Eveden AW2012 Press Launch

I was recently fortunate enough to be invited to the Eveden Autumn/Winter 2012 press launch in London.  For those of you who don’t know, Eveden is the group who owns several large lingerie brands including Freya, Fantasie, Fauve, Huit, Elomi and Goddess.  Naturally, I was absolutely thrilled to be invited and took the opportunity to meet up with some of my gorgeous blogging buddies along the way, including Georgina, Mhairi, Rosie, Kitty and Sophia.

The event was held in the Swarovski Crystallized Cafe and I am pleased to report that the sumptuous surroundings were the perfect backdrop for some incredibly elegant collections of lingerie.  The lovely Holly met us at the top of the stairs and took us through the different collections, making sure to give us detail on each set.  Every undergarment need was covered – from lingerie and shapewear to sportswear, loungewear and swimwear – and it was good to see that the various brands were well represented at the event.

We were then able to take our time to peruse the ranges at our leisure and enjoy a mocktail (I had a gorgeous watermelon creation which was simply divine) at the bar.  I daresay the barman had quite possibly the best day of his life being surrounded by lingerie and gorgeous models all day!

For me, it turned out to be a slightly bittersweet event as the vast majority of the new collections don’t go to a JJ/K cup (and many not above H), but those that did were absolutely beautiful and I look forward to trying them out in due course.  I appreciate that my size is outside the ‘norm’ and therefore I can’t expect companies to cater for me in all their ranges but two things I would really, really love are a supportive, uplifting plunge and a smooth bra in my size.  There is a huge market out there comprising ladies who require larger cups (and particularly large cups and small backs) and I would hope that an organisation as big as Eveden might look into meeting this need more comprehensively in the not too distant future.

Anyway, grumble over.  I admit that it’s merely a case of sour grapes as I want all of these lovely sets to fit me…

 The stunning new collection from Huit

Huit Rumeur.  Amazing.

Huit Swimwear

Lovely lingerie by Fantasie

Fantasie Swimwear

The Fauve AW2012 collection

Freya’s gorgeous offerings surrounded by Swarovski crystals

 Stunning sets from Freya

 The gorgeous red Deco set in ice. I didn’t realise this and touched it – I almost jumped out of my skin!

 Further Freya sets, including a charcoal/teal Taylor – want!!

 Freya Active range

 Freya Loungewear – looks so comfy!

Freya Swim – so many beautiful colours and patterns 

The Elomi collection for AW2012 

I particularly loved the Elomi Valentina set – can’t wait to try it!

 Elomi Swimwear

I had so much fun browsing the collections and talking about the different colours, patterns and fabrics used.  It was great to spend time catching up with the lovely Katie from Eveden – she is such a sweetheart!  It was also a pleasure to be in the company of my lovely blogging friends.

 This sofa was covered in Swarovski crystals – just beautiful.

Whilst at the event, we were lucky enough to get fitted by Eveden’s professional fitters and given a lingerie set from the current range to take away with us.  I got a Freya Lauren in white – review to follow in due course.

I had a fantastic time at the event and would like to thank Holly and Katie for the invite.  I look forward to seeing the new ranges in stores and online – no doubt they will all be a great success!

Slightly off topic but afterwards Mhairi and I went to see the matinee show of Ghost The Musical, thanks to our lovely friend Natasha.  We enjoyed ourselves immensely and were really surprised when Mark Evans, who played the male lead of Sam Wheat, walked past us on the street after the show.  I couldn’t help but ask him to pose for a couple of pics with us:

If you are thinking of going to see a West End show then I highly recommend Ghost The Musical.  It was superb and the stage management was particularly impressive.  Huge thanks to Tash for sorting out the tickets for us.

So, it was a long day but needless to say a thoroughly enjoyable one!



  1. June
    11 May 2012 / 13:24

    Ah, you know I can relate to being outsized on a lot of these things. 🙁 I'm not quite so keen on the plunge bra (but definitely would like one around for other women!) however, the smooth bra? Where can I sign up??? I often wonder if you could just sew a piece of fabric over a seamed bra to get a smoother look… I haven't been brave enough to try it yet but I keep looking at my Thrill Me and thinking about it (kind of my experimentation bra since it was used and very cheap and not really the correct size anyways…).

  2. Lizbux
    21 June 2012 / 13:28

    The fantasie swimwear looks interesting. I will definitely be checking that out. I read a review earlier about one of their lines of large cup bikinis. It looked like it was a really good swimsuit. Think I may have to a set on pay day!

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