Curvy Kate Shockwave Bikini

Full-busted lingerie brand Curvy Kate has become my go-to brand for swimwear over the past few years, and I am gradually building up my collection of their bikinis. Back in December I went to Mexico for a week’s holiday and I bought myself a few pieces from CK’s past collections to take on the trip. Today I will be reviewing the Curvy Kate Shockwave Bikini (Spring/Summer 2015).

Curvy Kate Shockwave Bikini

Image courtesy of Curvy Kate

If you’re a long-time reader of my blog you’ll know of my deep love for anything blue, teal, or turquoise, so the Curvy Kate Shockwave Bikini practically jumped out of my iPad’s screen at me. I bought my bikini from eBay, but I have linked to Brastop in this post as it’s currently for sale at crazily low prices!

I snapped up the Padded Bikini Top in 34K and Adjustable Short in 20 (based on my previous experience of the Starry Eyed Adjustable Short in 22 practically falling off me in the pool on numerous occasions on a previous holiday!).

Curvy Kate Shockwave Bikini

Curvy Kate Shockwave Bikini

I was not disappointed by the colour scheme on the Curvy Kate Shockwave Bikini: it’s my idea of heaven! A gorgeously rich cobalt blue sits alongside lime green, black, and white. These colours are put together in a zig-zag pattern that is super cool and very eye-catching.

Curvy Kate Shockwave Bikini

I am pretty solidly a 34K in Curvy Kate bikinis: I couldn’t go up a band as it would be too big, although I wouldn’t mind having the larger cup size that a 36K would provide (the cup would be the equivalent of a KK in a 34 band, which sadly CK don’t make). So you might look at these photos and notice me quadboobing in some of them, but the 34K is the best overall compromise for me.

The Curvy Kate Shockwave Bikini top is lightly padded with foam, which helps to give the cups good structure and support. It’s based on the same cut as Curvy Kate’s hugely successful Daily Boost bra, so if you know that fits you you’ll be onto a winner with this bikini. There are no additional adornments to the bikini, which I think is a good thing as the pattern is very busy so nothing extra is needed. There are 60s-inspired lime green rings connecting the tops of the cups to the straps, and these help to break up the pattern a little and give the bikini a unique look. Having worn this bikini on holiday I can report that these rings do also create some pretty interesting tan lines!

Curvy Kate Shockwave Bikini

The Curvy Kate Shockwave Bikini top’s band fastens with a large plastic lime green clasp, which is comfortable to wear and easy to operate. I did find – as you can see in the photos – that the clasp has a habit of twisting round, but apart from it looking a bit odd it doesn’t dig in or make the band any less comfortable. As with all the CK bikini tops I’ve tried so far I find the 34 band a fraction snug for the first wear but after that it is absolutely fine. My boobs are very heavy and so a firm band that stays put is an absolute must.

Curvy Kate Shockwave Bikini

Curvy Kate changed the cut of their lingerie and swimwear a couple of years ago, ensuring that the cups of their bras and bikini tops have more depth and narrower wires. For me, this was a good thing as it massively improved the fit. I have narrow roots (your roots are where your breasts join your body) and deep breasts (lots of boob!) so I need bras and bikinis with lots of room in the cup but narrow wires. My ideal for this is Ewa Michalak, but Curvy Kate have certainly been snapping at Ewa’s heels recently with their new cuts.

I used to bemoan CK swimwear for its shallow cups, but as you can see from my photos this is thankfully a distant memory. Ok, the cups are still not as deep as Ewa’s, but they are perfectly good enough for me to wear this bikini top on holiday. I do wish CK would move to four-part construction for their larger cup sizes, as it would provide better shape, support, and depth, but for now the three-part construction they use is perfectly satisfactory.

Curvy Kate Shockwave Bikini

The wires of the Curvy Kate Shockwave Bikini top are wider than I would like, but again this is an item to be worn on the beach or by the pool and so the fit doesn’t need to be absolutely perfect. If the wires were narrower I would then need deeper cups, so it’s probably a catch-22 situation for the designers. The one thing I would really, really like them to change – and it’s something that could be done very easily, I suspect – is to add some sort of cover on the ends of the wires under the arms as they dig in something rotten! Either a rounded covering on the wires or reinforced padding in the wire channels would solve this issue, which is experienced not just by me but also a number of women who have mentioned it me by email or on social media.

The straps are fairly thin and, as with all my CK bikini tops, they have stretched out with wear. This isn’t an issue as such but I would hope that going forward the designers would look to strengthen the straps, perhaps widen them, and add some additional padding to thicken them to add support and structure.

Curvy Kate Shockwave Bikini

Bottoms-wise, I went for the Adjustable Short, which offer a decent height of cut at the front and good coverage across the backside. The strings at the bottom of the hips allow the shorts to be narrowed at the sides, causing a ruching effect that can help to hide lower tummy rolls if wished. However, in hindsight I regretted choosing this style of bikini bottoms. They are perfectly comfortable to wear and look good, but I fiddle with them so much! They start off sitting in the right position on me, but then move out of place so that I end up fidgeting all the time. I don’t usually wear short-style underwear, so perhaps that is why they feel different on me. When I got home from my holiday I bought the Skirted Brief in size 20 and I really love them, so this will be the style I go for in Curvy Kate swimwear from now on.

The Curvy Kate Shockwave Bikini looks absolutely fantastic and is a real head-turner on the beach. It looks fabulous with a tan and as I am going on holiday to Spain with fellow bloggers Mookie and Leah in a few weeks’ time this bikini will be in my suitcase for sure!

Have you tried Curvy Kate swimwear? What is your favourite set?



  1. Anonymous
    18 April 2016 / 21:20

    I have missed your post's so much…welcome back =))))))) I love this bikini the colour's are awesome. Defiantly gonna buy one from Brastop thanks for the link's xxxxxx

  2. Jenny clark
    19 April 2016 / 21:47

    It have this in the other colour way and it's my favorite bikini! The chevron pattern is so cool! This looks great on you and although green is not my color your seriously tempting me!!

  3. Sienna Allen
    20 April 2016 / 00:28

    I have been looking for a bikini to fit my JJ cup boobs and it looks like this'll be just perfect. I am going on my honeymoon in two month's so I guess I have time to find a stockist. Thanks for the info! Great review.

  4. Anonymous
    20 April 2016 / 10:54

    Yay you're back with another detailed review! Thank you so much for this, a fun printed large cup bikini is just what I have been looking for! I love your lingerie and clothing reviews, you are a great curvy/plus size blogger :)Janet

  5. Anonymous
    20 April 2016 / 20:31

    Missed your posts! Another great review, you look fantastic as always!

  6. Elaine
    22 April 2016 / 17:52

    Your figure is to die for. I am a long time follower on Instagram and I had assumed you'd quit blogging. So pleased to see this is not the case! I've missed your informative and detailed reviews that are so helpful. Look forward to reading the next one. Elaine x

  7. Charli Russon
    23 April 2016 / 09:24

    The colour of this set is delightful – you'll look amazing in this around Mookie's pool in Spain! I'm after a new bikini so will no doubt be stopping by Bra Stop to see what CK dreams they have on offer come next pay day (I only got paid yesterday and already blew all my play money). C

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