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At the weekend I posted about a couple of problems I’d recently had with my latest order from Ewa Michalak: first of all I had an issue with the sizing of their knickers, and secondly there was a fault in the PL Onyks I received.  I hope I made it very clear in these two posts that the service I received from Ewa and her team was absolutely fantastic and I remain a very happy customer.

Since then, I have placed another order for bras.  Somehow I felt I just do not have enough already 😉

The idea was that I could put the credit for the knickers I had returned against this order, so it seemed like I was paying less…oh, the silly tricks I play on myself to feed my lingerie habit!

After I placed my initial order, I have made (as far as I can remember) four changes to it.  I have changed the sizes I wanted; I have added to the order; I have added to the order again (the recent promotional prices of the new bras was too much for me to resist!); and I have changed the size of the PL Malachit I ordered as more sizes have now become available.  I have also asked Ewa for advice on certain styles and chopped and changed so many times that I am amazed she has been able to keep up with me!

In the UK, we have a saying: ‘The customer is always right.’  This is a motto that Ewa and her team have embraced 100% in my experience.  Ewa replies to my emails promptly, she makes the changes I ask for quickly and accurately and she is always happy to discuss any issue or question I have.  She must be run off her feet with other orders, issues, manufacturing plans, promotional matters and so on.  Yet she always makes me feel that I am the most important person she is dealing with.

This is superb customer service as far as I am concerned and I am utterly thrilled to be able to give her my business.  I would not hesitate for a moment in recommending Ewa Michalak to you on all counts.

Ewa Michalak

Keep up the fantastic work, Ewa 🙂



  1. Anonymous
    26 July 2013 / 03:11

    Lol, they definitely do not uphold "The customer is always right"

  2. Anonymous
    12 July 2015 / 20:37

    There have been massive complaints about the customer service at EM lately. From flat out lying about what they make, to refusal to comply with proper payment fees, and then punishing the customer when they are questioned about it. Sending packages to the wrong address, when EM has the proper address in their site, and then charging the customer to have it re-sent. Don't get me wrong, for the most part, I love every EM bra that I have, and am building quite a collection. However, even consistency among bras of the same size and style are getting ridiculous. The recent launch of Pralinka is a prime example. Has anyone noticed how fast those are being listed on Bratabase? As far as customer service goes, In my own humble opinion, Comexim wins hands down. They want you to be happy, and will make whatever changes you need to get a good fit. If there is a mistake with your order they fix it and make it right. If there is a mistake in your EM order, somehow it is your fault. I have heard far more complaints about EM customer service than praise.

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