Ewa Michalak CH Miętus Bra 36H/80H

For a long time, I have been lusting after the gorgeous range of halfcup bras on the Ewa Michalak site, with my favourite style being the ‘CH’. To quote the website, the CH style is described as ‘Padded halfcup bra, perfect for low and broad neckline. Vertical seams of the cups lift the breast and give them rounded shape. The CH halfcup bra is suitable for every woman, regardless of the size and condition of her breasts. The width of the underwires and the straps is adjusted to each size.’

As none of the CH bras are available in my usual sizes of 80HH/J (36HH/J) I was hesitant about ordering any as I didn’t want to be disappointed in case they were miles too small for me.

However, when I saw the stunning CH Miętus I knew I had to take a chance and place an order.

Image courtesy of Ewa Michalak

The delicate mint green colour and contrasting raspberry pink detailling really caught my eye. I also adored the shape the CH style gave the model and kept everything crossed that it would look just as fabulous on me.

I was not disappointed…

This 36H/80H bra is utterly gorgeous. The patterned fabric reminds me of my dear granny’s porcelain teacups – so delicate and intricate. As with all my Ewa Michalak bras, this is another foam padded one, but as it’s a halfcup the shape is different to the plunges to which I have become accustomed. I really like the way that, on me at least, the top of the cups runs straight across and so is not higher at the sides than in the middle, as is the case with my plunges. The uplift is amazing and gives me an almost ‘fake’ appearance to my boobs – something I have never experienced before but I must admit it is a rather nice feeling!

I know the cups are a little bit too small on me…but could you resist the chance of wearing a bra as cute as this? I am hoping it will stretch a little over time or if I lose weight or my size reduces for some other reason I know I will be even more pleased I held onto this one.

The sides of this bra come up higher than my Ewa plunges and I must admit after a day of wear yesterday I was quite relieved to remove it at the end of the day.  I have found that all my other EMs have loosened up with wear, though, and fully expect the same to happen with this bra.

The straps are fully adjustable but very thin, meaning that they can be liable to folding over, as I found with the PL Bella.  Also there is no embellishment on them, which means that it is possible for the straps to readjust themselves as the adjusters can slide up and down of their own accord.  The good news is that the straps attach to the back of the bra with round connectors so they stay in position comfortably.

Sadly there are no matching briefs available but I am sure I will be able to pick something up on the high street that looks ok.

If you want to buy one of these, you’ll have to be quick. It’s on offer as an end of the line item and only a few select sizes remain in stock.

I am delighted with my first foray into the world of CHs and will no doubt be buying more bras in this style in the future.



  1. MissKathryn
    27 December 2011 / 20:33

    Oooooooooooh, it looks good chick – liking the shape! I'd be too busy looking down my own top to get any work done if I wore something like that! K x

  2. CurvyWordy
    27 December 2011 / 20:37

    Hahaha thanks dearie x I must admit that since wearing EM bras I do find myself copping a feel every so often – I guess I just can't get over the shape and lift they give me 🙂

  3. denocte
    27 December 2011 / 20:47

    I looove the colour! I'm into this bra since the day it was announced, and still I haven't bought it. And now my size isn't available anymore. meeeeeh. It looks great on you, the shape is gorgeous!

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