Debenhams Gorgeous lingerie range

I recently went a bit crazy and placed a huge order for Debenhams Gorgeous lingerie.

I ordered the bras in 36H and crossed my fingers that they would fit.

I was so excited when the enormous parcel arrived.  As you can see from the picture above, I’d ordered lots of different colours and patterns.  I thought I’d ordered different styles too but on closer inspection the bras were all the same.

The bras were excellent quality and all had matching briefs.  Also, they were in the sale, which made them superb value.  They ranged in price from under £10 to around £15.

The first bra I tried was the aqua mesh and lace trim balcony bra.  It looked fab in the online pics and I couldn’t wait to try it on.

Looks great, eh?  Until you see it from the side…

Sadly, as you can see from the pics above, it was far too small in the cup for me.  I should have known it really as I wear a 36HH/J normally.  Just thought this was worth a shot.  The band fitted well, however, and the bra was very comfortable.  Unfortunately for me, H is the largest cup in this style so I couldn’t reorder.

I decided to give the royal blue spot mesh balcony bra a go instead.


However, the fit was identical and again I ended up with some extreme double-boob.  Such a shame!

Regrettably, I had to send the whole lot back.  The ordering and returns process with Debenhams was excellent and completely hassle-free.  I had to telephone their customer services to ask if I could return my parcel via the post office as the two returns methods listed on my dispatch note were in store or via courier, neither of which were particularly convenient for me.  The lady I spoke to was brilliant and told me that I could download a post office returns label on the website.  Simple!

Debenhams do make Gorgeous bras in cups above H but not in these lovely styles.  I really hope they expand the cup sizes in these bras (and many others!) in the near future.



  1. Bras I Hate
    24 October 2011 / 13:17

    The light blue one looks a LOT like the aqua color for the Curvy Kate Princess that they had a few seasons ago. I think they still have it on Brastop though who knows what sizes they still have. Have you ever tried any Curvy Kate bras out of curiosity?

  2. CurvyWordy
    24 October 2011 / 19:36

    I tried Curvy Kate a few years ago from Brastop but found the sizing to not be true to size (to my size at least). The shape was also bad on me – I think it might have been one of their fuller cup styles. I badly need to go to a Bravissimo or somewhere like that and try on a whole heap of brands, styles and sizes. I bet there's a whole world of bras just waiting for me to discover it 😉

  3. Anonymous
    10 December 2011 / 00:07

    Hi, I have a quick question about Debenhams returns for you. Under the returns policy they say lingerie may only be returned if the packaging is unopened, but of course that way you can't try it on. Did you have any problems?

  4. CurvyWordy
    11 December 2011 / 18:46

    Hi there, I have never had any problems returning lingerie to Debenhams, I am pleased to say. I did try on one pair of knickers from my huge order but of course I wore my own kecks underneath; however I guess Debenhams weren't to know this but even so the return went through without question.Hope this helps.

  5. Diane
    29 December 2017 / 21:36

    Great lingerie line…

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