Ewa Michalak PL Atrament Bra

One of my favourite colours is blue.  As I have blonde hair and blue eyes, my mum used to dress me in blue all the time as a child, so much so that when I reached adolescence and had more of a say in what I wore, I steered away from blue for quite some time.  But, there’s no denying that it is indeed a colour that suits me and it wasn’t long before various shades of blue started creeping back into my wardrobe.  Now, as a fully fledged adult, I adore blue and have various items of clothing in different shades and hues.  The one thing I was missing was a blue bra.

That is, until Ewa Michalak brought out the PL Atrament.

Image courtesy of Ewa Michalak

Oh.  My.  Goodness.  Dark blue (not quite navy) with royal blue edging?  Yes PLEASE!

Here I am in the 80HH (36HH):

I ADORE this bra.  It is the most stunning colour and the fabric covering the cups is a very dark ‘ink’ blue with a floral pattern embroidered on it so it almost looks like brocade.  The tops of the cups are covered in a pleated ribbon and this has cleverly been used to create the bow on the central gore.  The ribbon continues up the first half of the straps and on the side seams of the band.  When light reflects off this ribbon it appears to glow and highlights these features of the bra.  So clever.

The straps are adjustable to halfway but the clip can definitely be pushed over the ribboned area if necessary.  They are thinner than all the other Ewa Michalak bras I own, which makes a nice change.  It’s always good to have bras with a wide range of strap styles – something I have never had the luxury of before I discovered the joys of Ewa Michalak.  The second half of the strap is made from a completely unstretchy material and I wonder if this might rub over time but as I haven’t worn the bra yet apart from a very quick try on I can’t give an accurate report on this.  Additionally, the edges of the strap feel as though they could be quite sharp on soft skin.

The bra has removable pads which sit in the lower half of the cups.  I took mine out before I tried on the bra and it gave a great fit.  I don’t think I would wear it with the pads in place but if I did I guess they would simply give me a bit of extra lift.  The pads are not included for this reason but in fact to help correct asymmetry.

I found the cups to be a smidgeon on the small side but I am hoping they will loosen up with wear.  The band is rather stretchy so I have returned it to exchange for a 75J (34J).

This is a stunning bra with many fine features and is in an exquisite, unusual colour.  If you can grab it in your size, I cannot recommend it highly enough!


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