My Blog’s First Birthday Giveaway – Lepel Lingerie

Lepel is a lingerie brand based in Nottingham, UK.

Image courtesy of Lepel

Lepel offers a beautiful range of colourful and feminine lingerie, nightwear and swimwear.  The designers have created a variety of bright and vivid flral fabrics which add a unique sparkle to your wardrobe.

The lingerie is designed to be comfortable and practical, whilst at the same time being stylish and unique.  

Image courtesy of Lepel

Image courtesy of Lepel

Image courtesy of Lepel

Image courtesy of Lepel

I really love the fun and energetic feel of this brand – the only travesty is that they don’t come in cup sizes large enough for me.  Bras are available in bands 30-38 and cups A-G.

Lepel have very kindly offered a lingerie or swimwear set of the winner’s choice, subject to availability, as part of My Blog’s First Birthday Giveaway.

To enter, all you need to do is complete the Rafflecopter below.

Good luck!

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  1. Lisa C.
    1 October 2012 / 02:42

    I love the Fiore in Strawberry! (gotta admit, half of it is the colour. STAWBERRIES! <3)

  2. Anonymous
    1 October 2012 / 04:37

    I was thisclose to buying that swimsuit at one point…

  3. Ana
    1 October 2012 / 08:06

    great nightwear, my favorite set is from them 🙂

  4. Sam Stanton
    1 October 2012 / 11:20

    I think I would choose the Athena T-Shirt bra for my mom in 32 F so she can try the size and believe me she's not a 38C. They don't come in my size range but they have beautiful stuff :].

  5. BustyGamer
    1 October 2012 / 13:55

    I would definitely choose the Twilight underwire bikini top and classic pant. <3

  6. Cavy.girl
    1 October 2012 / 13:56

    I would pick the Hush robe, it looks super comfy and cute with those bows!Becky x

  7. Maya
    1 October 2012 / 15:58

    I love the Fiji Halter Bandeau Suit.

  8. ola_na_plazy
    2 October 2012 / 12:50

    I'm not very familiar with Lepel bras – I would love to try some in 32g:)

  9. Che Sao
    2 October 2012 / 13:49

    Heartbroken that the Fifi basque doesn't come in my size, I would definitely pick it (and the rest of the set) up for my little sister for her birthday. She's turning 20 this year, so she deserves something flirty and I know she'd NEVER pick out something like this for herself but that she'd absolutely love to own it.

  10. Lucy Jones
    2 October 2012 / 14:47

    I love the Flora set its stunning xx

  11. Eskay x
    2 October 2012 / 20:56

    It'd definitely be the Jessica for me, super cute and I'm in desperate need of a white plunge!

  12. Leslie Ross
    3 October 2012 / 03:24

    I love the fiore padded balcony!

  13. XLhourglass
    3 October 2012 / 18:32

    I can't seem to see any on their website? But there is a lovely slide show, and the golden one with small frills is lovely! They don't have my size either, but I know some ladies who would love such bra 😀

  14. Rebecca
    3 October 2012 / 22:45

    I also love the look of their Fiji halter bandeau swimsuit 🙂

  15. SS_Summer
    3 October 2012 / 23:52

    I love the look of the laced bras. Im not seeing any swimsuit photos on the site but finding one that fits would be lovely!

  16. HannahE85
    4 October 2012 / 20:13

    There aren't any choices on the site, but i am in desperate need of a swimsuit, I dont own one!! XX

  17. Kim
    5 October 2012 / 23:32

    I would love the sleep shirt because I don't have any proper pajamas, and I've always loved real pajamas.

  18. Eternal*Voyageur
    6 October 2012 / 19:04

    Probably the Fiora, it's so pretty!

  19. Leah Baird
    8 October 2012 / 00:36

    I love their Fiore in Strawberry!

  20. Adamantia Rosomak
    9 October 2012 / 07:58

    The Athena t-shirt bra for my mother (i'm a 30JJ)

  21. Jo
    10 October 2012 / 06:22

    Love the lace detail and shape of the Lepel Fiore Full Cup Bra

  22. Yvette
    10 October 2012 / 22:44

    I've always wanted to try them! Love the Fiore Balconette.

  23. Noha
    12 October 2012 / 02:20

    I would love to have one of their full cup bras.

  24. Camilla
    12 October 2012 / 10:58

    I love the jasmine pyjamas! And the pink Katie 😀 Victoria's stunning too. SO many pretty things!

  25. Stacy
    12 October 2012 / 11:07

    I don't see any swimsuits on the site, but I'd probably go for one of those! I'm a GG so I can't do their bras (although the Fiore is so beautiful) but I can size down in a swim suit.

  26. ButterflyDreamin'
    12 October 2012 / 14:27

    Hmm..the Victoria Bra. But I love the Jasmine PJ's and the Lottie Chemise/nightie

  27. Kiera Winstanley
    12 October 2012 / 22:49

    The Erin in blue…..its hot & sexy!

  28. ichi
    13 October 2012 / 15:25

    Everything looks so amazing, how do you even choose?

  29. mysteries1984
    13 October 2012 / 20:39

    Fiore, It fits me perfectly so I'd love more!

  30. Jen
    13 October 2012 / 20:53

    I would chose the Lottie or the Molly, both are just lovely and it would be nice to have a supportive nightgown

  31. Rachel
    14 October 2012 / 02:37

    I love the pink Fiore. Lace always gives me a confidence boost.

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