Ewa Michalak PL Toffik Bra

I feel like a child in a sweet shop whenever I visit the Ewa Michalak website.  So many pretty things…and many of which are available in my size!

One set I bought in my first haul was the PL Toffik.  It looked so gorgeous on the EM website and I knew it would be perfect for those times when I required a nude bra.

PL Toffik

Image courtesy of Ewa Michalak

I have to say the fact this set was being modelled by one of my favourites of the ladies used by EM had a big hand in my decision to give the Toffik a try.  Although I am generally larger and have bigger hips than this gorgeous girl, it really helps me to see the bras being modelled by someone with larger boobs.  As my blogging friend at Bras I Hate has previously mentioned, bras look very different on big boobs than they do on small ones, and in fact sometimes the design is changed completely.  Most lingerie companies use models with smaller breasts but I applaud Ewa Michalak for using a range of ladies to show off her fabulous designs.  This gives everyone, whether large- or small-boobed, the opportunity to clearly see if the design has been changed for different sizes, and how it might look on them.  Yet further evidence (as if we needed it) that Ewa really does have her customers’ best interests at heart.

So…on to my review of this set.  I have it in a 36/80J.

Now, this might sound utterly barmy, but this is some sort of magic colour lingerie set.  It looks completely different in the picture on the EM site and in my lingerie drawer than it does when I put it on.  In the former two places, it has a lovely rich caramel colour, similar to that of classic toffees.  However, as soon as I put it on it seems to adopt a different shade, almost matching my skin colour.  It’s really most odd…but BRILLIANT as it means it barely shows under light clothing.

The bra itself is pretty much identical to the PL Cieluś.  It has padded foam cups which have a stretchy, silky fabric overlay which feels very soft and touchable.  Again, the band is reasonably stretchy but stays put and the straps are very comfortable – so much so that when wearing this bra yesterday I completely forgot I had it on and almost went to bed still wearing it!  

The matching briefs (pictured above) are super comfortable but due to a sizing issue I ended up returning them (don’t worry – I tried them on with a thong underneath as I do when trying on all new knickers).  I had originally ordered the thong (not pictured – I must have forgotten, sorry about that) and LOVED it.  Thongs can be a bit hit and miss comfort-wise but this one is fabulous.  As it’s made from microfibre material it is super comfy and can be worn all day without any problems.  I decided to order the matching briefs and four more pairs of the thong as I knew I would be wearing them very often indeed!

However, I had a bit of a problem when these undies arrived.  They seemed much bigger than I’d remembered, so I got my original thong out the drawer and tried it on in order to compare.  I found that it still fit as well as I thought and so I decided to measure the original and new pairs up to see if I could find a difference.

As you can see from the above photos, there is clearly a difference.  I reckon the new thongs and knickers were 1-2 inches wider on the waist than the original thong I had been sent.  Now, Ewa Michalak might not thank me for posting these photos which show an inconsistency in sizing but I thought it was important to share my experiences with you, both good and bad.  Thankfully this was not a bad experience as after a few emails with Ewa and Dominik (the lovely Ula with whom I have previously shared emails seems to have disappeared; I do hope all is well with her) the matter has been cleared up.  

At first Ewa very sweetly suggested that I had lost weight.  Well, I think I have probably lost a few pounds since my first EM order but certainly not enough to mean that I can downsize in the knicker department!  I emailed my photographic evidence and almost immediately heard back from Dominik who conceded that there was indeed an error.  He thought that the first pair I had been sent might have been mislabelled, which would explain why these latest pairs seemed far too big.  In my original email to EM I had wondered if they had changed their sizing structure but Ewa said this was definitely not the case and I was the first person to mention such a thing.

So, I have returned the Toffik briefs and the four thongs and will receive a credit for my next order.  I am very happy with the excellent service I received from Ewa and Dominik but am left in some confusion as to what size knickers I should order in the future.  I think I will email and ask how each pair I require compares to the briefs and thongs I already own.

I’m pleased to report that this bra has improved with washing and wearing and is one that I go to time and again for everyday wear.

EDIT: A friend of mine has been asking whether this or the Cieluś would be best underneath a yellow t-shirt.  After some rummaging around in the wardrobe I found I owned a yellow t-shirt so I took some photos this morning to show you all the evidence.

Here is the Toffik:

As you can see, it barely shows up at all.  I have worn dark leggings underneath to show how much a dark colour shows through this top.

For the Cieluś, please see my other review here.



  1. June
    27 November 2011 / 00:30

    Since you own this and the Cielus, which would you recommend underneath a yellow t-shirt? I'm looking for something to wear underneath my AJ Rumina T-shirt and I figure Ewa Michalak is by far my safest bet. 🙂 Also, you mentioned on the Cielus entry that the band is lose, do you think you'd recommend sizing down on the band on either this or the Cielus?

  2. CurvyWordy
    27 November 2011 / 00:48

    Hi June. Just had a peek at your blog to see if you'd reviewed the AJ Rumina t-shirt so I could get an idea of the shade of yellow…and yes of course you had 😉 An EM plunge will be great under this top but just be sure you order the correct cup size as any overspill will be VERY noticeable under a plain t-shirt like this. I think the Toffik might be the best bet colourwise but go with the one which is closest to your natural skin colour. I have friends who say Cielus is like a nude bra on them, whereas others agree with me and think the Toffik is better.I would not say the Toffik and Cielus bands are loose (sorry if that's the impression I gave); more that they have some stretch to them, as some EM bands are more rigid. Both bras feel very secure and stay put once on. The 36/80 has been spot on for me as I like a tight band so it may partly come down to personal choice. I used to wear a 36 in Freya Millie and Eleanor and had to wear them on the middle or tightest hooks almost straight away. I would say go with your usual Freya size – it's better to be too tight in the band than too loose. EM sell extenders so it might be worth chucking one in your basket to be on the safe side. Hope this helps x

  3. June
    27 November 2011 / 11:19

    Thanks that helps a lot! I think I'll probably go with the Cielus then because I'm pretty light skinned. I see you posted about the Onyx today, which really helps because I just received mine this week (and am meaning to post about it soon). The 70HH is both slightly too big in the band and cups (but works when I wear the pads or if I'm retaining water without the pads). So I think a 65HH is my actual size in the CH Onyx. I'd also order the HP Cielus since Plunges don't work well for me. 🙁 Did you feel that the Cielus and the Onyx fit the same way? Oh, and sadly enough I have no clue what my Freya size (or any size is for that matter except for Ewa Michalak!).

  4. CurvyWordy
    27 November 2011 / 13:28

    Hi June,I check my wardrobe this morning and as if by magic I discovered a yellow t-shirt 🙂 I have updated my reviews of the Toffik and the Cieluś to include photos of the two bras underneath the top so I hope you find this helpful.Sorry to hear the Onyks is slightly too big on you but at least it has helped you discover your correct EM size. It's definitely a learning curve!It's kind of hard to compare the fit of the PL Cieluś and the PL Onyks as the former is 36/80J and the latter 36/80HH. Plus I have returned the Onyks so only tried it on a couple of times. However I would say the pads in it do make quite a difference to the fit (on me at least) so make your decision based on the Onyks without the pads. Hope that makes sense.Good luck with your order and I look forward to reading your reviews in due course 🙂

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