Kris Line Queen Bodysuit 36HH

One thing I am lacking in my lingerie drawer is a ‘body’; an all-in-one garment that is sexy, supportive and practical.  You can safely assume that if Ewa Michalak sold such a thing, I would have one in every colour and design by now…but sadly they don’t (HINT!).

One of my friends recently posted on Facebook that Brastop had a Kris Line body available at a bargain price so I took a look at the site.  I was interested to discover that, like Ewa Michalak, they are a Polish brand and I was keen to discover if another company could get lingerie design and manufacture equally as spot on.

I had never tried Kris Line before so was unsure as to how their items would fit me but I ordered the Kris Line Queen Body in ivory in 36HH (which was the largest cup size available)…

Image courtesy of Brastop

…and also the Kris Line Queen Body in black, again in 36HH.

Image courtesy of Brastop

Brastop’s service was absolutely superb.  I placed the order one evening and two days later the parcel was delivered in the morning.  So impressive – and particularly during the Christmas break, too!  The items came carefully wrapped in tissue paper, which is a lovely touch and made me feel as if I was unwrapping a very special present for myself.

I was really pleased with the shape and forward projection the Queen body gave my breasts:

Unfortunately the cups were too small for me as they did not have enough depth, but the wires were a comfortable width.  The central gore wires sat away from my breast bone and I felt like I should keep reshuffling my boobs in the cups.  However, I did feel that my boobs were extremely well supported and that they looked good in both the ivory and black bodies.

This body has a kind of bra strap at the back, which helps to give a superior fit.  The 36 band turned out to be far too big for me and I think I would need a 32 in an ideal world.  But that would mean I’d need at least a K in the cups so sadly this isn’t going to happen in this piece of lingerie 🙁

I also felt that the mid-section of the body was a little short in length for me – I had to keep readjusting it but this possibly could have been because of loose back band.  Looking at the photos it doesn’t look too short in the body but all too often how something looks and how it feels are poles apart!

I did not find the body had any kind of slimming effect but it did smooth me out somewhat.  The legs are very low cut, which gives the body quite a ‘classic’ look.  And the suspenders are a lovely sexy touch 😉

The crotch fastened with hooks like a bra and the gusset piece was longer than I’ve experienced with bodies in the past.

I wanted to show how this body looks underneath clothing so I threw a plain blue top on and took some pics:

Hopefully here you can see the great shape and projection the body gives, even when I’m fully clothed.  Normally I would wear a belt or some sort of top that is drawn in at the waist but even in this plain, shapeless top I think the effect is clear to see.

Overall I was very impressed with this body but am left feeling disappointed that I cannot exchange it for one that fits me properly.  As Kris Line become more popular in the UK they might expand the sizes available in their ranges and one day I might be able to own one of these.  Here’s hoping!



  1. Birdie
    2 January 2012 / 03:43

    I was just telling the husband how wonderful you are, and then I see where you've reviewed another brand that interested me, but I was too chicken to order (I'm in Japan, but with US shipping… everything is complicated!) without seeing reviews from trusted bloggers. So thanks again. And I know the fit isn't quite right, but DAMN does it do amazing things for your body. I thought you looked lovely in it initially, but the pictures of it under clothing… I'm sold. I may be ordering one for myself, thanking God that my boobs are smaller than yours. 😉

  2. CurvyWordy
    2 January 2012 / 20:32

    Aww thanks for your lovely comment and kind words :-)I'm so pleased my review has been helpful for you and it's great to learn that someone has benefitted from my unfortunate sizing experience! Do let me know how you get on if you decide to order one of these x

  3. Birdie
    8 January 2012 / 16:01

    Well, I placed a Brastop order and now the waiting begins… but this was in the order, and I'm very much looking forward to its arrival. I lust after so many of the retro-styled body shapers, but cannot order most because they stop at D or DD if you're lucky, and don't even have a cup size listed(!) on many of them. I will let you know if it works out for me; I'm very much hoping that it does.

  4. CurvyWordy
    9 January 2012 / 01:31

    How exciting! Please let me know how you get on with the fit.You are right – so few bodies are available in cup sizes at all (I assume they are based on the average C/D cup), let alone ones which go above a DD cup. So many people assume that DD is a big size, well yes it is but so are E, F, G, H and beyond!

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