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Over the Christmas break I clearly had too much time on my hands as I went on an internet search for Ewa Michalak bras.  I was fortunate enough to find a Polish website called Dopasowana and spent some time searching their listings.

I could not believe my luck when I spied a PL Violet.  I had seen it on Ewa Michalak’s Facebook page some months ago and hoped they would put it into mass-production (as much as they mass-produce any of their styles…) but sadly it seems to be one they made samples of but did not take any further.  I was beside myself with excitement when I saw they had a 34/75HH available and immediately added it to my basket.

EDIT: Ewa has said that this bra will be available on the website soon!  Yay!!

Padded bra plunge EN Violet Eva Michalak

Image courtesy of Ewa Michalak

Now, I still seem to be establishing my exact Ewa size but I was pretty sure the 34/75HH would be a bit too small in the cups for me.  However, I was pleased with the fit overall when the bra arrived:

Yes, it is clearly a bit too small in the cups for me as I’d suspected.  But such a beautiful bra cannot be ignored.  As this bra will soon be available on the Ewa Michalak online shop, I have returned this size to Dopasowana and will be ordering one in my correct size as soon as I possibly can!

The colour is absolutely delightful – more of a pinky colour than my camera shows – and as usual the stock Ewa Michalak photo at the top of this page has the colour represented pretty accurately.

The cups are padded but more lightly than all my other Ewas.  You can see this from my last pic as the cups don’t stand completely upright on their own as my other EMs do.  The violet lace covering is beautiful and care has been taken by the manufacturer to ensure the use of the lace is matched on each side of the bra.  When such care and attention is taken to this level of detail, it reassures me that the rest of the bra will be equally as well-made.  The lace runs along the bottom of the cups, which is very lovely but I know it won’t be long before it starts curling up!

The straps are fully adjustable and have a pretty ribbon overlay down the middle of the first half.  The colour of the ribbon is different to the lace on the cups but I quite like this as I think a perfect match would have looked a bit much.

Unfortunately there were no matching undies available when I bought this but I will be combing the internet and high street to find something that matches (ish).  Do leave me a comment if you know of anything that would do the job.

I cannot get over how gorgeous this bra is.  Look at how rounded it makes my boobs and the amazing lift it gives me.  I absolutely recommend it to you and my advice is to grab one just as soon as you can in your usual Ewa size 🙂

UPDATE ON 20/8/12:

It’s been over eight months since I last tried the PL Violet and it has been available on the main Ewa Michalak site for quite some time (along with matching thong (not currently available) and shorts).

I had not got around to reordering it until very recently when Ewa very kindly agreed to send me some PLs to try as I have been finding my old ones with 80/36 bands too loose.

I went for the 65/30KK and a thong in size 44/16:

It’s every bit as beautiful as I remembered.  The violet lace is so pretty overlaid on the thin white foam cups is has more pinky tones than these photos show.

I found the 65/30 band MUCH smaller than the other bands of the same size I tried.  In fact, it was so small that I had to wear an extender with it!  I will of course be adding the measurements to Bratabase in order to help others trying to figure out their EM size.

The size 44/16 thong was also a little snug on me but I am sure it will loosen up after a couple of washes and wears.  It’s made of a pretty stretch lace which is slightly see-through – I love how Ewa Michalak briefs, shorts and thongs are often a bit saucy in this way.

I’m so thrilled that this bra in my correct size still gives me amazing shape, uplift and support.  I adore this set!



  1. Anonymous
    7 January 2012 / 10:54

    My goodness that bra is beautiful! Definitely one I hope they change their minds on and produce as I would snap one up in a heartbeat! Absolutely gorgeous.

  2. Anonymous
    7 January 2012 / 11:35

    All these rave reviews of Ewa Michalak bras I have been reading recently are making me think I have been missing something. Normally I hate underwired bras, they seem to sit wrongly on my ribcage but maybe I have just been wearing the wrong make

  3. CurvyWordy
    7 January 2012 / 19:56

    Hi ladies, thanks for your comments.Assymakes: I am so pleased to be able to tell you that this bra IS in fact going into production and should be available on the Ewa Michalak site soon. I'll update this post to reflect this fact. Hip hip hoorah!Loopylor: Ewa Michalak bras have really changed my life and how I feel about myself. I thoroughly recommend them. Years ago I wore nothing but non-wired bras (because that's what my mum wore) but eventually I found Freya…and now Ewa. I would never go back to wearing non-wired bras all the time but am still looking for one to wear as a sleep/house bra. Good luck if you decide to order your own Ewa! Have a look on Bratabase and see if there are any in your size available for sale – this might save you the cost of buying brand new.

  4. ma
    22 March 2012 / 21:15

    As beautiful it is, the cups are too small for you – your breasts are just flowing out of them.

    • CurvyWordy
      22 March 2012 / 23:14

      Hi Ma, thanks for your comment. As you can see from the review above, I explained how I have returned this bra as it was too small. However, I'm afraid I disagree that my breasts were 'flowing out' of the cups – in fact the cups simply cut into my breasts a little as they were too small.

  5. Anonymous
    11 July 2012 / 23:23

    The more I look those Ewa-Michalak's Bras the more I like them. And your reviews make me buy one asap. It looks like they are exactly the form I want. I like when my breasts are pushed up, they look round (a bit like if they were fake) no pointy breast, they do not touch in the middle but also they don't go to the side like some of the Bravissimo bras (I than have problems to move my arms freely), I like my breast to stay in front of me and not on the sides (if you know what I mean. I'm sorry I just don't know the right word for it.). I think I'm going to order an Ewa-M Bra very soon. :)BW Dani

    • CurvyWordy
      12 July 2012 / 19:01

      Hi Dani, thanks for your comment. EM bras really are the very best if you want to have rounded, up front breasts. Some people say they are too 'in your face' but in all the clothed pics of me on here I am wearing EMs and I don't think my boobs look OTT. They are simply where they should be and looking at their best 😉 The bra in this review was too small for me in the cup so I get that extra pushed up 'fake' look but like you I am a fan of this look – so many women pay to have implants so if we're naturally blessed why shouldn't we wear bras that make them look even better! I am so excited to hear that you are going to place an order for EM bras – do let me know how you get on 🙂

  6. Jennifer Vance
    31 July 2013 / 15:26

    It's a bummer I discovered Ewa bras soon after they ran out of my favorite colors and prints!I still have to find out my Ewa size,but I also keep looking on Bratabase just in case one of my faves pops up.That color is sublime.

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