Simply Be Viva La Diva Pewter Shoes EEE Fit

Shoes.  I love them.  I hate them.  They give me pleasure.  They give me pain.  My troublesome feet make it very difficult for me to find shoes that are comfortable but stylish so I’m always trying different options in the hope that I’ll find something that works for me.

I recently placed a reasonably large footwear order with Simply Be.  Amongst the items I ordered were the Viva La Diva Pewter Shoes EEE Fit:

Image courtesy of Simply Be

I have mentioned previously that ballet pumps are not generally a style I can wear because they simply don’t stay on my feet.  These are the exception to the rule as they have slightly elasticated sides, meaning that (in theory, at least) the shoes should stay on my feet.

These shoes were in the sale so were already a bargain at only £12.50, but I also had a discount code which got them down to just £10 – amazing!  I went for a size 5EEE:

The shoes turned out to be lighter in real life than shown on the website.  They are more of a distressed dark dove grey, with the colour being intentionally patchy in places.  I was happy with this colour, though – they are dark enough that they can be worn with any colour in place of regular black shoes, but light enough that they don’t look like faded black.

The elasticated sides do indeed help the shoes stay on my feet.  However, they are not as firmly elasticated as some I have tried in the past so I am not sure how long they will do the job.  The good news about the elastic being looser is that they don’t rub or feel tight at all.

The shoes have man-made outers but the inner sole is made from leather, which will help prevent rubbing and help regulate the temperature of the foot.  This is bound to be a plus point come the warmer weather!

The sole is lightly padded and in conjunction with the leather inner sole it offers a good amount of comfort from uneven pavements, stones, and other textured floor surfaces.  There is a tiny block heel of around 1/2 an inch, which again was very comfortable for walking and provided a kind of shock absorber for my own heels.  The shoes make a satisfying – but not too loud – ‘tap’ when walking.

I love the gathered design of the outer fabric over the toes of the shoes.  It makes them a bit unusual and stylish, without adding any metal buckles or diamantes etc.  I really like how plain these shoes are but at the same time they have subtle detailing.

These shoes have already become a firm favourite of mine.  I wore them into town the other day and they were incredibly comfortable.  And I wore them on a recent date and I felt stylish and feminine in them.  In fact, I love them so much that I’ve ordered another two pairs so I have some spares when these eventually give up on me.  I know I may sound crazy but it really is so hard for me to find decent footwear that works so when I do I have to bulk buy!

Simply Be – please, please, PLEASE make more of these shoes in exactly the same design but in heaps of different colours.  I would love black, white, nude, red and navy blue for starters.  Or how about selling them only in nude and making available a shoe dye spray so we can choose the colours ourselves?



  1. Anonymous
    7 January 2013 / 04:16

    These shoes are so adorable! This is a great review – so indepth. Thanks x

    • Curvy Wordy
      25 January 2013 / 01:58

      Thanks for your comment and I'm glad you found my review useful 🙂

  2. Jackie
    21 January 2013 / 11:06

    I LOVE these shoes on you! They look perfect. I would buy them in bright pink ;0) Your idea of a 'spray your own colour' pack is fantastic!

    • Curvy Wordy
      25 January 2013 / 01:58

      Thanks – let's hope Simply Be listens to us!

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    • Curvy Wordy
      25 January 2013 / 01:59

      Thanks 🙂

  4. zool
    22 January 2013 / 16:05

    nice shoe.. I'm not a shoe fans but it is a bad day if my girlfriend found a shoe shop

    • Curvy Wordy
      25 January 2013 / 01:59

      Hahaha we girls do love our shoes 🙂

  5. BT
    28 January 2013 / 16:49

    Caroline where did you get your belt from? Love it!

  6. briana
    13 September 2013 / 19:40

    so they are eee fit? cuz I was wondering if I should get e or eee because my feet are too wide for regular wide. and my feet are bigger around then the 9in. for e. I didn't know how gigantic the eee would look in comparison to a narrow shoe…

    • Curvy Wordy
      13 September 2013 / 20:52

      Hi Briana, yes, the shoes in this post are EEE fit.

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