Ewa Michalak S Tęczowe Kfiaty Bra 32KK/70KK, Briefs 18/46, and Thong 18/46

Quite some time ago, I was sent an amazing parcel of lingerie goodies from the wonderful Ewa Michalak. I meant to review these sets some months ago but due to my enforced blog hiatus I have fallen behind with these posts. Today I am bringing you my review of the most colourful of these sets: the S Tęczowe Kfiaty Bra, Briefs, and Thong.

Image courtesy of Ewa Michalak

I desperately wanted the gorgeous waist-cinching briefs as seen in this photo but as far as I know these never went into mass production. Still, I can’t complain at all as the S bra, briefs, and thong are all fabulous. I was sent the S bra in 32KK/70KK, and the briefs and thong in 18/46.

When these lingerie items arrived I was thrilled with how vibrant and colourful they are in real life. Yes, the contrasting black lace and mesh do give a darker feel to the set, but the vast array of bright, beautiful colours in the floral print really brings this lingerie to life.

The S bra is a newer cut from Ewa Michalak and essentially it is a lightly padded balconette. Until the S was introduced (and also the SM – an unpadded balconette) ladies requiring large cupped bras only had the PL (plunge) bra to choose from. The S and SM have given us increased options, which is really fantastic news and another great example of how Ewa Michalak is constantly looking for ways to increase and improve their lingerie offerings. And if any of you reading are at the smaller end of the bra cup scale you haven’t been neglected either – the 3D and 3DM are padded and unpadded bras introduced to cater for the smaller breasted woman. Ewa has also developed a cut for breastfeeding mothers, the KM, and these bras can be seen here.

The S bra is designed to offer more coverage on the breasts and its taller central gore means less bra spillage in the cleavage area. This is great news for anyone with soft breast tissue as the breasts are comfortably contained within the bra, and the cups give great support and uplift. Most S bras come with removable pads in the bottom of the cups to offer a potential solution for those with asymmetrical breasts. Please note that in these photos I have the pads in place – one on each side – as they also give a little extra lift to my boobs. Since these photos were taken, I almost always wear the bra without the pads as I need the extra room in the cups for my breasts, so if you think my boobs look a bit squished in one or two of these photos please rest assured that I have since resolved this issue.

The 32KK/70KK S Tęczowe Kfiaty Bra is just lovely. As mentioned, it has lightly padded cups with removable pads in the bottom half of the cups. The cups are edged with black lace and the four part cups help give a fantastically rounded, uplifted shape that provides superb support. There is a button on the central gore with a large bow underneath, which makes a change from the usual simple bow. 

I found the band of this bra to be fairly firm and although in these photos I am wearing the bra without an extender, I tend to wear one on a day to day basis to give a more comfortable fit. The band fastens with four rows of three hooks and eyes.

The straps are half adjustable, which won’t suit anyone who likes their straps on the short side. I have the straps fully adjusted here and I feel that I would’ve had them a little shorter if it had been possible. The front of each strap is covered with the same colourful floral material as the cups and the back is plain black. The strap adjusters are oblong in shape and the textured edges to the straps stops the adjusters moving about with wear.

One of the things I love most about Ewa Michalak bras is the narrow wires. My narrow-rooted breast tissue is very much at the front of my body, as opposed to being spread across to the sides, and because of this I often find that bra underwires are too wide for me. This isn’t helped by the fact that I need a relatively small band to fit my underbust. Most bra manufacturers can’t seem to get their heads around the fact that women who have large breasts but relatively small underbusts DON’T need wider wires; we simply need more depth in the cups. EM is one of the few lingerie brands who truly understand this concept and their bras have been life-changing for me. Gone are the days of constant adjustment with my bras as they don’t sit right; of my breast tissue spilling out all over the place; of wide wires that feel horribly uncomfortable and reach all the way around to my back; and of quadboob even on K+ cup bras. Thanks to Ewa Michalak I now have a wealth of bra choices that fit me well AND look good. The S Tęczowe Kfiaty Bra’s underwires comfortably encase my breast tissue and hold my boobs in their natural position. The central gore sits flat against my sternum and does not rub or cause irritation.

The photos above show the Figi Tęczowe Kfiaty – the briefs. I was sent these in a size 18/46 and they are a pretty good fit. The waistband is perhaps a little tighter than I’d like and so it cuts into the flesh at the tops of my hips slightly but I can assure you that it doesn’t feel uncomfortable; it’s just an aesthetic thing. I adore the cheeky sheer mesh on the backside and the peek-a-boo sheer mesh at the front sides. The briefs are very comfortable to wear and have a cotton-lined gusset. The fuller style of these gives an appearance of full cut shorts.

I was also sent the Stringi Tęczowe Kfiaty – the thong – in the same size. Unfortunately this is no longer listed on the EM website so I assume it has sold out. This has a slightly more generous fit due to the stretch lace used at the sides. As with all the Ewa Michalak thongs I’ve tried in the past, they are pretty skimpy but make me feel very sexy! I decided to do some full-length pictures to show the bra and thong, as you can see below. I teamed the lingerie set with my amazing Prague Lady Microfiber Opaque Hold-ups from The Big Tights Company and some huge stiletto heels from Primark.

The S Tęczowe Kfiaty Bra is one of my favourite Ewa Michalak bras to wear, partly due to it’s gorgeous appearance, but also partly due to the fact that it’s incredibly comfortable! I love the new S shape and think that it will suit many women who are looking for a lightly padded balconette bra. I do also love the PL style though, and hope EM will be bringing out more bras in this shape very soon.

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What’s your favourite bra shape from Ewa Michalak? And what shapes/styles would you like to see from them in the future?



  1. Anonymous
    14 September 2014 / 19:20

    You look bloody amazing!!!!!! You should be a model for Ewa Michalak lingerie as you always make me want to buy it. My purse is not thanking you but my boyfriend is hahaha xxxxx

  2. Anna Banana
    14 September 2014 / 19:54

    Love this and it look's great with those holdup's and heel's. I don't know if it's still for sale on the EW site as a made to order though as it's in the sale so may be limited size's? I'm scared to email them as they sometime's don't understand me ha! But it's such a pretty bra, I really want one!!!!!!!

  3. Anonymous
    14 September 2014 / 21:39

    You are perfection. I want to buy every piece of lingerie and clothing you review. You do a great job modelling things.

  4. Sarah W
    14 September 2014 / 23:28

    Gosh, this lingerie is beautiful. I really want to order it but I am nervous about ordering because I have been told their sizing is different to UK/US standard bra sizes. Can you offer any advice on this please? I want to try this and maybe one of the unpadded balcony bras. There are so many pretty options to choose from. I hope you can help me.

  5. Anonymous
    14 September 2014 / 23:43

    Great review of a lovely lingerie set. I wish there were Ewa shops here in the uk. It would be so much easier to try things on for size.

  6. Amy Hoskins
    15 September 2014 / 00:46

    Thank you for showing the bra and panties from a variety of angles. It makes such a change to all those bloggers who seem to use the opportunity as some kind of fashion shoot pretending they are a model and all that changes in each photo is their facial expression. What is the point in that?! You let us see what clothes and lingerie look like from pretty much every possible viewpoint. So useful. Thank you so much. And hey, you look amazing in anything 🙂

  7. Anonymous
    15 September 2014 / 12:35

    I really appreciate your blog and read it regularly. I am a similar size to you. I wear a 32k bravissimo. I do have a wide root and find that I need wide wires which means that Ewa M bras don't work for me as well as they work for you. As you are a strong blogger lingerie companies may start tp make narrow wires for bras which wpuld be problematic for me, causing bruising and whelts pn the side of my breast tissue which is not healthy. We are all different and large breasted women do not all need narrow wires like ypurself. You are lucky you have found bras that are perfect for you but these bras are not perfect for everyone. I mean this with respect. Apart from that comment I like this post and as always you look good.

  8. Anonymous
    16 September 2014 / 04:40

    I adore this design. Unfortunately EM wires are too narrow for me. I think that's what Polish manufacturers do in general? Anyway, if they had a wider cut you can bet I'd be all over this.Yay for you! I'm glad you also love the deep colors.

  9. kendall flower
    16 September 2014 / 11:15

    Hello, i stumbled into your blog by mistake after i googled "plus size bra reviews" Thank God for that. Please before i start, am not a big fan of the attention my boobs draw that sometimes i feel like slashing it off. Before I got pregnant, i was a 34H. Thats 2years ago. Now alot has changed!! I want an ABC of wearing a good supportive sexy bra since I will be going back to work in a month. Few questions is that I have never worn a padded bra. How will it fit me. What does it do differently. Is it going to give me a bigger breast i dont want. What shape should i buy? Please help!!!

  10. Anonymous
    16 September 2014 / 11:48

    Sorry for my bad english, i'm French.I see your website in MaFortePoitrine.com and you're so beautiful ! I love your curve and your brief !!Can you, for me and your french's public, post a message in french ? :-DSmack

  11. Charlotte Wilson
    22 September 2014 / 12:46

    This looks lovely! I'm especially liking the floral patterns for autumn this year. Are there any other plus size brands that are doing similar styles at the moment?

  12. Anonymous
    28 September 2014 / 14:21

    Omg those waist cinching briefs are gorgeous!!! Ewa Michalak if you are reading this comment PLEASE make them for us to buy! I would have them in all the colours and prints. So sexy!

  13. Revé
    29 September 2014 / 16:01

    You look great, as usual. I hope Ewa designs more of the sheer behind briefs.I know the styles change every season, but what would you say are your top 5 (or so) Ewa Michalak bras?

  14. Anonymous
    9 October 2014 / 12:53

    Good lord are you built or what. Those hips though. I am jealous of whomever hold your heart.

  15. Joanne Doddington
    20 October 2014 / 00:27

    I think my previous comment got eaten so I'm posting again, apologies if it looks like I'm saying the same things twice. Anyway I wanted to say that I ordered this based on your brilliant review and I am so happy I did! The print is even prettier in real life and I love the see through knickers (so does my husband ha). You are a great product ambassador, I hope the brands you work with are grateful for your hard work x

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