
    8 February 2016 / 10:10

    OMG damn so hot that hip to waist ratio… crazy

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