Ewa Michalak PL Bella Bra

Here’s another pretty little thing from Ewa Michalak.

Image courtesy of Ewa Michalak

The PL Bella looked so delicate and feminine on the website that I simply had to have it.  In all honesty, I wasn’t quite sure what it would look like in reality, nor what the fabric it was made from would feel like.  I was absolutely thrilled when it arrived and I tried it on for the first time:

Oooh, this one is SO pretty and girly.  I would say it could almost be a bridal set.  A baby pink foam is overlaid with a heather-coloured lace with pale pink embroidery.  The shiny baby pink ribbon has been cleverly made so it is permanently ribbed and is sewn along the tops of the cups, which are topped with the most delicate baby pink net lace.  The pink ribbed ribbon also runs down the side of the bra under the arms.  Now, lace and ribbon can sometimes be scratchy and uncomfortable but, as ever with Ewa Michalak lingerie, great care has been taken to choose the softest fabrics to ensure this is not the case at all.

I find the cups to be slightly shallower than some of my other 36HH/80HHs.  This is currently causing me a slight quadraboob but hopefully this will lessen with washing and wearing.

The straps are, again, baby pink and smooth except for a pattern stitched along the middle.  Unfortunately this means that the adjusters can slide up and down with ease and sometimes I find when putting the bra on I accidentally move them, which can be frustrating.  There is a lot of stretch to the straps – perhaps the stretchiest Ewa bra I have tried so far – but they are fully adjustable.  However, I have found that the straps tend to fold in half (I guess the stitching down the middle of the straps enables this) and can become rather uncomfortable if left in this state.  Such a pity – I wonder if there is a way of strengthening the straps?  Any suggestions are most welcome.

Another downside are the silver metal strap adjusters and clips which connect the straps to the bra.  They are very thin and although strong they are not at all forgiving and I find I often notice them digging into my back.  Furthermore, as the clip connecting the straps to the bra is oblong, as opposed to round, they frequently end up turning round the wrong way, which can also become most uncomfortable.

These minuses are not enough to make me dislike this bra – it is very lovely and when it is sitting correctly I feel great in it – but it is not my first choice when I go to my ‘bra drawer’ in the morning.

The matching briefs are soooooo comfortable and I feel great in them.  In fact, they look more like shorts on me for some reason, but I don’t mind that at all.  They have the same ribbed ribbon running down the front and back of the shorts and the main material is lovely and stretchy.

I adore this set and think it looks much prettier in the flesh (or should that be fabric??) than on the website.  However there are a few areas which could be improved before I would consider the bra to be perfect.


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