Masquerade Lula Mae Bra

The Masquerade Lula Mae is a bra I’ve heard a lot about from friends over the past few months.  They have highly recommended it to me and I have seen photos to prove its great shape, lift and support.

When I saw the Lula Mae on offer at Bravissimo (note it is misspelt on their website; I am taking the spelling from the label on the bra), I knew I could not resist placing an order.

Image courtesy of Bravissimo

The bra is available in sizes 28-38 D-H so I went for a 36H:

What a beauty.  It reminded me in many ways of the Curvy Kate Tempt Me – but this time it fitted me far better…in the cup at least.

Just for luck, I ordered a 34H to see if that was any better on me…

Sadly, it was again not right.  The band was better, but still too big and the cups did not fit as well as the 36H (the reason for this is due to ‘sister sizing’ – a 36H is equivalent in cup volume to 34HH).  I had more quadraboob going on in the 34H than I did in the 36H.

The Lula Mae has lightly padded foam cups which are covered with ice blue embroidered cappucino-coloured mesh.  This mesh is so pretty and extends down to the bottom of the band, which means that when the bra is being worn the band is almost invisible.  It’s really hard to describe but I felt like I was wearing a really unusually designed bra (in a good way!).  Having large breasts means that the majority of the bras I try on have pretty substantial bands so this was a really exciting chance to wear something a bit different.

The tops of the cups are made from a gorgeous nude satin, which is also used on the front of the straps and the back of the band.  It feels so soft and luxurious!  There is a really cute little charm on the central gore, which adds to the superior look and feel of this bra.

The band is not overly stretchy and fastens with three rows of two hooks and eyes.  The straps are halfway adjustable and although they have metal connectors, I did not notice them digging in at all when I tried the bra on.

The wires are good and not too wide – something that seems to be a rare find in UK bras! My boobs sat in the bra comfortably and I was pleased with the up front shape it gave me.

Unfortunately for me, the cups on both bras I tried were a bit too small.  You can see from the photos there is a hint of quadraboob going on so I think ideally I would need a size up.  However, the problems with the cups were nothing on the band – it was far too big for me!  You can see how the bottom sections of the cups stick out from my body in the side view pics above and also how the band slopes upwards.  I think I would need a 32, but quite possibly a 30, so I would in fact need to try a 32JJ for starters.  I’m really sad that the cups stop at H, regardless of the band, so I won’t be able to find a decent fit in this bra.  I am in mourning!

I really, really, REALLY hope Masquerade make this bra in larger cup sizes soon as I have fallen in love with it.  I also hope they make them with 3 hooks and eyes, rather than 2, as I feel more secure in a bra with a solid back.  This bra comes highly recommended by me.


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