Ewa Michalak HP Nina Bra

In case you hadn’t already realised, I have a serious addiction to Ewa Michalak bras.  I adore their quality, style, design and price.  They make me feel amazing with the shape and uplift they give me.  I therefore could not resist placing an order for an HP Nina when this new design was added to the site before Christmas.

I went for the 34/75HH as this was the largest cup size available in the band size.

I was soooo excited to try this bra on.  The design is very simple – a basic black padded halfcup bra with strips of floral ribbon stitched along the seams.  There is a pretty little bow on the central gore and some subtle but sexy black lace along the tops of the cups.

The straps ‘officially’ adjust halfway – the top half of each strap is covered in the aforementioned ribbon but as it’s thin I reckon the strap adjuster clip could easily slide over it, making the straps fully adjustable.

The central gore is about an inch longer/higher than my PL bras – this adds extra support but isn’t so high that I notice much difference between the two styles.

I desperately wanted this bra to work for me as it’s so pretty but, along with the other HP bras which came with this order, sadly it was not meant to be.  I have discovered that the HP shape does not work for me as it pushes the breasts to the chest, which, on me at least, causes a flattening effect.  This in turn gives me a funny shape in clothing – and I definitely don’t want that.  So therefore I will be returning this bra in the hope of being able to exchange it for a CH or PL style instead.

I think this bra would work very well for those who get on well with the shape that Panache bras give them.



  1. Anonymous
    3 January 2012 / 04:37

    From the top it looks a lot like a Cleo style, at least in the shape. I like that shape because it doesn't flatten, but it does minimize a little.It seems everyone has had a good experience with Ewa Michalak, but me 🙁 I wish mine had been as good.

  2. CurvyWordy
    3 January 2012 / 15:21

    I think you're right about the shape being similar to Cleo, although I have only tried one unpadded style in this range so am far from an expert on it. I found the fact the HP Nina pushed me out to the sides was no good for me – and I so desperately wanted this one to work!Sorry to hear you haven't got on with EM so far. It's worth persevering, however, as you can see how enthusiastic I am about the items which work for me 🙂

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