My Blog’s First Birthday Giveaway – Elomi Lingerie

Elomi Lingerie is part of the Eveden group of companies and is a brand which is aimed at fulfilling the underwear needs of plus sized women.

Image courtesy of Elomi

Classy, sophisticated, elegant and often sexy, this brand offers larger band sizes and comfort features in order to support plus sized women and provide them with desirable and attractive lingerie.

Back sizes range from 32 to 52 and cups are available up to a J cup.

I reviewed the Elomi Caitlyn on my blog a few months back – read the full review here.

The latest collection from Elomi is as stunning as ever, with rich colours and decadent fabrics.

One of my favourites is the Valentina:

Plunge Bra

Image courtesy of Elomi

I’ve always loved the combination of black and red and this set is festive and sexy all at the same time.  Valentina is available in back sizes 34-46 and cups D-HH (some back sizes have limited cup sizes).

And who could ignore the Maggie babydoll:

Image courtesy of Elomi

Serious drool-time!  I wish a babydoll would make my legs look that good!!

Elomi have very generously offered a lingerie or swimwear set of the winner’s choice (subject to availability) as part of My Blog’s First Birthday Giveaway.

All you need to do to enter is to complete the Rafflecopter tasks below.

Good luck!

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  1. LaDivaDelleCurve
    1 October 2012 / 01:51

    I love the Valentina set too, I love the colors, the hearts and the lace and especially love the plunge style…

  2. Adena
    1 October 2012 / 04:16

    I LOVE the Betty bra, but I'm not really digging the matching briefs. The Occasions set is stunning though, I've always wanted to own a basque.

  3. Melissa
    1 October 2012 / 07:19

    I love the playfullness of Betty.

  4. MissKathryn
    1 October 2012 / 11:19

    I would love to try the Betty again in navy, to see if the fit is any better xx

  5. Anonymous
    1 October 2012 / 13:33

    My favourite set has to be the Paloma set, so striking!

  6. Anonymous
    1 October 2012 / 13:36

    My favourite has to be the Paloma, coming out in November – very striking!

  7. Anonymous
    1 October 2012 / 13:41

    My favourite has to be the Paloma, coming out in November – very striking!

  8. hanna78
    1 October 2012 / 14:23

    I'd LOVE the Maggie set, it's gorgeous! <3

  9. Anna
    1 October 2012 / 17:17

    The babydoll! I've been longing for a babydoll in my cup size (or almost…) I'll settle for something close!

  10. BethTinkerbell
    1 October 2012 / 18:45

    I really love the Isis fatkini, I've been wanting one for a while but with no holiday coming up it's not been worth spending the pennies on.x

  11. Lisa C.
    3 October 2012 / 00:11

    I love the Paloma set because the colour is unique and everything is cut in such a flattering shape. I especially love how there's mesh at the sides!

  12. Michele
    3 October 2012 / 16:30

    My favorite bra by Elomi so far is the Caitlin because it's the most supportive bra that I've ever worn, that also happens to be very attractive despite it's industriousness!

  13. XLhourglass
    3 October 2012 / 19:22

    I am so so so looking forward to the Roxy Denim longline! But of their current offerings, Abi has caught my eye

  14. raspberryleaf
    3 October 2012 / 19:22

    So many that I love that don't come in my size (ex. Paloma, Betty) but the one that I am most excited about (that does come in my size!) is the Roxy Longline, coming out next June (can I say one that's that far in the future? I hope so!) Because how cool is a mini-longline I can get in a 34JJ?!? I also love the floral/denim combo, really fun!

    • raspberryleaf
      4 October 2012 / 19:35

      . . .and I just heard from Erica at A sophisticated Pair that Elomi has adjusted the planned size range on the Roxy Longline down. 🙁 Just wanted to mention it so I didn't get anyone else's hopes up!I'm still excited about the coming-soon Rita, though! Great size range on that one, hopefully a sign of good things to come! (Betty in more cup and band sizes? please please please Elomi? Love that one!)

  15. Kim
    3 October 2012 / 22:58

    I hope they make nice nursing bras.

  16. ne-knopka
    4 October 2012 / 11:36

    i like Hermioneamazing color

  17. ichi
    5 October 2012 / 09:29

    Their Isis swimwear is so interesting, I'm digging the high-waisted briefs.

  18. Bra nightmares
    5 October 2012 / 12:30

    I love the Paloma set. Would love to try that even though it only goes up to G cup.

  19. Bra nightmares
    5 October 2012 / 12:31

    The Paloma set is amazing! Too bad it only goes up to a G cup…

  20. Laurel
    7 October 2012 / 04:29

    I am currently drooling over the blue Hermione. Love in and it looks comfy!

  21. Lydia
    7 October 2012 / 22:37

    I like the Maggie set!

  22. Leah Baird
    8 October 2012 / 00:13

    I love their Betty, because of the print.

  23. Adamantia Rosomak
    9 October 2012 / 08:26

    The Abi – I'm a fan of delicate patterns on black.

  24. HannahE85
    9 October 2012 / 14:11

    I love the Libby set – its bold and sexy – like I would feel if I was in it 🙂 x

  25. Miranda
    11 October 2012 / 01:04

    Paloma, love the colour combo

  26. Clarisse
    11 October 2012 / 09:07

    I cannot find anything 34 band on Elomi website and I was almost certain they had some?

  27. grrrzz
    12 October 2012 / 08:30

    Isis Fatkini, definitely!Griselda Cancholagris2008@twitter

  28. ButterflyDreamin'
    12 October 2012 / 14:49

    @Clarisse they do have, both the Betty and Hermione do and I am sure there are others that do.I would choose either the Betty or the Hermione- I have had a spacer foam bra and love it compared to a normal molded foam bra. And the Betty I just adore, Love the look of the black thats coming out. But I am unsure if they will fit. I am borderline whether elomi are too large in the cup/band(depending on whether the bra runs large or not) I wish they did their 34's from a smaller cup, as I love their bras.

  29. Anonymous
    13 October 2012 / 15:36


  30. Anonymous
    13 October 2012 / 17:54

    Betty set for sure.

  31. Jen
    13 October 2012 / 19:41

    I love the Lara set, the blue over chocolate brown is stunning and the shape is perfect

  32. mysteries1984
    13 October 2012 / 19:49

    The Betty, I'm a pin up wannabe at heart!

  33. Stacy
    14 October 2012 / 00:16

    The Betty set is adorable! AND in my size!

  34. Kyrstin W.
    14 October 2012 / 01:49

    Valentina is stunning!! Ah, I love well fitting lingerie!

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