DDatelier Arno Graphite Dress

I recently posted about DDatelier, a retailer of bust friendly clothing based in Russia, who have recently launched an English version of their website in order to make their clothes available to more booby ladies.

I was lucky enough to review their Wrap Tie Top in Purple; but they also very kindly sent me the Arno Graphite Dress to try too.

Image courtesy of DDatelier

Such a lovely deep shade of grey – I was in love!  DDatelier advised me that the 80F would be the best fit, both on my boobs and on my waist.

I quickly established that in fact the 80F was not quite roomy enough to accommodate my vast breasticles – although my PL Violet did look lovely against the rich grey of the dress – so I added a vest underneath for modesty.

Lovely!  I chose a plain black vest for simplicity but it would be fun to try different colours instead, or even going for something patterned or perhaps lacy.

The Arno dress is made from a gorgeous soft stretchy jersey and feels very well made.  Like the Wrap Tie Top, however, the jersey is on the thin side so I would need to wear a cardigan on colder days.  The long sleeves do add a bit of extra warmth, though, which is appreciated at this time of year!

Although you can’t see from these pictures, the dress comes down to my knees so it’s a perfect length to wear with tights or leggings.  Or even bare legs…but I am not brave enough for that.

The waistband is really good at highlighting the smallest area of most women’s torsos, but I found it to be a little too big for me on the waist so I whipped out the old faithful accessory of any hourglass girl – a waist cinching belt!

Perfect!  The belt adds a bit of glamour to an otherwise monotone outfit but the vest ensures that it’s not indecent.  Again, it would be fun to try different coloured belts with this outfit to add a splash of colour.

I am always mindful of how others might perceive my boobs and the clothes I wear so I like the fact that the skirt on the Arno is not overly tight or figure-hugging.  It skims my backside and hips, giving a wonderfully feminine shape without being over the top.

It’s interesting to note that I tried the Wrap Tie Top in 80D and this dress in 80F, yet there was more boob room in the top and I could wear it without a vest underneath.  I guess with a wrap top it’s always going to be easier to adjust the area that covers one’s boobs so it’s decent, whereas with a fixed bust area it’s not possible to do this to the same extent.

The Arno is a great choice for any booby girl’s wardrobe.  Its colour means that it is versatile and its look can be changed instantly with the addition of a vest underneath, a waist belt and other accessories.  I love it!

I am crushing on many of the other items available on the DDatelier website.  Here are a few of my current favourites…

The Diva Dress in dark blue is simply stunning.  Sadly it’s no good for me as the dress is 100% viscose and therefore has no stretch.  I am in mourning!

Image courtesy of DDatelier

And what’s not to love about the Sophie Dress?  I adore its retro funky feel and the terracotta colour is unusual but so complementary on many skintones.

Image courtesy of DDatelier

If I owned this Classic Trench Coat I think I would end up sleeping in it as I love it so much!  Sadly it’s now in the sale (so grab it if it’s in your size) but I am hoping there might be a similar option for 2013 (please!!).

Image courtesy of DDatelier

I could go on all day!  

I really believe that DDatelier are one to watch for the future.  Make sure you check out the DDatelier website to see which of their items you like best.  Also, you can like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter for all the latest updates.

And I have fantastic news! DDatelier have very generously offered the readers of Curvy Wordy a special discount of 10% off their orders.  Use code ‘CurvyWordy’ anytime between now and 31/12/2012.  Get shopping!



  1. LittleChicken
    6 November 2012 / 10:50

    Just checked out their website, its lovely!! Will definitely consider them next time im shopping!

    • Curvy Wordy
      6 November 2012 / 16:38

      Yay! And don't forget to use the code 'CurvyWordy' to get 10% off 😉

  2. Anonymous
    6 November 2012 / 22:49

    Hello, what sort of prices do these dresses come in at? I looove the blue one.

    • Curvy Wordy
      6 November 2012 / 23:08

      Click the links above to take you straight to the relevant page on the website 🙂

  3. Ann
    14 November 2012 / 10:25

    It looks like I'm sized out of the clothing in the bust. I wonder why they don't offer multiple bust options like Biubiu, Urkye and Pepperberry. There's a lot of inches of difference between 34D and 34J, for instance–more than there is between a standard fit (maybe 34B?) and something cut for 34D.I guess I'm a lot more reluctant than you are to put something underneath; the reason I'm buying special clothing rather than going to a regular shop is to avoid having to do that. I just don't see an advantage, especially when their prices are closer to Pepperberry (high) than the Polish brands. With high prices I have high expectations about the fit.So I looked at the site, but I can't imagine buying anything, for the reasons listed. Which is a shame, because I would like more affordable bust-friendly options to give me a little more variety.(I'm commenting not because I want to discourage people from using this company, but because I assume in offering the discount they are interested in interaction/feedback with your readers, and I thought they might like to know why I, at least, won't be shopping there.)

    • DDAtelier | Clothes for large breasts
      20 November 2012 / 13:25

      Dear Ann,DDatelier has a wide range of pieces in multiple bust options just like Biubiu and Pepperberry. The sizes depicted do not reflect sizes as you know them – they are simply a letter. To find your DDatelier size, just head over to our size guide http://dd-atelier.com/Size-guide.html where you will find a chart to help you decipher how your bust and under-bust measurements translate into DDatelier sizes. We are also widening our chart to include a letter H in order to accommodate a larger size.Love,DDAtelier

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