Bravissimo Sun Seeker Bikini in Pink

Before my holiday last month, I tried out several bikinis as I was in dire need of a couple of new ones for 2012.  When I saw the Sun Seeker bikini on Bravissimo its colour jumped out at me and I knew I had to add it to my basket.

Image courtesy of Bravissimo

I love this shade of pink – so girly and pretty but also stylish and flattering.  As this bikini was in the sale I was restricted a little by the sizes available but got the bikini top in 30K and briefs in XL.

The colour suited my skintone every bit as well as I’d hoped.  So lovely, even on my fair-ish, artificially tanned skin.  However, for me the bikini was not a keeper.

The bikini top was a strange fit on me.  The 30 band was good – it felt a tiny bit tight but I think this is good in a bikini as they always loosen up on holiday with frequent wear (and I guess also a bit of damage from the sun/salt water/chlorine).  Had this top fitted otherwise, I might have been tempted to try the 32K if it had been available as I could also have done with a bit more room in the cups.

Speaking of which, unfortunately the cups were a big fail for me.  They didn’t give an awful lot of support and uplift and their shallowness and wide wires meant that my boobs were spread across my chest, giving a kind of flattened appearance.  As an avid wearer of Ewa Michalak bras, this is not a look I am accustomed to at all!

I really loved how low cut the central gore was – this is a real rarity with bras and bikinis at my end of the size scale.  Sadly, though, my boobs quickly began migrating towards the middle as they had little support from the cups and the low central gore did nothing to keep them in place either.

The wires were so wide that they almost reached my back.  They felt very uncomfortable and this wasn’t helped by the fact that the central gore was far too wide (i.e. the wires were set too far apart at the centre).  The wires ended up sitting on my breast tissue, which is not healthy at all.

My final issue with this bikini top was the straps.  They were FAR too long and even with them adjusted fully they did not offer enough support to my breasts.  I don’t usually have this problem with straps but it seems the ones on bikinis these days are made super long for some reason – I had the same issue with the Curvy Kate bikinis I tried recently!

I was quite relieved to find that the briefs did not fit well either.  The XL proved too small and cut in at the sides quite significantly.  However as the top did not fit this really wasn’t a disappointment.  I did find that the coverage was good so if these had been available in a larger size (and I was going to keep the matching top) I think they would have done me very well indeed.

It’s such a shame this bikini did not work for me.  I am sure it would be better suited to those with smaller, lighter breasts who like wide wires similar to those of Panache and Curvy Kate.



  1. June
    30 June 2012 / 14:44

    I'm glad you didn't keep this one. It makes your normally epic breasts look fairly blah (really quite an achievement since they look great in everything else). From the front view it's like they are going to the sides on the bottom, kind of weird. It's a shame because the color does suit you well but I think Ewa Michalak is coming out with a plain pink color this year, so I'm sure it'll look miles better on you!!! Plus, the Curvy Kate ones were so much more flattering that I don't think it's much of a loss.

    • CurvyWordy
      30 June 2012 / 14:54

      Haha, thanks June 😉 It really did give me an odd shape but I do feel the bikini would work well for those with lighter breasts. Mine need scaffolding!!

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