Ewa Michalak PL Garden Bra

Ewa Michalak design and make some very beautiful bras.  In fact, I have yet to see a bra on their site which I don’t like the look of.  One of my favourite designs is the PL Garden.

Image courtesy of Ewa Michalak

I ordered this style in a 36HH (80HH) as part of my very first EM order but decided it was a tiny bit too small for me so I sent it back with the rest of the order, only to discover there was no stock left in the next cup size up.  So for months I have been longing for this to come back in stock and, as if by magic, a month or so ago it did and I am now the proud owner of a PL Garden with matching thong.  I ended up ordering the bra in the original 36HH as I have found some of my 36Js stretching with wear and I desperately did not want this to be a bra that became too big for me.

As it happens, the 36HH is actually a very good fit on me.

The band feels stretchier than some EM styles, but not in an uncomfortable way.  I am not sure if a back size down would have fitted me better in this bra but either way I am happy with how this one fits.

The straps also have a lot of stretch but they are fully adjustable so should suit most people.  A very pretty embellishment has been attached along the middle of the straps and this is how the adjusting clip gains purchase.  The benefit of this is that once you have adjusted the straps to your preferred length, they should not move at all.

I was pleased to be able to buy the matching thong to complete this set.  It’s a very comfortable item and completes the look perfectly.  However, I will be keeping an eye out for some fuller briefs (perhaps in plain red) on days when a thong is not appropriate.

I absolutely adore the floral design of this set and the radiant red is set off beautifully by the plain white background.  The shiny red bow on the central gore is made from the same material as is used along the seams on the front of the cups and this adds depth and gloss to the look of the bra.  It really is a unique, eye-catching and delicate design.  If you can get hold of one in your size I would say definitely go for it!


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