Forever 21+ Swimwear 2018: Plus Size Crisscross One-Piece Swimsuit in Rust

Next in my series of reviews of Forever 21+’s 2018 UK swimwear collection is the Forever 21+ Crisscross Rust Swimsuit.

Forever 21+ Crisscross Rust Swimsuit

Image courtesy of Forever 21

I have been so impressed with the range of colours in Forever 21’s swimwear collection so far, and this one was no exception. It’s gorgeous and it looks stunning on F21 model Tabria Majors. I could only hope that it would look even a tenth as good on me.

Forever 21+ Crisscross Rust Swimsuit

I was delighted with the colour of the Forever 21+ Crisscross Rust Swimsuit on me – even with my milky white untanned skin it looked really good.

Forever 21+ Crisscross Rust Swimsuit

This is great news for anyone fair-skinned. The richness of the rust hue complements pale complexions, and, as seen in the stock photo, warmer ones too. I think it would look absolutely gorgeous on really dark skin as well.

Forever 21+ Crisscross Rust Swimsuit

So the Forever 21+ Crisscross Rust Swimsuit itself is really comfortable to wear. I am wearing a 0X in these photos, which is labelled as a UK 18 but I would say it approximates to more like a UK 16.

Forever 21+ Crisscross Rust Swimsuit

The top has no bust support, so no underwires/cups and no boob shelf. As this swimming costume was quite tight on me it meant I had quite good support in the chest as my boobs were slightly compressed by the fabric. There wasn’t quite enough boob room for me, but regular readers will know this is a common complaint and something I have come to expect in non bra-sized swimwear. It wasn’t really bad, so I think it will be ok for most women. I wear a 32M/34LL bra so if these swimsuits were cut to fit my boobs they would be too baggy on many others.

Forever 21+ Crisscross Rust Swimsuit

There are removable thin breast pads, which can help conceal nipples, but do not provide any actual boob support. I usually take them out straight away as they annoy me when they don’t sit where they should or fold over, but they are in place in these photos.

Forever 21+ Crisscross Rust Swimsuit

The back straps look great with the crossover, and the fact they’re adjustable is great news as you can tailor them to get a comfortable fit. The back is cut just right – low enough to get a tanned back but high enough that your backside is completely covered with no danger of developing a builder’s bum!

Forever 21+ Crisscross Rust Swimsuit

The Forever 21+ Crisscross Rust Swimsuit is fairly high leg, and the butt is cleverly cut to be cheeky but somehow not wedgie-inducing. There’s nothing worse than to have to keep yanking your swimsuit out of your backside when you’re trying to be sophisticated and glamorous on holiday.

Forever 21+ Crisscross Rust Swimsuit

This is a gorgeous swimsuit but I did not keep it in the end as the boob room was lacking for me, and I am not in the market for a one-piece at the moment. I think it’s a great option for fuller figures, though, so this one comes highly recommended by me.

Forever 21+ Crisscross Rust Swimsuit

If you like the look of the Forever 21+ Crisscross Rust Swimsuit you can buy it here for just £22.

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  1. Lily P
    15 June 2018 / 19:59

    The unusual colour of this bathing suit is just lovely. I have been searching for something I can wear for swimming lengths at my local pool, do you think this would be appropriate? It looks quite supportive and reasonably modest.

    • Curvy Wordy
      17 June 2018 / 19:54

      Hi Lily, I totally agree that this swimsuit is a very lovely colour. I think it would be ideal for swimming lengths as the crossover straps will help it stay in place, allowing you to focus fully on your swimming rather than your modesty! Hope that helps.

  2. Anonymous
    15 June 2018 / 20:55

    I wish I had your confidence. I haven't worn a swimming costume or bikini since I was a child. I don't often go on holiday to hot places but when I do I try to cover up as much as possible. I wear long tshirts and long shorts. I don't want people staring at me and laughing. I am a size 22 and have zero confidence. My other half gets really frustrated sometimes as he says I'm beautiful and I should wear swimwear like everyone else but I just can't bring myself to do it. I love this swimsuit but me wearing something like this is just a distant dream. Thanks for your reviews anyway. It's always good to see someone plus sized reviewing these items.Love Natalie x

    • Curvy Wordy
      17 June 2018 / 20:12

      You DO have confidence – you just have to let yourself feel it! And holiday can be the best place to give it a try as you’ll be surrounded by people you’ll never see again. Who cares what they think! The likelihood is they’ll be so buried in their own insecurities that they won’t pay much attention to anyone else. I don’t mean to make light of it but when you look at it very simply it really can be that straightforward. Try small steps – maybe a swimming costume with shorts over? Or a swim dress? Or a sarong over your swimwear? There are lots of ways you can gently push your boundaries if you want to. Don’t we all owe it to ourselves to live our lives to the full whenever possible? Think of all the fun activities you could join in with if you let yourself go a little.I wish you lots of luck and am sending strength your way.

  3. Sam Howard
    15 June 2018 / 22:21

    Gosh I love the color of this bathing suit. It suits you so well. I have almost white blond hair and super pale skin, do you think it would look ok on me? I am a US 20.

    • Curvy Wordy
      17 June 2018 / 20:13

      I think it would look fantastic with your colouring – it would be so vibrant against your skin. Go for it!

  4. Zoë Maitlis
    16 June 2018 / 02:19

    Those cross back straps are genius, taking the strain off the shoulders but ensuring the straps stay put. My last swimsuit had a scoop back and I was forever pushing the straps back onto my shoulders where they’d slipped off. Drove me crazy!

    • Curvy Wordy
      17 June 2018 / 20:15

      Ugh yes, I had a swimming costume like that years ago. It was so annoying! Like you say, the cross over straps solve that problem and look great, too!

  5. Zoe Smith
    15 September 2018 / 09:06

    Intriguing post. I have been pondering about F21 swimwear, so a debt of gratitude is owed to you. Entirely cool post. It’s extremely detailled and very useful information. Thanks.

    • 15 September 2018 / 19:19

      Thanks Zoe – I am so pleased you found my post useful.

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