Clothing at Tesco Julia Support Ponte Wrap Dress

A few weeks ago I was browsing the Clothing at Tesco website to see what dresses they had available for this season.  I was spoilt for choice – so many gorgeous numbers!

I love this F&F Burnout Wrap Dress.  

Image courtesy of Clothing at Tesco

It’s available in black (pictured above) and purple (although I would describe it as more of a burgundy colour), and at only £25 a pop it’s a great budget option for all those Christmas parties coming up in the weeks ahead!  It would also be suitable for daytime work wear as it’s subtle and the skirt is of a modest length.

This F&F Limited Edition Lace Prom Dress is almost too pretty for words!

Image courtesy of Clothing at Tesco

I am loving the lace trend this season and the blue fabric looks so vibrant and elegant underneath the black lace here.  This dress is a little pricier at £35 but it’s still an absolute steal for something that looks far more expensive.  Also available in nude.

The F&F Limited Edition Bow Satin Dress is one that looks very nice on the page but is not necessarily a dress I would have tried myself as I wouldn’t have been sure the bust area would work for me.

Image courtesy of Clothing at Tesco

Fortunately, my lovely blogger friend, Georgina at Fuller Figure Fuller Bust, has tried the dress and it looks amazing on her!  

Image courtesy of Fuller Figure Fuller Bust

It fits her ample bosom well and she finishes off her look with killer heels and a chunky waist belt.  Check out this competition Clothing at Tesco are currently running – you could win one of six £50 Clothing at Tesco vouchers if you vote for your favourite!  Read George’s blog post about it here.

One dress that really caught my eye was the Julia Support Ponte Wrap Dress.

Image courtesy of Clothing at Tesco

It’s only £30 so I decided to order myself one to try.  I went for the blue (pictured above) and the purple as both looked as though they might do me well for work and play.

I tried a size 12 and 14 first of all…but these were a complete disaster as they were very tight and looked absolutely awful on me!  I have no photo evidence of this I’m afraid as the dresses were so indecent!!

I returned the dresses to my local Tesco and reordered a 16 and 18 instead.  The 16 ended up being the best fit overall, although it was still not perfect on my extreme hourglass figure.

When I first received the dress I was really struck by the colour.  The blue is just lovely and the black contrasts beautifully, making my curves look especially shapely.  I love this effect – very flattering and feminine.  Although I don’t have any pictures of the purple dress, it was every bit as eye-catching as this one.

The dress has a hidden slip underneath which is designed to create a smooth silhouette.  I found the slip to be reasonably tight, which is why the smaller sizes were no good for me.

As you can see in the pictures above, the Julia dress has mini shoulder pads which give a pointed look.  I quite liked this as it’s something a bit different and definitely made the dress look a bit smarter and sharp in a business wear kind of way.  However, it would be really simple to remove the pads if wished.  The three quarter length sleeves were great and suited the overall look of the dress perfectly.

However, I am sorry to report that I had several issues with this dress.  It was not very generous in the boob area – as you can see from my photos it was impossible to keep my bra covered, never mind cover myself modestly.  I would be forced to wear a vest under this dress, which I think would have diminished its otherwise stylish appearance.

The crossover section across the boobs kind of unrolled a little so the black backing fabric was visible, which I found rather irritating, and did not look right.  It would have been better to have continued the blue material underneath, which would have avoided this problem.

The dress was also very tight across the tummy.  The ruching is intended to be flattering but instead I found it created bulky lumps and bulges which were not actually there!  I wonder if it’s because the ruching is only on one side of the dress; if it was on both I think it would not have been such an issue.

On top of all this, the waist was huge on me!

There was so much excess fabric in this area that I wondered if it might be possible to alter it by chopping some out and resewing the seams…but sadly this dress was not a good enough fit in other areas for it to be a worthwhile experiment.  A belt would not have looked right with this dress due to the ruching around the middle.

The fabric was lovely and soft and felt like it was decent quality.  It seemed an ideal dress for autumn/winter wear as it’s reasonably thick fabric so would keep the wearer nice and warm.

Sadly this dress wasn’t a keeper for me but I think it would work well for those with less extreme measurements.  I love the shape, style and available colourways of this dress so it was really disappointing that the size proportions were no good for me.  From the F&F clothing items I have tried in the past, I would be very happy if they increased the amount of boob room in their tops and dresses in order to suit more boobalicious ladies like me.  Great work so far, Tesco, but please consider us busty girls in your future collections!


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