Ewa Michalak CH Pawie Oka Bra

I have never in my life owned a purple bra.  Well, actually I dyed one a while ago to make it purple, but that doesn’t really count.  So you can imagine my delight when I discovered Ewa Michalak were adding a purple number to their new range a little while before Christmas in the form of the CH Pawie Oka (meaning Peacock’s Eye).

Ladies and gentlemen, may I present to you the CH Pawie Oka in 34/75HH:

The padded halfcups are covered in a gorgeous silky purple microfibre and edged, both along the top and the bottom of the cups, in an unusual purple/silver lace design which I guess gives the bra its name of ‘Peacock’s Eye’.  The colour of the bra is slightly more lavender than my pics above suggest, with the stock photo from the website being the most accurate representation.

Having removable pads inside the lower half of the cups means this bra is ideal for anyone looking to resolve asymmetry.  I removed the pads when trying on this bra and as it’s technically too small for me I certainly won’t be putting them back in again.  You can see from one or two of the pics that the cups are definitely snug but the shape and uplift the bra gives me is truly second to none.

The straps are halfway adjustable and are similar in appearance to those on the PL Burgund.  However I don’t think these will go funny in the same way as they seem to have been constructed differently.  The good news is that the straps have rings attaching them to the back band, so I have no worries of them twisting round and digging in/compromising the fit of the straps.

The band on this bra is quite stretchy.  I went for the 34/75HH but have emailed Ewa today asking if it is possible to exchange for a 32/70J which I feel will serve me better in the long run.  When I tried this bra on I went straight to the tightest row of hooks (there are 3 rows of 3 hooks) so I suppose it wouldn’t be long before it felt too loose on me.

I am sorely tempted to get more than one of this bra.  I love it that much.  From its beautiful design and colour to the shape and uplift it gives me, I think this may well become my favourite Ewa Michalak bra yet.


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