Shapely Figures Pack of 2 Lace Bras

When putting together the order for my recent haul of undies from Fashion World, I wanted to see if it was possible to buy a decent underwired bra on the cheap.  I therefore chose Shapely Figures Pack of 2 Lace Bras in 36H as they looked pretty and were available in many different colourways.

My previous experience of cheap bras is that they are far too good to be true.  They look great in the catalogue pictures but when you see them for real they are, in the majority of cases, poorly constructed, not true to size and made from substandard materials.  Put side by side with a bra from a renowned manufacturer, such as Freya, they are on two very different planets.

However I was pleasantly surprised when I received these bras.

The material was a lot softer than I was expecting and the two colours I’d ordered (rose and champagne) were very pretty and feminine.  I liked the way the lace went all the way up the straps, as this made a change to the plainer straps of my current bras.  The bras felt comfortable on and seemed to give good support and shape.

However, again I am plagued with the issue of needing an HH cup.  It wasn’t an option with this item, nor was it with the strapless multiway bra from Fashion World I tried recently.  (Interestingly, it seems Fashion World don’t do any double letter cup sizes, except for DD.  I wonder why?)  Unfortunately I got the all too familiar ‘double boob’ with this H cup and, although I did not order the J, I am sure it would have been too large in this style.

Despite the fact that I didn’t find the right size for me, I think this pack of two bras is excellent value and would recommend it for those who require single letter cups 😉


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