Ewa Michalak PL Black Bra

I seem to be having an overload on Ewa Michalak reviews today.  It’s something I have been meaning to do for a while so I suppose I should go with it while the muse is with me 🙂

Next up for review is the PL Black.

When I ordered this bra I hoped it might be sheer but, as with all the PL plunge bras I have ordered from EM, it is padded with an outer covering to the cups.

Again, I ordered the bra in a 36J/80J and went for the matching briefs as well as the thong.

I am sure you won’t be surprised to hear that this is another set I love!  I adore the cheeky briefs and their sheer and lace sections.  I also very much like the ribbons on the front and back sides of the briefs which look a little like suspender clasps.  They have little buttons on the ribbons, and this feature is also on the bra where the straps meet the cups.

This bra again has thicker padding than others, akin to the PL Czerwona Panterka.  The cup coverage also goes up a little higher on the front sides of my boobs (if that makes sense!) than most of my other EM bras.  This means that it can poke out from some of my tops/dresses if I am not careful.  This isn’t a problem – I just have to remember not to wear it with clothes which are cut straight across on the chest and instead wear it with shirts or v-neck styles.  The band is definitely stretchier than some styles and I think the straps also have slightly more give.

I carefully handwash all my EM bras and go to great lengths not to stretch, squash or pull the fabric.  I was therefore surprised to find that this bra sadly seems to have become a little big for me.  It may be that I have lost a bit of weight, but it seems funny that most of my other EM bras still fit me well whereas this one (and the PL Perelka – review to come soon!) does not.  It’s still wearable but if the new 36HH/80HH EM bras for which I am awaiting delivery fit better then I might regrettably be selling this one.  I daresay I’ll end up ordering this in a smaller size though 😉


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  1. Bras I Hate
    8 November 2011 / 12:45

    Those are the cutest briefs. too bad they're not actually suspender clasps 😉

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