Comexim Laura Bra

When placing my order with Dopasowana, my eye was caught by some of the very pretty bras made by a Polish company called Comexim.  I had been sent a sample by their sales department some months ago but it came up very small on me so I sadly sent it back.  I was advised that their bras did not go any bigger – yet I chose to conveniently forget this fact when I added two Comexim bras to my Dopasowana basket.

The first Comexim bra I chose was the Laura.

Laura soft bra beige Comexim

Image courtesy of Comexim

Such a lovely, simple bra but with the added bonus of being non-padded!  

Before I discovered Ewa, I used to wear nothing but Freya Millies and Eleanors and had never owned a padded bra in my life.  I have since disposed of all these bras as they were the wrong size for me anyway but I am left without a single unpadded boulder-holder and there are a few occasions when I would like the option of wearing one.

The sizes available on the Dopasowana website are very limited so I did not have a lot of choice and in the end went with a 36/80HH.  BIG mistake…

Since placing my Dopasowana order I have been advised by a friend that the Comexim sizing runs very much smaller to that of Ewa Michalak.  The photos above show this very clearly indeed!

The bra itself is very nice – simple but clearly well made.  It is a perfect nude bra with plain soft cups and minimal stitching.  The tops of the cups are edged with the tiniest hint of lace to add a little femininity and the band has three rows of three hooks.  The straps are fully adjustable and have an embellishment running down the centre.  The centre gore and sections where the straps meet the cups are adorned with a cute little lace bow.

I don’t need to say that the cups were far too small for me.  However it might not be immediately obvious from the photos that the band was also way too big for me.  So, if you are considering ordering from Comexim, I would highly recommend their quality lingerie but make sure you work out your correct cup size and bear in mind that the bands, in my experience at least, run rather big.

You may be wondering why I am reviewing a bra that was very obviously a bad fit on me.  The bad fit was entirely my fault for not understanding the Comexim measurement system and I wanted to review this bra so others can see where I went wrong, but also to show that this a quality bra from a manufacturer who I would recommend without hesitation.

I have added the measurements of this bra, and all the bras I have tried in recent months, to Bratabase.  It’s a brilliant website where users can compare their bras with the measurements of others in order to find a good fit in different brands and styles.  Do make sure you add your own bras to help build up the site as its success is reliant on people using it.



  1. Callie the collie
    9 January 2012 / 17:41

    How would you compare the fabric with Freya? In particular I am not a fan of the 'firm mesh' backs; I find they irritate my sensitive skin. Also, could you compare the sizing to Freya's? I get a great fit in the Pollyanna in 38FF, but in other styles (like Mischa, Antoinette), need a 36GG. Also wondering how Curvy Kate compares to Freya sizing & materials wise.So enjoy the blog! It is lovely not to be ranting alone in changing rooms anymore.

  2. CurvyWordy
    10 January 2012 / 00:53

    Hi Callie the collie,Thanks for your comment and kind words. It's always great to hear from someone who reads my blog.I found this bra softer that the Freyas I have tried in the past (but I haven't worn a Freya for some time so my memory of it may be skewed!). I don't think this bra had a 'firm mesh back' and it generally felt very soft and flexible indeed, and was clearly made from a high quality fabric.As this bra was such a bad fit on me I can't really compare it to any other bras I am afraid. You might do better looking on Bratabase for that as I added all the measurements. You can add your own measurements and see how this bra would fit you and form your own opinion from there.I can't comment on the Freya bras you mentioned as I haven't tried them, nor have I tried and Curvy Kates except the Showgirls (see my latest three blog posts). Again, the measurements of all these bras have been inputted on Bratabase.Sorry I can't be more help but I would hate to give bad advice or give recommendations which didn't work out for you.Do contact Comexim direct for advice on sizing. They have excellent customer service and are very supportive – they seem to want to grow their business and so are keen to work with potential customers to ensure they are buying something that will fit.Let me know if you give this a whirl!

  3. Callie the collie
    10 January 2012 / 17:18

    You were very helpful, thanks! I've entered at least 25 bras on bratabase. It's a great idea. But I find very few in my size reviewed there. I have to look at the 32HH reviews to get an idea of how my cup size would fit in a certain bra. =o}

  4. CurvyWordy
    12 January 2012 / 23:14

    Glad to be of assistance :-)I don't think there are any bras on Bratabase in my size, apart from the ones I've added of course! But the more everyone adds, the better it will become. It'll be a really great resource in the near future.

  5. muscularhourglass
    21 July 2012 / 20:38

    Thank you so much for this review! I was wondering if anyone had tried out Comexim, their website is pretty hard to navigate, but the bras are gorgeous! I'm going to try and figure out my Comexim size, and maybe I will try to order a bra or two sooner rather than later, as I'd really love some non-padded bras, too.

    • CurvyWordy
      21 July 2012 / 22:30

      Hi there, thanks for your comment 🙂 The Comexim bras really are gorgeous but I am sad that at the moment there are none in my size. Their sizing works differently to that of the UK in that they miss out a lot of the double-lettered cups (DD, FF, GG etc) so I think I would need something crazy like a 30Q or 32P! Such a shame – I am longing to wear some of their stunning lingerie. Do let me know how you get on if you place an order.

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