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Some time ago, I visited the wonderful Leia Lingerie at Bluewater shopping centre in Kent.  I have already blogged about the Freya Ellie bra I was kindly gifted by manager Leigh but my review of the Carys somehow fell by the wayside – oops! – so it’s now time for me to make amends and catch up.

When I was in Leia Lingerie, I was fitted by a lady called Julie.  Julie knew her stuff and helped me to find several bras that fitted me.  One of my missions was to get a Freya Deco that fitted me (despite the fact they only go up to GG cup) and Julie patiently helped me try various sizes but of course none fitted properly.  The cups in the Deco – especially in the strapless version – run large so I was hopeful I might get lucky but I was disappointed.  I have begged before and I will beg again now: PLEASE FREYA, MAKE THE DECO IN LARGER CUP SIZES!  There is a huge demand for this to happen and I know that you would make many, many ladies ridiculously happy if you were to make this happen.

So, on to the Freya Carys.

Carys  Balcony Bra

Image courtesy of Freya

The Carys is a balcony bra and in larger cup sizes the central gore comes up much higher than this picture shows, as you can see from my photos below.  The bra is available in cup sizes 28 D-J, 30-36 D-K and 38 D-J.  I went for the 30K:

The Carys is a lovely bra.  The three-part cups are made from a soft non-stretchy fabric which is cappuccino-coloured (kind of a nudey brown colour) with a pretty vintage floral print.  The cups are edged in delicate ivory lace and there is a cute ivory bow made up of ribbon and lace on the central gore and at the point where the straps meet the tops of the cups.

I found the band of the Carys to be rather stretchy so although it’s comfortable to wear it does mean that those of us who prefer a firm band may be disappointed.  The good news is that the pattern on the cups is continued on the wings and the back of the bra – something that is a small detail but is often overlooked by bra manufacturers.  The bra fastens with three rows of three hooks and eyes.

Carys’s straps are wider than most other Freyas I’ve tried recently, which makes a nice change.  I don’t mean that I usually find their straps too thin, but it’s nice to have a wider option for days when you need to have that extra comfort. 

The straps are fully elasticated and are in fact strips of elastic covered in the main ditsy fabric.  This is my least favourite style of straps on my Ewa Michalak bras but on the Carys they are strong and not overly stretchy.  Well done, Freya!  The straps are fully adjustable but I did find the adjusters slipped because there is no embroidery of any kind on the surface of the straps to stop this happening.

Although the wires on the central gore sat flush against my chest, after trying it on again at home I found it much too wide for me.  I think my breasts are relatively close set and therefore any extra space between the central gore wires will be problematic for me.  I don’t usually have this issue with Freya bras so it must be a slight design change on the Freya.  I think this is a good thing as it means this is a bra that will better suit those who are wider set, i.e. their boobs are spaced a bit further apart, with more space in between.

The wires at the underarm were slightly less wide than some Freyas but still too wide for me.  My boobs very much sit on the front of my body and not really at the sides at all so there was space in the sides of the cups.  It wasn’t a huge problem but it meant the wires didn’t sit properly and poked me on occasion.

You can see from the pictures above that the fit of the cups was a little off for me.  You might even think they are too big for me.  They actually aren’t but the shape of the cup is not right for me.  The wrinkling at the bottom of the cup is something that happens from time to time with Freya bras on me – basically there is too much material and my breasts won’t fit into the bottom of the cups, no matter how much I jiggle and shuffle!

I also had this strange issue (apologies for the slightly out of focus photo):

The cups came up so high on my boobs that there was empty space inside the tops of the cups.  This would not be solved by sizing down, which I tried, as then the cups are too small.  They are just too tall for me on the Carys.

I absolutely adore the side profile shape the Carys gives me.  My boobs look perky, uplifted and incredibly well supported.    They also look natural, which is great.  I love the rounded shape My Ewa Michalaks give me but it’s also good to have bra options for different occasions and when I want a bra that gives me a less ‘in your face’ shape it would be Freya I’d turn to.

Carys is also available in a padded longline version (up to a G cup – Freya, please make longlines in larger cup sizes!!!):

No image available for Carys - Carys Nude Padded Longline Bra

Image courtesy of Freya

The Carys is a lovely bra in a beautiful print which can be used as an alternative to a nude bra (depending on your skintone).  It’s available at Leia Lingerie here.



  1. Anonymous
    8 January 2013 / 16:05

    I love the Freya longline bras, and Carys is my favorite! Unfortunately to get a good cup fit I'd need to try to alter a 34 or 36G down to a 28 band… yeah that's probably not going to work. I think it's really weird that of all the styles of bras that aren't made in larger sizes, the longline bra is one of them. That would be so much more supportive for heavier boobs!! Maybe someday Ewa Michalak will decide to make a longline bra and then we can have it in her size range instead of Freya's (which is seriously lacking!)

  2. Fussy Busty
    8 January 2013 / 22:20

    This is so beautiful! 🙂

  3. Anonymous
    9 January 2013 / 11:16

    Thank you, CurvyWordy.This review makes me feel assured and positive about my big Freya order that is on its way to me.Do you feel bothered by the tall cups? Do they peek out of low-cut tops or dresses? I'm curious because I ordered a Freya Ivy and a Marina as well and I guess that my 28Js would cover about the same amount of chest on me.You could try the alteration that Bras I Hate did to make a bra look lower-cut. I think the bra she used had a similar strip of lace above the cups, so that could work for you, too.Also, I hope that someone important from Freya reads your blog. Fingers crossed.I still want to try a Deco in 28GG or 30GG even though I know they won't fit. Before I had my bra epiphany, I actually bought a Freya Nieve Longline in 34F or FF. It was obviously ill-fitting (not to me at that time, though) but so gorgeous! I wish Freya made longlines in bigger sizes and 28 bands and then re-released the Nieve.Yours, Julia

  4. bigbustlingerielust
    10 January 2013 / 06:34

    I hope someday Freya makes longlines in a cup size larger than G. Until then, the balcony versions are pretty nice. I really like the color of the Carys. It's very cute, but also basic and tame enough to be a staple bra.

  5. Jes
    12 January 2013 / 22:51

    What a lovely bra. Lets hope Freya makes longlines in larger cup sizes, there is a demand for them.

  6. Anonymous
    16 March 2013 / 04:04

    It doesn't make sense that they don't make longline in bigger sizes. The bigger sizes are the ones that would probably appreciate the extra support that a longline would provide. I know I have wanted one for awhile, but can't find any to fit my size.

  7. Rebecca
    28 July 2013 / 02:04

    My fave UK lingerie blog <3 Thanks for this useful review x

  8. Anonymous
    29 October 2013 / 20:06

    my name is carys 🙂 im a bra!!!!!!! :')

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